Friday, 26 November 2021

Daisies and Cornflowers: Design, Discounts and a Freebie...

Free Daisies and Cornflowers Background paper
Just tap, click or right-click to download this free Daisies and Cornflowers Background Paper

How are you doing? Deals are a great thing, but it can all feel a bit overwhelming when your inbox is stuffed with them, as mine is when writing this Black Friday.

So if all you need is a handy and cheerful floral background (that you can use in either direction) please feel free to download and use this, with no sign-ups or anything, as usual.

If you still have that shopping vibe (and boy, do I salute your stamina if so :-) ), then this is also available in lots of lovely items at Redbubble (who have some lovely "CYBER5" discounts at the moment, though I genuinely don't know for how long) on fabric at Zazzle (their codes look like today only, but don't quote me on that) and at Craftsuprint (where a 20% designer discount on all my downloadable printables lasts until the end of Monday Nov 29th 2021).

And whether you shop 'til you drop or just curl up and be cosy, have a lovely weekend.

More soon.

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Friday, 19 November 2021

Holly and Christmas Trees Wrapping Paper Sheets

Hello there.

You may not believe it, but apparently I am already late in posting designs for Christmas.

In an attempt to remedy this, have just posted a new set of three sheets of Christmas/holiday wrapping paper that's fun and full of foliage, but versatile (yes, you could also use this in craft projects).

What's more, it looks as if it has 20% off until the end of today-Friday 19th Nov 2021.

Hope this helps and is fun for you.

More soon.

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Monday, 15 November 2021

Grateful: Free Clip Art for Thanksgiving/Gratitude

Grateful in Watercolour lettering on a multi-coloured digital watercolour background.
Click, right-click or tap to download this graphic

Hello there.

Well, that was a longer break than was meant, and I ended up really needing to recover. This is ongoing, but I couldn't go another day without posting...Especially as I know that if you're in the US, it's Thanksgiving this Thursday  soon (apologies for my lack of knowledge here in the UK), and so a freebie around gratitude is in order.

(And for the rest of us-there's never a bad day to be grateful, is there?)

This is  also one of the first pieces of anything at all have created for nearly two weeks, and not least because I am feeling immensely grateful for all the help, love and support have received, and for having more energy day-by-day.

So this image is yours to download and use, in line with my angel policy.

Or, if you need something more solid, it also looks great on magnets, stickers and other items at Redbubble

Here's to gratitude-and a good week for all of us. Thank you for being here.

More soon.

PS. For another freebie on a similar theme, you can also have a look at this post.

Hope something helps one way or another, and have a great day.

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Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Free November Clip Art (Art Every Day Month, Day 3)

Free illustrated November clip art illustration in pen and wash watercolour.
Tap, click or right-click to download and use this image...

Hello there. Day two of the Art Every Day challenge was more personal for me.

Day three though, is above. I realised that I hadn't put up the usual "month illustration," freebie for a while, so here it is. Just click, tap or right-click depending upon your device, and its yours to use pretty freely (see my angel policy for details). 

Note that this illustration is only about 6 by 4 inches at 300 dpi. But that makes it smaller, and therefore better for web projects.

This is an original watercolour pen and wash illustration, using Faber Castell pens, metallic gel pens, and Inktense paint pans. 

Hope all's  really well with you-I'll be back soon with more images.

(Update on November 5th: I have had to withdraw from the Art Every Day Month challenge, having twisted my neck, which is causing pain and exhaustion. As you might expect, the main cure for this is rest, but I'll be back as soon as I can).

Monday, 1 November 2021

Art Every Day Month 2021 Begins...

November 1st is the start of Art Every Day Month. After a lot of pondering, the question I'll be asking myself each day is also my first day's offering...

What brings me the most joy to create-digi art journaling

If this image with resonates you, you have my absolute blessing to share it on social media in case it sparks some joy and/or ideas for someone else.

If you're one of the people who likes to know how things are created, this is a digi-art journaling piece, created stroke by stroke in the new beta version of Krita 5.

What next?

I'll be creating every day this month, but so as not to overload the blog (and you!) I'll be doing summary posts here. (If you're keen to see everything, I will be posting even more regularly on Instagram.)

And if you'd like to join the challenge itself, the ArtEveryDay group on Facebook is one of the friendliest communities I've ever been lucky enough to find and join.

Have a great week-and month!

More soon.

