Thursday 20 June 2024

Art is Just Much More Fun...

Image shows a sketchbook page upon which is journaled in black white and gold pen work (with turquoise, orange and gold watercolour background) the musng tht, "There are so many things that I should be doing...But Art is just much more fun...
"Art is Just Much More Fun", by Clare Walker,

Hello there, and hope you're thriving.

Today's image is straight from the sketchbook (in watercolour, pen, a touch of wax resist and even some sparkly gold acrylic paint).

And it sums up how I'm feeling...Much better, thank you, with the sun shining, and art calling oh-sooo-much-more than the thousand things with which I'm supposed to keep up or catch up

If you can relate to this, there's a strong chance that it will be in my shop soon in some way.

But for today, it's just here for fun as it says...And to be a permission slip (if you need one) to have more art and or fun in life too.

Have fun with this, and more soon.

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Friday 14 June 2024

Shed-Shaped Card to Print in A Hurry

Image is a lo-res screenshot of the complete items needed to make this shed-shaped card
This is a low-res screen-shot of the shed-shaped card

Hello there, (and yes, as you can probably tell from the title, this *is* the companion post to "Floral Cards You Can Print In a Hurry," from a few weeks ago).

I've just uploaded the design you see above, so that by the time you get this message in your inbox, it should be available to buy and print out in my Craftsuprint shop.

So fingers crossed, if you have a last minute Father's Day emergency this year, it should available to print out out and still look really fun and totally intended. (My huge apologies for not posting this earlier...I got struck down with a monster cold and cough...Yes, in June-that's our weather this year at work, I guess...).

But all's improving now. And should you find yourself reading or needing this after Father's Day, it's very versatile. Sentiment ideas like "I Love You Shed-Loads," and "Happy Birthday" are included on the sheet too. These are year-round winners, and not just limited to male shed-lovers, either...

In any event, hope this helps and is fun for you, and that all is well in your world.

More soon.


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Thursday 30 May 2024

A Whimsical "Fairy Door" Painting...

Image is an animated gif, showing a range of products that bear the whimsical blue fairy door design.
"Blue Fairy Door," watercolour designs
by Clare Walker, on

Hello there, and hope all is going really well with you.

I have a confession to make.

Whenever I see a small wooden door (especially if it's tiny, and somewhat rustic) I immediately wonder what's on the other side...and especially, if there could be something magical at work.

In other words, I love the idea that they just *might* be  "fairy doors" ;-) .

If this describes you too, you'll love this week's design, which invites you to spread some magic on everything from your tech to your postcards.

And yes, this is the finished version of the "work-in-progress" from a few weeks ago.

And yes again, this is also available as a cute and printable sheet, if you prefer the DIY approach.

Another confession

For some reason, it took forever to make this post have any links today, therefore, am going to leave this here (so that it can actually get to you something like on time :-) ).

But thank you so much, as ever, for being here, and there will be...