Friday 26 January 2018

New: Violets Card Front Kit for Mother's Day & Birthday Cards

New today: a kit that lets any card maker create a luscious, multi-layered card for Mother's Day, Birthdays and similar events.

The kit includes full instructions, and you'te free to sell anything that you physically hand make yourself using the kit.

You can find it in my Craftsuprint store here.

Have fun with this!

Friday 19 January 2018

New: Hyacinths & Teddy Design for Card Makers & Crafters

Hyacinths & Teddy Card & Craft

If you're looking for a craft project this weekend, this cute teddy may be just the thing. The design comes with a choice of labels/sentiment tags, so he's suitable for lots of occasions.

Find out more, (and use the 20% designer discount, if you're reading this before midnight GMT on Jan 21st) in my shop, here.

More soon...

Wednesday 17 January 2018

Bumper Kit for Card-Makers and Crafters

Card Making Bumper Kit

Just to give you a taster, this bumper-kit contains some of the designs I've been trying out here.

Have been delighted by good sales-thanks everyone-, so thought it was time to blog about them.

If you like the idea of some or all of the designs in this 15 sheet card-making kit-which you can also use in hand-making any item- then please head over here to get your hands on it.

Many thanks, and more soon.

Hearts for Valentine's Day

Valentine heart card grid design-kit available.

Today's design would be great for Valentine's Day, and is available to buy in a multi-sheet printable kit here.

Tuesday 16 January 2018

Where Have All the Cartoons Gone?

Just to let-you know, I've been doing some re-arrangement around these parts. If you've come in search of cartoons, they now have their very own blog, over at CartoonsbyClare.Com.

If you're a crafter, card-maker or other person in search of artwork for your project though, stay tuned, because from now on, I'll be show-casing all the new designs for crafters and cardmakers from my shop here at BoundingSquirrel as well...Stay tuned, and please bear with me, as it may take a little while for all the kinks in this arrangement to get ironed out.