Hi,  I'm Clare, (a.k.a. BoundingSquirrel) and on this blog, I post and share pieces of my art,  illustrations, surface patterns and cartoons. Think of it as a peek into someone else's sketch book each week.

The "What?"

Sometimes, you'll get details  and the things into which they turn (greeting cards, kits, gifts, home decor etc) and/or details about how something came to be, too.

Somewhere along the line, a lot of my designs have come to be useful to people who craft and create their own projects. (If this describes you, you can dive straight into more of my designs here).

The "How?"

Most of my designs involve some kind of watercolour (I know, I know, watercolor, if you're in the US  ;-) ) and pen process. That process can be traditional, digital (stroke-by-stroke painting with a digital pen on a Wacom tablet) or a combination of the two.

Every so often, you can download and send or some of the images in your own projects for free, too, if you'd like. 

The "Why?"

I'm told that what links all my designs is a sense of whimsy, and if  that's so for you too, that delights me. Let BoundingSquirrel be your place to step into some joy.

Illustraiton shows a paintbrush painting purple, blue, pink and gold watercolour, and stars of enchantment

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Why "BoundingSquirrel"?

Reasonably enough, people also often ask why a site sharing art and illustrations should be  called BoundingSquirrel. And for the most part, the answer's simple.  I love squirrels, and find the feeling of freedom that I get whilst creating art (and hope to transmit in everything I produce too) to be as happy and full of "bounce," as a bounding squirrel.

The "Where?"

If you like what you're seeing, you can also buy my designs (singly or wholesale):

* On instant-download craft and cardmaking sheets, at Craftsuprint.
* As art cards  and gifts on Redbubble
* On giftwrap, fabrics and  funny greeting cards you can personalize, on Zazzle.

(And yes, those sites pay me when my items and images sell. But am hoping you don't mind that, and would expect it to be the case).

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In any event, many thanks for stopping by, and have a great day.

(PS. If you would like to use the signpost or, "paintbrush wand," graphics on this page on your own site, you're welcome to do so. Please link back to BoundingSquirrel.Com somewhere on your site if you do. Many thanks!).