Wednesday 13 July 2016

Digital Art Journaling In ArtRage 4: "Memory Lane" Prompt Idea

And now for something *completely* different. Have discovered that ArtRage 4 can also be used for (digital) art journalling.

Now, I've never really explored art journalling before, and am just learning about this. But my understanding is that "anything goes" as a way of exploring whatever's on your mind, rather than with the stated primary aim of producing art.

The idea here was that if "Memory Lane" were a real place, I wondered what I, personally, would find there.

Yes, if I'd been drawing each of the 25+ symbols here as an art project, yes, they'd be tidier and more formal. But so much came up (all happy memories too) that drawing was definitely second to feeling...and feeling very good, too.

Steps to take if you want to do this "Memory Lane" journalling too.

1. Set aside a chunk of time and your favourite materials (they don't have to be digital. You could also do it with photos, if you prefer).

2. Draw a background that represents "Memory Lane" for you.

3. Add in/colour any and all symbols that represent happy memories for you. Let the memories be whatever they want to be (they don't need to be "important", just happy for you". Let your imagination and creativity fit the symbols together in as surreal (or not!) a pattern as you like.

4. Remember you can do this again anytime-with the same symbols and memories, or more likely, new ones.

5. Make as many changes to the above as you like-it's yours!


Finally, it's important to mention and thank CreativeEveryDay.Com for inspiration here too. I got to thinking about "Memory Lane", because the prompt there for July was "Memory". So many thanks to Leah for a prompt that's morphed into another prompt in its turn.

Have fun, and do post or comment if you'd like to share any ideas or images relating to this art journalling prompt.