Saturday, 5 October 2019

Krita Tutorial How To Demo: Creating a Halloween Textured & Seamless Bac...

Here's my latest YouTube tutorial, showing you how to make a background for free, using Krita.

(If you love the idea, but would rather buy the background instead, it's also available to download here)

More soon!

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Free Halloween Image: Raven

Hello there.

Today's image is a free piece of Halloween clip art/illustration for your projects.
You can use it personally or commercially, (my full "angel" policy is here).

To download this jpg, just click or tap  and save a you normally would on your device.

And if you like this raven, he comes with all the Halloween trimmings (including spooky verses you can use) on four co-ordinating craft sheets you may enjoy.

Have fun with this-more soon!

Friday, 27 September 2019

Free Floral Clip Art/Illustration: Chrysanthemums

Hello there-hope life's been treating you well.

This week's freebie is a chrysanthemum illustration/image/graphic/painting/clip art (call it what you will) and can be used personally or commercially. (Full details are in my new "Angel" Policy for crafters here).

Just tap or click/right-click the image to save it as you normally would to whichever device you're using.

It's based on my original design in digital acrylic. And if you like these flowers, then (as they say) you might also love the full eight sheet card-making and craft set of which they're a part...

Go here to find out more/buy them as a printable kit.

That's all for now, but hope you enjoy these flowers in one form or another.

More soon!

Friday, 20 September 2019

Free Autumn Watercolour Clip Art/Illustration Image: Mouse & Berries

It's the autumnal equinox this weekend, so thought this illustration might help you celebrate the beginning of all things autumn and fall. (Southern hemisphere people sit tight-other images will follow soon).

To get the image, just tap, or right click, or control click (depending on your device) and save. It's a  png, and free for use in any project, personal or commercial.

Attribution back to me (Clare Walker) at BoundingSquirrel is always appreciated, but never required.
(For full details, see my "angel" policy here. )


If you're looking for more and bigger images to help your card, craft and creative projects along, everything in my Craftsuprint Shop is available on 20% discount today (Sept 20th) until. Sept 23rd 2019.

Go here to pick up a bargain.

And in any event-I wish you a lovely and peaceful weekend.

More soon!

Friday, 13 September 2019

Free Purple Floral Clip Art Flower/Floral Illustration Image: Verbena

Hello there, and if you fancy a free floral clip art this fine Friday (or whenever it is that you're reading this) here it is:

Just save the image above onto your device, and you can use it free in any personal or commercial project, provided that you don't sell it "as is" and copyright stays with me.

Credit for my images is always appreciated but never required. If you want to credit me, please link to or mention "Clare Walker,"

For full details, see my "angel" policy here.

If you need more...

The full digital watercolour of these verbenas (complete with butterflies, a bee and extra sentiment tags for card-makers) is also available on this card sheet in my Craftsuprint shop:

Here's a quick (lo-res) preview of it):

watercolour of purple floral verbenas, made into a card sheet with tags.

Matching backgrounds and inserts are also available. (See the links under the main design in the shop).

And there you have it. Have a lovely weekend.

Hope this helps, and more soon!

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Nature Art Journaling in ArtRage 6: Ducks!

And just like that, it's September. Having spent August unexpectedly designing for Christmas projects instead (don't worry, I have manners, and will not post those yet ;-)).

The whole experience of the "out-of-seasoness," that the design calendar demands, left me feeling strangely un-grounded. Added to the general craziness of UK (and world) life at the moment, and action was needed.

So, this is a first ever attempt at nature art journaling for me, in ArtRage 6...Found it so relaxing that suspect more nature art journals will follow...and can highly recommend it if you're feeling stressed too. For now, here you go...

To try ArtRage for yourself, go here. (That link isn't sponsored in any way-I'm just a big fan of this software). 

More soon...

Thursday, 1 August 2019

New "Happy August" Challenge: Day One

I'm challenging myself to create some kind of  inspiring, fun or otherwise uplifting image each day in August. Here's the first:

This challenge is entirely self-imposed. But if you'd like to join in, feel free to #happyaugust any of your own images too. Let's have some fun this month!

So as not to overwhelm anyone who prefers this blog for other reasons, subsequent posts in this project will be on Instagram (details below).

More soon!

P.S. Update: this rabbit is now available on a printable craft sheet...

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Friday, 19 July 2019

New Card Sheet: Hyacinth Macaw Blue Parrot

This hyacinth macaw is special for a number of reasons. Most importantly, his species is endangered and needs help (you can read more about that here).

Secondly, you can grab him for your own card making and craft projects here.

Thirdly (and less importantly, but still a fun fact if you're into digital art) this is the first digital painting I've completed from start to finish in the new ArtRage 6 program. I'll need to use it more to have a fully formed view, but my overall impression is that whilst none of the updates in this version is particularly flashy, they are all well-thought out, useful and well worth the upgrade. (Though I confess, the upgrade itself was a birthday present from the Computer Man in my soooo lucky!)

In particular, I've been enjoying the ability to try out digital impasto, and to change a range of brush shapes straight into erasers of that same shape. Also (and this may or may not be confined to my PC, I don't know) all the brushes simply seem to work faster and more smoothly than they did in ArtRage 5, with  less "lag time" between making a stroke with the graphics pen and seeing the full result on the screen.

But as I say, am still testing this-will let you know any more thoughts I have on it if you're interested.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Digi-Art Journaling in Krita 4.2

A n experiment for a lazy Sunday: Digi-art journaling in Krita 4.2...

Update: This is now available as a postcard, which you're also welcome to use as a craft supply or jumping-off point in your own work. Enjoy!)

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Announcing New, Easy Hang Wall Art (That Even Helps Nature)

red summer poppies whimsical easy hang wall art

Hello again, and am hoping this post finds you well and thriving.

Let's get down to it...I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that lots of my most popular floral art, like these summer poppies, has been accepted by Displate.Com to be part of their new easy-hang wall-art range.

The concept behind these affordable metal poster size prints is amazing: they hang with magnets, and can be put up in minutes, without damaging your walls. No need for framing or waiting around.

And because they're made of metal, the rich colours of digital art get shown off to great effect.

Best of all, 10 trees are planted for every Displate purchased.

So if you're looking for flowers or floral art to hang easily on your wall, and would love to help nature too, please do head over to my Displate page now.

(And of course, this design is still available for you as an ever-popular printable download, here...)