Friday 30 December 2016

Rebelle Software: An Initial Review

And it's the time of year again...To play, gleefully, with new software gifts! In this case, The Computer Man gave me a copy of Rebelle software, from EscapeMotions for Christmas.

The pros

So far, I've only explored the watercolour function of this program, but am *in love* with just how well it mimics the effect of "real" watercolours. So well in fact, that I've found myself learning in much more detail about traditional watercolour techniques (from the wonderful "Yasmina Creates" on in order to be able to use the watercolouring software better.

As you can see from my first attempts, on the left with this watermelon slice, and the doughnut, below...It's *really* like watercolour, right down to being unpredictable in how the colours will mix and run.

Mostly, this is positive and creates deeper and richer colours than any other digital painting software I've used. Which would make it absolutely ideal if you are already a traditional watercolourist and looking to transfer to digital painting for the first time.

The paint also moves across the virtual page reasonably fast, (on a 64-bit Windows PC, anyway) and allows real "wet-on-wet" mixing in a way I've envied from YouTube videos of traditional watercolourists, but never quite been able to replicate before.

In addition, the background"watercolour paper" effect is more convincing (to my eye at least) than in other comparable software I've tried.

If, like me, you started in digital art first, there is a learning curve. But it's fun, and the experience of producing art that feels so authentic is tremendous.

As it was a gift from my hubby, am not certain about the price. But he assures me it was somewhere around the $50 mark (and will vary according to sales tax etc, of course).

The cons

The biggest and only real issue I can find so far is that in order for the paint to move reasonably fast across the page, the document size can really be no more than A5 at 300 dpi (on my PC at least).

This should be large enough for most projects, especially as the export of files is easy. But ideally, I'd like to see it coping well with a standard-size A4 printer page at printable 300dpi resolution.


So I'll be experimenting a lot more with Rebelle in the coming months. Whether it will ever replace ArtRage 4 for me is probably a topic for a separate review and post (as the "pen" function in ArtRage works so very, very well, and ArtRage has no problem with the A4 size).

But for sheer joy, fun, deep colours, and a real sense of "play", right now,  I'm certainly loving Rebelle.

Wednesday 7 December 2016

A Surprise, An Honour, and Something to Showcase...

Isn't it amazing, when, out of the blue, you get an unexpected, positive message from someone that changes your whole perspective?

I had that experience this week, when the talented Kristen Bellotti got in touch.

The Red Dragonfly fabric in this Kristen Bellotti infinity scarf was designed by Clare Walker, Photo by Kristen Bellotti
Photo: Kristen Bellotti
She's using my Red Dragonfly design to make beautiful infinity scarves, for sale in her Etsy shop, KBellottiDesigns, here. (The photos in this post are also some of those in the her shop-thank you Kristen for permission to use them).

As soon as I looked at them,  I was more than happy to showcase Kristen's luxurious and versatile scarves.

Red Dragonfly infinity scarf by Kristen Bellotti, alternatively styled.
Photo: Kristen Bellotti
Red Dragonfly infinity scarf by Kristen Bellotti, alternatively styled in a third way
Photo: Kristen Bellotti

 Sadness, too...

But there was something else in the message. Something so poignant and sad that actually, I can only feel honored that she wanted to use my design on these scarves.

40%  from each sale of these scarves ($12) is going to benefit the Evan T. Mandeville DIPG Research Fund. Like many of us, I hadn't heard of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma  before. But it turns out that this is a type of childhood cancer, which tragically killed a young boy, Evan Mandeville, when he was only 11 years old. And as a result, Evan's parents and their friends, (including Kristen) are raising funds for research into the condition, in the hope that children's lives can be saved in the future.

You can find out much more about the project at:

The way in which Evan's family and friends have taken a great tragedy and given it, and Evan, a positive legacy, is humbling and heart-warming at the same time.

So now it's over to you...

So if you've taken a shine to Kristen's scarves and want to help a good cause, do get along to Kristen's shop (there are other designs being sold to support the cause too-you don't have to like red dragonflies!).

As I type, there would still be time to buy one of these as a Christmas gift (though please check dates with Kristen if you need your scarf shipped outside the USA). And in any event, these are items that look lovely and would be well-received -or a great treat for yourself- at any time of year.

