Hi,  I'm Clare, and I create digital and traditional illustrations, aiming above all to fill them with generous portions of fun, joy and whimsy. On this blog, you'll find regular updates with new drawings, and (often) the story about how they came about.

If you're here for free images and downloads (yes, I know how popular they are, and thank you for making them so ;-). I am working on a way to groups them all together, so that they're easier to find. For now though, if you just type "free" into the search box, you should end up with all sorts of yummy stuff to choose from.

I've also put some of my designs onto items you can buy, such as:

♥ Stickers and,

(And yes, those sites pay me royalties on sales. But am hoping you don't mind that, and would expect it to be the case).

If you just want to know about new blog posts,  though...

♥ You can read the latest blog post here here.
♥ For new artwork and any discount codes for items bearing my designs, please visit the Bounding Squirrel page on Facebook
♥ There are quick updates on Twitter
♥ Work in progress is most likely to appear on Instagram

In any event, many thanks for stopping by, and have a great day.

(PS. If you would like to use the signpost graphic on this page on your own site, you're welcome to do so. Please link back to BoundingSquirrel.Com somewhere on your site if you do. Many thanks!).