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Free Pumpkin Clip Art for Halloween

Hello there. Hope all is well and lovely for you, wherever you are.

This week's post is earlier than usual, mostly because this pumpkin clip art would be great for Halloween projects. So if you're looking for it right now, here it is. (Having said that, being pumpkin-themed, it might also be lovely for Thanksgiving, a little further away).

Free pen and wash watercolour pumpkin clip art by Clare Walker
Free Pumpkin Clip Art-right-click, click or tap here to download

Anyway, as with all the clipart on this blog, simply right-click, click or tap, depending on your device, to save it, and it's yours to use in many and varied ways. (See my angel policy for full details).

NB. There are more Halloween-themed freebies on the blog from previous years as well, such as this raven, and a Halloween ghost gif.

Finally, if you're liking this pumpkin, and wanting a craft sheet featuring this pumpkin and other yummy autumnal squashes and motifs...

Pumpkins and Squashes repeating paterned background, by Clare Walker

Hope this helps, and more soon!

Friday, 22 October 2021

New Design: Toadstools and Mushrooms

Hello there.

Hope you're well and thriving.

Toadstools and Mushrooms Apron by Clare Walker at Redbubble

Yes, this week's  post is a bit later than usual, because it's been a busy week involving all sorts of things away from the computer. (House repairs, mainly...Do *anyone* ever enjoy even the concept of  maintenance tasks? If so, please can you tell me how? Thanks!).
Toadstools and Mushrooms Mugs by Clare Walker at Redbubble

Anyway...onward and upward. The inspiration this week came from a friend who takes the most marvellously atmospheric photos, and graciously allowed me to use her lovely, magical  pics of fly agaric mushrooms as the reference photos for the more mushroomy motifs in this design.

As you can see, out came a pattern that's perfect for really cosying up to autumn (or fall, depending on where you are ;-)
Toadstools and Mushrooms Throw Pillow/Cushion by Clare Walker at Redbubble

Have a great weekend.

More, and in less haste, soon!

Friday, 15 October 2021

Autumnal Art Journaling Illustrated Quote: Let Life Take You Where It Needs You to Go...

Hello there. How are you doing? Are you in a part of the world that's enjoying autumn (or spring?).

Here in London, the leaves are only just beginning to turn, which is incredibly late in the year, compared to normal.

But those falling leaves and crisp mornings mean not only that it's time for warm socks and cosy jumpers...But also, the eternal lesson of the freedom of those dancing leaves...the letting go of needing to control outcomes, or where all the pieces fall. 

This was the thought that motivated the Inktense and pen watercolour  journaling you see in the picture above.

And finally, even though I thought I was always too "salesy" in these posts, as someone asked me where they can buy things only yesterday, just to be clear, you can buy this design on prints, stickers, postcards and many other yummy things, by clicking or tapping either on the design above, or on this link.

With that said, I hope you have a lovely weekend, where you happen to find yourself in the world.

More soon.

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Thursday, 7 October 2021

A New Flower Painting for Crafters...

Hello there=hope you've had a lovely week.

Just popping in to give you some more autumnal colour .

Firstly, these watercolour Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed-Susan) flowers are new...

Rudbeckia watercolour flowers (aka Black-Eyed Susans).
These Watercolour Rudbeckias now available as a craft sheet.

Enjoy your weekend when it comes, and more soon.

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Friday, 1 October 2021

New Lighthouse Painting: "Shine..."

Hello there. Hope you've had a great week. 

This week's illustration has a touch of nostalgia for me...

A lighthouse illustration in which the lighthouse beam says, "Shine".
See this design on stickers, prints and more at Redbubble...

 When I was a teenager, we lived by the sea. And on clear nights, you could see  the lighthouse at Portland (Dorset),  a good 30 miles away, but beaming steadily through the darkness. There was always something very solid and comforting about that, even on land, and in times that were so much more certain.

All these thoughts of lighthouses got me to thinking about how it still feels important that each of still remembers to *shine*  brightly whenever  and as much we feel able.

And so the design was born. It's a hand drawn "traditional", line and wash watercolour/watercolour, but finished off digitally. So a true hybrid, really.

 Hope it sparks something for you too (and there are more details about it here, if it "floats your boat," as it were. (No puns were intended when I began that sentence, but hey, who could resist by the end? :-) )

Have a lovely weekend, in any event.

More soon.