Red Dragonfly scarf by Kristen Bellotti (Fabric design, Clare Walker) ready to send to a happy buyer. It could be you!
Photo: Kristen Bellotti

Finally,  if you know someone who might be interested in Kristen's scarves and/or Evan's story, please do share this post with them.

Many thanks and more soon.

Friday 2 December 2016

New: "Mistletoe Mischief for a Whimsical Christmas...

Cushion, card, phone case and pouch with the "mistletoe mischief" design: fun mistletoe berries with faces and hearts,,,

Click here to get some " Mistletoe Mischief "

It's the time of year...for a *new* Christmas design. "Mistletoe Mischief," features cheeky mistletoe berry faces, winking and smiling each other amongst mistletoe sprigs, holly berries and love hearts.

It's Christmassy, subtle *and* fun. And it includes, not just gift items like Iphone 7 cases and cushions/throw pillows, but pouches to put them in so cute that they're like a gift too. There's even a matching greeting card.

It's a busy time of year. Enough said. Go and find everything here...and enjoy!

P.S. Update: This design is now also available on giftwrap and fabric, here.

Friday 18 November 2016

New Whimsical Illustration: "Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Awesome

Doodled this a few days ago, and posted it to the Creative Every Day group on Facebook. Was never going to post publicly, but it seemed to resonate with people there, so am posting it here so that it's shareable.

This is only a lo-res image, but feel free to share and download (right-click and save) if it appeals to you too.

Thursday 27 October 2016

New Digital Painting...(Plus, A Hedgehog Finds His Calling...)

This autumn birch tree is a new digital painting (based on a beautiful one in the ever-whimsical Holland Park).

It's also sat around on my hard-drive for a week . Was going to post it, but fell into the trap (as ever), of feeling that it needed a "purpose".

Then it occurred to me, that for now at least, it being beautiful was quite enough. So for now at least, you can pop it on your wall in a variety of ways, here.

And now, about that hedgehog...

Besides, it's the things I draw for "no reason", or which, "didn't go the way I planned", that have a funny habit of turning out best in the end.

 Taking the prize currently for "longest time between design and ideal purpose," is a certain hedgehog sketch from over ten months ago.

The other day, it being the first truly wet autumnal one we'd had this year, I suddenly had a *huge* urge to hibernate. Figuring that I might not be the only one, I then wondered how to put that onto a  mug. (it being certain that even those humans who *want* to hibernate will be more likely to drink from a mug than actually to curl up for six months).

But how to illustrate this? All at once, it came to me...And here's the hedgehog, resplendent on his mug, and absolutely *the* best animal with whom to illustrate the idea that, "Sometimes, you just need to hibernate..."

Hedgehog Mug: Sometimes You Just Need to Hibernate Coffee Mug
Hedgehog Mug: Sometimes You Just Need to Hibernate Coffee Mug
by BoundingSquirrel

So there you have it-the two sides of autumn. Glorious colours versus impending hibernation. That just about wraps it up for this post. I'll leave you with Hedgehog, proudly taking up his place with the other designs in the "Cosy Autumn Mugs" collection.

Til next time...


Tuesday 18 October 2016

Christmas Poinsettias-& a Big "Thank you" to Woven Monkey

Got a lovely surprise on my @boundingsquirrel Instagram feed this morning...@wovenmonkey featured (and gave a lovely animated clip of) my "Poinsettia Plaid" Christmas fabric in their feed.

Huge thanks to them-and time to post here, as I realised that for some reason, I hadn't posted it here.

It's a 100% Christmas fabric in traditional red and green, with vintage feeling creamy background and hand-drawn motifs.

To take a look at this and my other designs at Woven Monkey, click here.

And once again, many thanks to Woven Monkey for selecting this design to feature.

Thursday 13 October 2016

Quick New Digital Painting: Rainbow Feather Practice

Just posting this quick sketch of a fantastical rainbow feather to let you know am still here and will be posting in more detail again soon.

I did this the other day, purely for practice in different digital watercolour blend modes in ArtRage4, and not intending to post it here at all. Then there was such enthusiasm for it in the Creative Every Day Facebook group that I realised (as ever!) that something done casually, quickly and "just for fun" had actually turned into something prettier than many a product of excessive "trying"...

Why is life like that?

I haven't a clue. But what I do know is that I'll be back soon with something new and different that I think you'll like and find useful. Please just bear with me whilst I get it done...

