Thursday 22 February 2024

The Happy Spring Birds Background Kit is here...

Image shows a mock-up of 8 background papers in shades of bright blue, pink, green, yellow and white, based on cute bird motifs.
Click or tap here to find out more

At last, these cuuute spring bird papers are ready to fly off and make their colourful way into the world.

So, whether these bright and cheerful printable papers float your boat for cardmaking projects...

Spring Card front mock-up featuring happy spring bird designs
A potential spring card front...

Or you're wondering how you might use them in other projects, like maybe, covering a notebook...

Mockup of a notebook with a "bird and branch paper" cover.
The "birds and branches" paper in action

Or even, as a set of DIY paper placemats (imagine these at a children's party, perhaps?)

The image shows three rectagular spring bird papers, whose happy and bright designs could become DIP printable placemats, fanned out as a trio.
Click or tap here to see all the papers
in the set...

However you might want to use them, if you're reading this between Feb 22nd and Feb 29th 2024, now is a great time to find out more, because all my full-sized kits are 25% off at Craftsuprint,Com for this week only.

And if you're into other things, please stay tuned, because I'll be back next time with a surprise, and something very different...

As ever, thank you for being here, and for reading down this far, and I hope life is treating you well.

Thursday 15 February 2024

Coming Soon: Happy Spring Birds...

Image shows a pattern of cute and sketchy spring green, pink yellow and blue birds on a background textured with splashes in the same colours and pale cream and white ground
Happy Spring Birds Coming Soon...
(Update 22nd Feb 2024
They're Here!)

Hello there

Just quickly...

Hope all is well with you, and that these cute little spring birds can give you some extra joy *and* a taste of what'll be coming from me in a collection for cardmaking and more, next week.

Until then, have a good one, and more (soooo much more) soon.

Thursday 8 February 2024

Violets Aren't Blue...

Image shows a surface design in which watercolour violet flowers and green leaves are arranged in horizontal stripes, alternating with lilac drawn horizontal stripes, on a dark violet-purple background.
"Stripey Violets"

It's been "one of those weeks," for sooo many people, it seems,  am almost afraid to ask you how you are.

Here, The Computer Man and I are, ourselves, fine and very, very grateful for that.

It's just that, not having hearts of stone, it's hard to see others around in bother that you can do nothing to stop, prevent, or allay.

And so...

And so, in the scale of things, if this week's post is "just a pattern" (and, somehow,  a more sombre one than I was intending) it hardly seems to matter. Especially as as have always striven to be honest here, as elsewhere.

I don't know yet what will become of this one, if anything. But thought you might like to see it anyway. Will keep you posted on what happens to it.

Violets aren't blue...

And though I was bemoaning not having a "traditional," cheery red/white/pink valentine type post for you...It's just struck me that violets are, in their way, very much a Valentiney thing.

Even if, having watercoloured them myself now, I can absolutely confirm, they are purple (or purpley mauve, anyway), and *not* the blue of the rhyme.

Hope that all is, at least, very well with you and yours.

More soon.