Monday, 6 April 2020

New Free Wallpaper: Cheerful "Field of Daisies" Design

Hello there. Today's offering (free wallpaper for your phone or device) is a cheerier offering than the last, although it developed from it.

If you'd like it on your phone, just right-click and save this image.

Please note, I'm new to trying to design wallpapers. I've done my best to size this for what seems to be the largest phone screens available (so that everyone sees something good, no matter what their screen size.). But am no expert in this, and you may need to resize or change this to suit your device: please feel free to do so.

That's all for today, but if you'd rather have a bigger file in this design that you can print, it's also available here.

More soon-take care.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Art Journaling...& Should I Even Try It In A Crisis?

There was a conundrum you see. The situation does seem a bit sticky round these parts at present. (Not to mention the myriad of unusual practical issues that are facing millions of us right now).

But on the other hand,  the sun is shining today. My partner and I are also lucky enough to have all we need at this moment. And we're told that the best thing we can do to help others is to stay indoors.

So, daring to do some art journaling, did feel somehow, right. And, though in normal times, I'd probably "tsk" at this result and not post it, by doing it at all, I suddenly felt 100 times more positive.

Therefore, if you're in a similar position, I dare you to go ahead and make some art. Affirm that life *does* and will continue...And share every shred of joy you can find.

Pen and wash with wax and water-soluble crayons & Posca Pen on mixed-media paper

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Friday, 20 March 2020

Digital Art Journaling: "The Darkest Hour is Just before the Dawn"

Hello again. Hope you're doing OK, wherever you are, in the weirdness of the world at the moment.
The phrase, "the darkest hour is just before the dawn", keeps ringing through my head. So I've illustrated it in Krita as a piece of digi-art journalling.

It's fine to download share or do whatever you want with this if it help-now or at any time.

The original quote is apparently from a theologian called Thomas Fuller in the 18th Century, if you're the kind of person who asks these things.

Anyway, be well and happy.

More soon.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

New Digital Painting: Agapanthus

Hello again

Hope this post finds you well and thriving, despite the extreme weirdness in the world.
 I can only offer you a pretty distraction...But if that's what you need right now, read on.

This design is "Agapanthus." Which, believe it or not, took me *7* attempts to figure out as a digital acrylics painting in Rebelle (with the various extras added to make it into the card the client had requested put in in CraftArtist). But yes, it's also been a fabulous distraction for me, this week.

And if you fancy a bit more distraction in the form of  making this yourself, you can now also find it on a sheet here.

Hope this helps, and take good care of yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

More soon.

Friday, 13 March 2020

A Cartoon to Cheer You Up...

In the "interesting" times in which we're living at the moment, thought this cartoon may bring a smile. Please feel free to share if it does.

More soon, and enjoy your weekend.

Friday, 6 March 2020

New Digital Painting: "Lilacs"

Whenever the world feels turbulent (and there's a lot of it about as I'm writing) something in me decides, most determinedly, to spend a little time in a world of whimsy. 

And so, whilst it might or might not be spring for you as you're reading this, please let yourself do the same. And allow the colours of these spring lilacs to be a part of your world, too.

If you fancy putting the feeling of this into, your life, these lilacs also look gorgeous on an easy-hang Displate metal poster.

Have a great weekend, and more soon.


Friday, 28 February 2020

New Easter/Spring Card Design

Today's post is a quickie...Spring is just around the corner (yes, honestly)...So in celebration of that, this cute little chick just popped into my head this week and demanded to be drawn.

So, if you're feeling in the mood for a spring-themed card project, he's now available as a printable .

In any event, hope he brightens your day, and that you have a great weekend. More soon!

Friday, 21 February 2020

Free Happy Birthday Animal E Card To Share

Hello again! Hope life's treating you well.

Today's offering is a shareable "Happy Birthday" e-card featuring a range of cute animals making their way across the card. Obviously,  perfect for animal lovers and pet owners, but could also send a whole load of cuteness to other people as well.

Just right-click or tap and save the image and it's yours to send electronically (and therefore deliberately lower resolution).

If you fancy the full printed card (which also has no "shared from," watermark) it's available to buy here.

Hope this helps. More soon!

Monday, 17 February 2020

New Inspiring Quote Image to Share

This image felt like an instruction, so am passing it on...

This inspiring quote reads, "Make Someone Smile Today" and features a bright yellow hand-drawn flower on a pastel background.

Feel free to share it anywhere you feel people would benefit from it. (Having found out that some people have help back from sharing because of the signature, I've now changed it simply to reflect that you're sharing it from here).

And if you's like it in a high-res physical form, it's also available here.

Have a great week-more soon!

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Need a Splash of Colour? Look at These Pink Gerberas...

It should be a truth universally acknowledged that the amount of time taken over a piece of work bears absolutely no relationship whatsoever to how popular and/or useful that item will turn out to be.

I used to think it was just me who often got more attention given to "quick sketches I wasn't thinking about and as just enjoying" than something over which I'd worked for days and tried to get "right".

But asking around other creative friends, it seems quite common that the pieces which felt as if they had the least (conscious) attention often work out best for everyone. Maybe it's the very consciousness in the well-worked art that might lead it to feel a bit...efforted, maybe?

Whatever the reason, this Gerbera sketch in pen and Caran D'Ache watercolour crayons (a fabulous new addition to my stash, BTW, that I'd recommend in a heartbeat if you're looking for new supplies) sadly, took less than an hour, and has led to all sorts of goodies (see below).

I say "sadly", because that was one of the most fun, joyous and colourful," not-quite-an-hour's" of art-making that I've had in weeks.

Anyway, as can appreciate you probably haven't got all day onto the goodies. That initial sketch (and its follow-up work, of course :-) gave birth to:

A full collection of household gifts and goodies in scrumptiously saturated deep pink:

Gorgeous pink gerbera illustrated design
Thr "Gerbera" collection at Redbubble.
about which you can find out more, here.

And if you're more of a "DIY" kind of person, there's also fabric at Zazzle (in the USA)

and WovenMonkey (UK),

And last but not at all least...a five page kit of printable joy at Craftsuprint.Com.

Enjoy this however you want-and thanks for dropping by.

More soon.