Thursday 6 October 2016

'Tis the Season For...Cute Woodland Animals and...Labels?

Most organised people, I'm guessing, would not simply draw an autumnal wreath like the one on the left, without a plan. However cute it is.

But confession time comes early in this post: I did.

I didn't have an idea of what would happen to the cute rodents and shiny berries that kept appearing amongst russety leaves. Not an iota.

In the end, it didn't matter. Becuse thinking about autumn made me remember that even I've been baking more. And that organised people probably even bottle carefully-grown produce, and/or put it into jars at this time of year. (In the Northern Hemisphere, anyway).

So if you're looking for packaging for your home-produced goods (or craft-fairs, or anything similar), then look no further. Because it turns out that these little fellows, complete with their nuts, leaves, berries and whatnot, can help you with that.

They'll add a cute *and* professional touch to your produce. (And naturally, you can customise this bags, wine labels and jam or jelly labels to say whatever you want...).

So without further ado, here they are:

And what if you're not so into home produce, but still love these little cuties?

Fear not! You can also wish someone a Happy Birthday, or (a few weeks early, but as discussed organisation may be more of a thing for you than me) if you're in the US, Happy Thanksgiving, instead.

Like this...

And this:

So there you have it. Cute woodland animals to suit your every autumnal need...despite my disorganisation. Enjoy!

Friday 12 August 2016

Every Flamingo Has His Day...

Pink flamingo drawingSome time in June, I drew this flamingo. And for reasons that were undoubtedly good at the time, I didn't post him on the blog. This was even though (apart from his legs and feet, which needed a surprising amount of thought) he was quick and easy to draw. Instead, I decided he wasn't "good enough", and needed "a purpose". (Am wondering now exactly why I thought that. He's a flamingo drawing...Which is probably purpose enough, in the circumstances...:-)). 
Anyway, I then set about attempting to "improve" him. At one stage I even sent him to the carnival, metaphorically speaking...
Carnival flamingo drawing with ticker tape

And yet, still nothing seemed right for him.

Then, out of the blue, there was a weekly challenge at Spoonflower, the theme of which was to be "vintage flamingos". And suddenly, he had found his niche. As a vintage 1950's lawn flamingo, he didn't even need those rather troublesome legs (sorry, Mr Flamingo) but just a simple pole.

And voila, this design was borne, almost as quickly as most of the original drawing.

Pink flamingo fabric design

The Spoonflower challenge was just for fun. But it does make a nice, fun fabric, both at Spoonflower and Zazzle.

Every Flamingo Has His Day...

So I don't know about you, but what I took from this is that every flamingo has his day. There I'd been, trying to turn him into the "perfect" flamingo, when he was destined to be an intentionally-fun lawn flamingo all along.

 In other words, perhaps every idea that comes to any of us in a clear form, is worthy of shaping,  however bizarre it seems at first. More than that, is likely to have a purpose down the line, without excessive stressing out on the part of the artist/writer/musician/thinker/insert your preferred means of carrying out ideas here, on the part of any of us.

What do you think? Have you ever had an idea that seemed strange at the time, but later slotted in mysteriously perfectly into your life or work, in a way you couldn't have predicted at first? Do please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

Thursday 28 July 2016

A Lily Motif, And The Value of Looking Backwards...

This new  pink "star-gazer" lily motif will probably end up in a pattern, eventually.

But before it does, am letting myself realise that it symbolises a lot more than that.

I almost didn't draw it. Because, even though very inspired by all the flowers in the wonderful garden at Fulham Palace, I kept thinking,

"Oh, but I've drawn a stargazer lily before, and quite recently".

But I went ahead and drew the one on the left anyway (digital watercolour in ArtRage4).

Looking back

Looking back I realised that I had already drawn a similar (though not identical, type of lily this year (on January 6th, if you're interested).

Now, whether six months is a long time these days is a moot point. (With the kind of year 2016 has been for the world so far, January might well feel like a decade ago to you). What really shocked me was just how much difference just six months of practice and persistence seems to have made.

The picture below shows my drawing of a similar type of flower as a, using the same program and tools (ArtRage4 and a graphics pen and drawing tablet) just over six months ago...

The real point

The real point here isn't for me to be proud of the change. (Though I have to admit, it was greater than I had thought it would be, and left me feeling chuffed).

