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Last updated Nov 29th 2023.

Who am I?

I am Clare Walker, artist/illustrator/designer/blogger and my address is: Ground Floor, 31 Bardolph Road, London N7 0NJ, UK. Tel: 020 7607 4692 or email clare [at] .

if you can though, as it tends to be faster for both of us, and helps to make sure that the phone ringing from another timezone in the middle of the night becomes a distant memory...

As data controller for this site, I'm registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office, register reference ZB277686.


BoundingSquirrel.Com  is deliberately designed to respect your privacy as I would wish others to respect mine, and to keep you safe by collecting as little identifiable information about you as possible in  the first place.

However, in the course of running a website, there are still some inevitable data issues, which I've done my best to explain below.

Basically, I try hard to continue to collect and hold as little data about you as possible, and only to use the services of  other sites that will respect your data and give you full control over it too.

How I collect and use your data

Contacting me via email at BoundingSquirrel.Com

If you contact me using this site, then my email uses the Google system (see their policy details below, or here). If you have asked me a question, then I will only keep your details for as long as it takes to resolve that question, which is in the legitimate interest of both of us, and delete them afterwards.

I store contact details offline, on a machine to which only I have access.

If we work on a project together as a result of your query, then the basis of my holding your contact info will be both contractual and legitimate interest, for as long as it takes the project to complete and for both of us to be sure you are happy with it afterwards.

I'll then give you the option to stay in touch via consent and the options to follow the site, but if you do not, will delete your contact and any other details from my system. 

(I am obliged to keep secure records of payments received for 6 years, under UK tax law, and use MyBrightbook.Com for this, after which time all records of any individual who is no longer a client or customer will be deleted).

Subscribing via  

The service is provided through,, whose own privacy policy is here. That policy contains details of the cookies they use and the data they collect in order to be able to send my blog posts to your email address, and how you can opt-out of certain cookies if you wish.

My understanding is that because I will be able to see your email address within their system, and export it elsewhere if need be, I am technically therefore handling your data, and am including this in this privacy policy. also provide analytics to me about the number of emails sent, etc. But this does not allow me, nor as far as I know, anyone else, to identify the actions of any individual from that data.

The basis for my holding those details will be your consent, which you give/gave by signing up to receive the blog via email. You can withdraw this consent at any time, either by unsubscribing with them, via the unsubscribe link sent with every email,  or by contacting me, and asking to be removed from my list manually. (I'll do my best to achieve that within 24 hours).

My aim will be to check with you at least once a year that you still want to receive BoundingSquirrel posts by email.

Following the blog on Bloglovin

The widget to follow the BoundingSquirrel blog feed  now means that you can also follow the blog with Bloglovin.

The blog feed from BoundingSquirrel also appears in full on the Bloglovin site. If you follow the blog with them, you'll be receiving emails from them, which come under their privacy policy at:

Site stats via

I've installed Statcounter onto this blog, to give me a basic idea of the numbers of people arriving, which posts are popular, and where people go to next.

My only reason for doing this is so that I can improve the content on the blog and give my visitors as a whole more of the kinds of posts they most enjoy.

So far as I know, Statcounter does not identify you as an individual when you visit this blog or anywhere else. Their stance on this is outlined here.

Email contact from Pixels.Com/FineArtAmerica.Com

Some of my designs are currently hosted and sold by Pixels.Com/ FineArtAmerica.Com They are the same concern, depending on where in the world you are located.

If you purchase my art as a print or gift on these sites, firstly, thank you, and secondly please know that it is their policies which govern your interactions on those sites. I don't hold any of your data in relation those transactions, just as do not have any control over the payment, manufacture or shipping processes there.

The relevant privacy policy that applies to your dealings with them is located here

How other sites interact with this one and how you can check their data policies too.

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Google's Privacy  & Cookie Policies 

This site is ultimately hosted as part of the Blogger network on Google, and their privacy policy is here:

They do collect cookies to get statistics, for example to better understand site usage. It's these terms to which you will have agreed by clicking OK on the grey bar at the top of the site,  on your first visit to BoundingSquirrel.Com.

For more information about  Google's cookie policy, please visit:

Please note that I cannot access any visitor tracking data which could be used to identify any individual, and I do not use  a Google Analytics property ID on this site.

To the extent that your interaction on these general social media sites is with me rather than the site, and the extent to which I can help you recover or delete any content (which may be very limited, depending on the site) I will.

Embedded content from other websites and social media

Articles on this site may also include embedded content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.) from other sites. Embedded content from other websites behaves in the exact same way as if you had has visited the other website.

These websites are beyond my control, and may collect data about you, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor your interaction with that embedded content, including tracing your interaction with the embedded content if you have an account and are logged in to that website.

Any embedded content will mention the site from which it is embedded, and you'll need to check the policy of that particular site for more details.

Social Media

If you follow me on social media, this obviously governed by the privacy policy of the social media site in question, for example: (As of November 2022, I am no longer posting there). (As of September 2023, I am no longer posting there) (As of November 2022, I am no longer posting there).

Stockists and shops with items carrying my designs

Please note in particular that if you buy items featuring my illustrations and designs, (eg. via  CraftsuprintZazzle, or Redbubble.) the sales are handled through those sites. If you decide to message me via any of these sites, then (if the site gives me any details about you at all) I will only contact you via those sites, and only keep your contact data until the project or query involved is finished or resolved.

For the record, I don't keep identifiable data from online print on demand or image sites on here either, and receive remuneration from these sites only through amalgamated and automatic monthly royalty payments from these sites. Or, to put it another way: I never see, know or store any of your payment or other details if you decide to buy anything that uses my designs. (But many, many thanks, if you do, or have!)

Free downloads

Any free downloads on this site are just that: free. They do not require you to give, or me to hold, any information about you, in order for you to be able to use and enjoy them.

Featured Artwork or Photography

Almost all of the artwork or designs featured are my own.

Occasionally, I might give a shout out to someone else's work, but where I do, this will be with their full agreement, and full credit and links to them and their projects. I'll also hold  evidence of their consent to the feature securely for as long as their work stays on the website.

Obviously, if you're the person that's given that consent, you can let me know you want to withdraw it at any time, and I'll remove your details from the website, (and also delete related documents evidencing consent).

Affiliate Links

If I truly love a product, I occasionally use affiliate links, and announce them as such clearly in the text. They are links which pay me a small commission-at no added cost to you-if you decide to make a purchase as a result of following the link to another site. If you prefer not to use the link, that's absolutely fine.

If you do click on an affiliate to another site (eg Amazon), your data is controlled by that site, and I never get to know any details about you, just that another lovely person has made a purchase via an affiliate link . Hope that makes sense and is OK with you.


I may occasionally embed polls here, in order to provide you with blog posts that you enjoy. These are currently fully administered on the website. However I have no way of knowing your identity or connecting it private and  to your vote, and as far as I know, neither do they. In a nutshell, I've done my best to make this private as well.


If there's anything you think I've missed, or other info of yours you even *think* I have that you'd rather was deleted, please contact me, and I'll remove anything and everything that it's in my power to remove.

I think that's everything, but will add anything else you need to know as it happens.

Thank you for reading all of this, (you're amazing!) and have a great day.