Friday 15 July 2016

Watercolour Poppies: New Surface Pattern Design

Created these poppies are (ta-da!) in traditional watercolour pencils and ink (though I still created the actual pattern from the motifs digitally).

If you like this, it's already available on items at Redbubble, such as the tote bag, throw pillow, and even an A-line dress. Just a couple of items are shown below, but there are many more here.

And if you like the fabric, but are thinking, "I'd like to make something with this for myself," then please favourite it over at Spoonflower. (The BoundingSquirrel fabrics you favourite get offered for sale first).

That's all for now, but if there's a design you'd like to see here (or you end up with pics of these items in use!) please do post a comment below. Many thanks!