The real point is that most of us are probably moving forward at warp speed in one or more areas of our lives, even if it feels like many, many aspects of them aren't moving at all.

So, whatever your special passion(s)...You know, that thing (or things) you love to do, that you always feel drawn to persist at, even when you really don't understand why...Here's a dare, or a challenge for you, that's very, very likely to boost your creative confidence and enthusiasm, too

Dare yourself to look back just six months (or whatever period in the lifetime of the activity feels right for you). Really allow yourself to realise just how far you've come in a short time, and to celebrate and enjoy that. Then record the moment in any way you like (a blog post was my choice, it doesn't have to be yours...)

And, if you feel so inclined, please *do* share anything you find or discover as you do this in the comments below.

'Til next time...

Friday 22 July 2016

New Watercolour Floral Clip Art: Golden Orange Crocosia Flowers

To help celebrate #worldwatercolormonth, I created this brand new set of watercolour flower clip art.

You can use any image in this for anything you like (even as part of items you make to sell) as long as you don't sell the images by themselves.


Friday 15 July 2016

Watercolour Poppies: New Surface Pattern Design

Created these poppies are (ta-da!) in traditional watercolour pencils and ink (though I still created the actual pattern from the motifs digitally).

If you like this, it's already available on items at Redbubble, such as the tote bag, throw pillow, and even an A-line dress. Just a couple of items are shown below, but there are many more here.

And if you like the fabric, but are thinking, "I'd like to make something with this for myself," then please favourite it over at Spoonflower. (The BoundingSquirrel fabrics you favourite get offered for sale first).

That's all for now, but if there's a design you'd like to see here (or you end up with pics of these items in use!) please do post a comment below. Many thanks!

Wednesday 13 July 2016

Digital Art Journaling In ArtRage 4: "Memory Lane" Prompt Idea

And now for something *completely* different. Have discovered that ArtRage 4 can also be used for (digital) art journalling.

Now, I've never really explored art journalling before, and am just learning about this. But my understanding is that "anything goes" as a way of exploring whatever's on your mind, rather than with the stated primary aim of producing art.

The idea here was that if "Memory Lane" were a real place, I wondered what I, personally, would find there.

Yes, if I'd been drawing each of the 25+ symbols here as an art project, yes, they'd be tidier and more formal. But so much came up (all happy memories too) that drawing was definitely second to feeling...and feeling very good, too.

Steps to take if you want to do this "Memory Lane" journalling too.

1. Set aside a chunk of time and your favourite materials (they don't have to be digital. You could also do it with photos, if you prefer).

2. Draw a background that represents "Memory Lane" for you.

3. Add in/colour any and all symbols that represent happy memories for you. Let the memories be whatever they want to be (they don't need to be "important", just happy for you". Let your imagination and creativity fit the symbols together in as surreal (or not!) a pattern as you like.

4. Remember you can do this again anytime-with the same symbols and memories, or more likely, new ones.

5. Make as many changes to the above as you like-it's yours!


Finally, it's important to mention and thank CreativeEveryDay.Com for inspiration here too. I got to thinking about "Memory Lane", because the prompt there for July was "Memory". So many thanks to Leah for a prompt that's morphed into another prompt in its turn.

Have fun, and do post or comment if you'd like to share any ideas or images relating to this art journalling prompt.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Two New Digital Paintings-But Only One Makes Sense...

Wild flower digital painting: poppy, cornflower, daisy
Am posting this around midsummer. So it makes perfect sense that the wildflowers we saw on a trip last weekend make it onto the blog.

This image (on the left) is still done with various watercolour brushes  in ArtRage 4, but just at a larger size and a different blend mode: hence the extra brightness. (Largely because I'm experimenting with T shirt designs, and they need the brightness. But that's another story).

What makes much less sense is the robin motif that emerged this morning, and (provisionally-still not sure about the background colour) made his way into the repeating pattern below...Complete with a slightly "snowy" effect,(as I used the softest setting on the "soft pastel" brush in ArtRage 4, which always leaves some background colour showing through).

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know I have form in this area, and that for some bizarre reason, Christmas designs come out to play in June, when I can't get excited about them in December.

Christmas Robin Repeating Pattern/Digital Painting

Does anything like that happen to you to? If so, please let me know in the comments. And in any event, enjoy, whatever the weather or time of year for you as you read this.

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Easy Pattern Motifs and Seamless Patterns (Two Videos)

A friend asked me to demonstrate how I go about digitally painting motifs, and then making seamless repeating patterns. Thanks to discovering Screen-o-Matic.Com, this has suddenly become much easier than I thought...

So I've done a couple of videos, showing the basics of the process, though not in-depth (which would take hours!).

Here's a quick ArtRage demo, showing (v. fast) inking and painting of a small motif...

And next is the basics for making that motif into a seamless pattern in Patternshop. (With the added bonus that Patternshop is an open-source, free program).

Let me know if you find this useful and or what other digital painting/digital art/design topics you'd like me to cover.

Sunday 12 June 2016

New Digital "Line & Wash" Painting: Foxgloves

So the rain finally stopped the other day (and yes, I am posting this in *June*...) and the Computer Man and I decided on a day out in Richmond Park.

Also confess, it was also the Computer Man who correctly identified these flowers that we saw as foxgloves, rather than lupins, as I'd thought. (An important distinction, given how deadly poisonous these lovely-but-lethal plants actually are, by all accounts).

Anyway, the other point to note, if you're into such things is that this is still ArtRage 4, with pen and watercolour settings..but using splosher brushes that I finally discovered you can make yourself within the program. (I've only had ArtRage for the last two years, after all...:-)

Enjoy-and more soon.

Friday 10 June 2016

Meet Flamingo: New Digital Illustration

Meet Flamingo, the latest in a series of  illustrations...

To share the picture as it is (with watermark), just right-click and save. For a larger version without the watermark, watch this space...and have a great weekend.

Friday 3 June 2016

"June Floral Wreath" Illustration/Clip Art for Web and Screens

It's June, and time for flowers. So I've created this illustration specifically for every kind of web or screen-based project that you might be putting together or sending out this month, from videos and newsletters to other web posts or presentations.

As ever, simply share or right-click it and link back here with credit to me (Clare Walker) if you're happy to keep the watermark.

But if you'd like a watermark-free image for any web or screen-based project that you own, you can now grab that right here via Gumroad.

There'll be more posts soon, but in the meantime, have a warm and happy June!

Tuesday 31 May 2016

A Happy Birthday Animated Rainbow Gif

No, not the blog's birthday, but the end result of this animated gif (which, fingers crossed, should also be displaying below...)

Am working on this for a friend, and will be adding her name too.

Created this in Serif's DrawPluxX8, which was surprisingly quick and easy to use for the job. In fact, enjoyed it so much that there might be more little animated gifs like this coming soon...

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Free Clip Art:"Work In Progress"

Made this "work in progress" for another project, but feel free to download and use it if you'd like a "work-in-progress" sign on any of your sites.

If you'd like to use this, just right-click and "Save As" to get it on your machine

Links back and attribution to BoundingSquirrel are always appreciated if you decide to use this elsewhere.

More soon....

Thursday 28 April 2016

New: Illustrated Byron Quote

Apologies. Thought I'd already posted the illustrated version of an inspiring Byron quote.

Turns out that I'd forgotten to do so... (though it is already in the shop).

It's also one of my answers to the "Rainbow" prompt for "Creative Every Day 2016".

Anyway, apologies again and enjoy. 

Tuesday 26 April 2016

New: Cute Whimsical Snails & Mushrooms Design

Nearly all the feedback I've had suggest that whimsical designs are where it's at for BoundingSquirrel.

So when we had nine snails (yup, nine...I watched them for far longer than a grown adult probably should...:-) in or on our window box yesterday, this seemed like the obvious next design.

If you'd like to make things with this design, please favourite it at Spoonflower, and I'll add it to the designs for sale.

If you'd like to buy it (or just see something cute) it's on a huge range of items here.
More soon!

Friday 22 April 2016

Something Old, Something New

It's been a week for creating and revamping new from the old (even if not very old).

If you remember the clematis illustration from a couple of weeks ago (more info here)...Well it's had two new incarnations this week.

Firstly, as a fabric design entered into Spoonflower's latest challenge.  Thank you to all the people who have already voted for it and put it in their favourites list. (If you like this and you're a Spoonflower member, please do vote for it-voting closes on April 27th 2016).

Next, comes the "new" part. A new version of these motifs forms the basis of a new "Pink Floral Wedding" Stationery set, available here.

So that wraps up this week. It feels good to have properly used some of the very many designs from the illustration challenge at last! See you soon.

Thursday 14 April 2016

Honeysuckle (New Digital Illustration)

This honeysuckle sketch is quicker than I would have liked. Am working on something new that will be able to tell you about in a few weeks when it all comes together.

For now, just took a break from planning to relax with this.

And by the way, if you're in the US, do you call this a "woodbine" or still honeysuckle? Please do leave a comment if you know!

Monday 11 April 2016

New Digital Watercolour: Whimsical Pink Clematis

This is a new digital watercolour painting of a clematis flower. I actually took one of the reference photos for it nearly five years ago...and can only now even begin to feel I'm doing it justice.

Back then, the best I could do was some arty processing of the photo.

These days, this is a proper stroke-by-stroke digital watercolour (with the graphics pen and ArtRage 4, as you might guess.)

And if you weren't expecting a post after the end of the challenge on Friday...well...I *did* take a couple of days off. And I still won't necessarily post every day. But I missed this so much, just had to get back to it.


Friday 8 April 2016

Daily Illustration #100: Tortoise & Hare (Digital Painting & Final Day of the Daily Illustration Challenge)

It's here. Daily illustration 100. Thought the "tortoise and the hare" was appropriate. not just because it's the end of the challenge, but also because it's been interesting to cultivate patient and slower "tortoise"-like ways and let my "inner, impatient hare" take a back seat.  Plus it's helped me to  cement and build up work in my new style, that now feels like second nature.

Would I do it again? In a heart beat. Would I recommend or help you to do it? You bet! (please let me know in the comments if you would or wouldn't do a 100 day project like this yourself).

And, will I keep drawing? Absolutely.

In fact, as the phrase goes, it feels like I'm, "missing it already".

I'll also still be posting new illustrations and digital paintings regularly, and creating something every day. The only change is that I won't necessarily be posting an illustration onto the blog every day. Which means more time for learning, for developing my own courses and projects for which people have asked or suggested, and for linking and interacting with more people, places and websites than I've had chance to recently.

So this isn't the end. If anything, it's simply the "end of the beginning" of something so joyful (and now so well ingrained) that there will be more.

But right now, it's time to celebrate. And whilst the tortoise in that picture may be delighted with lettuce, it's time to celebrate these hundred days with something a little stronger tonight...

Thursday 7 April 2016

Daily Illustration #99: Forget-Me-Nots (New Digital Painting)

Today's illustration is a new digital watercolour painting of Forget-me-nots in ArtRage 4.

By the wonders of digital art, it comes in two flavours, with and without a background.

Please do let me know in the comments if you have a preference between the two.

Either way-enjoy!

Update on June 5th 2022: There is now a new set of forget-me-not designs and info about them here.

Wednesday 6 April 2016

Daily Illustration #98: April Cartoon

This cartoon is for anyone who's ever read one of those women's magazines where the content seems to be several months ahead of the rest of us...

Enjoy, and please share if you'd like.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Daily Illustration #97: Fluffy Bees on Fluffy Catkins

OK, so this is another challenge that may or may not have come off. The other day we saw the fluffiest bumblebees, feasting on fluffy catkins. It was all pollen and cute delightfulness.

Have had about zero time to complete this today, but wanted to do something towards capturing the moment before the feeling faded, even if I come back and readdress it in much more detail (and fluffiness. Did I mention the fluffiness? ;-)

More tomorrow.

Monday 4 April 2016

Daily Illustration #96: Zebra

Wanted to draw a zebra weeks ago, but am glad I left it this long, as he was surprisingly tricky. Just like dogs are defined by their fur, this guy is pretty much completely defined by his stripes. (It turns out that even zebra manes and tails are stripey, which I'd never noticed before).

Anyway, this was daily illustration 96. Just four more days to go until the end of this challenge.

(In answer to a query about this, after the 100 days, I'll still be drawing on most days, and posting often. It'll just give me more time for eg, paintings that take longer than a day to complete, and learning new techniques).

More tomorrow.

PS.(April 7th) In relation to the Creative Everyday "Rainbow" theme for April 2016, someone asked about adding a rainbow. This was the thought I had. Didn't like it at first, but it's growiug on me...

What do you think? Do you prefer this zebra plain or "rainbowed."? Please do comment and let me know what you think.