Monday 28 February 2022

Free Illustration Download: March Daffodils


Free Illustrated daffodils line andwash sketch
Click, tap or right-click depending  on your
device to download this free illustration

Can you believe that tomorrow it's March already? So, definitely time for your free March illustration download. The daffodils really are coming into full bloom here now, so this slice of bright and breezy days in the park is as real  and fresh-from-nature as it gets.

As ever, you're welcome to use this jpg illustration freebie however you like within the pretty broad limits of the BoundingSquirrel angel policy.

Have fun with this, and if you're enjoying it, please feel free to leave a comment and link below to show off how you're using it (if you'd like, there's no obligation).

That's it for today, but hope you're well, and take care.

More soon.

Friday 25 February 2022

Freebie Friday: Come on Over...

 Hello (again!)

Two posts in one day...eek. It's just that I've been sharing this graphic in social media land. And, well, it seemed really unfair not to offer it here as a freebie to you, as one of the people who's probably already subscribed.

Come on over in bright "bubble" hand- lettering

So, if you'd like it, please click, right-click or tap and download and use it as you wish. And please do check out all the news on the blog here, including the new feature of leaving a comment.

Now, I promise that's it from me for the weekend-have a good one.

More soon.

Friday 18 February 2022

Free Panda Birthday Animated Gif Ecard and Bamboo Background Sheet

Free Panda Birthday Ecard?Animated Gif featuring a cute water colour Panda

Right-click, tap or click here, depending upon your device, to download this
Please share it as you wish as long as the watermark remains. Many thanks!

Hello there, from windswept London this morning, and I hope life is treating you well.

As you'll see, today's freebie for you is a cute animated gif panda. Please feel free to share this wherever you wish, and to help everyone you know have the happiest of birthdays in his company.


If you're more of a fan of making birthday cards, this panda is also available for you to download and print over in my shop at

Plus, as a thank you to everyone reading this for sticking with me and subscribing (I really appreciate it) I can also offer you the bamboo background that's also for sale in the shop as a freebie, if you tap, click or right-click the image below and save it to your device.

Free Bamboo background sheet

Some essential cuteness...

Finally, I thought you might like to see the video that inspired me to start on this panda design. The video is by  
Xie Weijia  on YouTube, and you can watch it here:

If you're in need of essential cuteness (and who isn't, really :-) ), then this may be just the pick-me-up for you.

Enjoy, and more soon.

Friday 11 February 2022

Echinacea Art Journaling, And Daring to Be Imperfect...

 Hello there, and hope you're feeling well and thriving.

In social media land, everyone always seems to be thriving, after all. There they are, tirelessly churning out *amazing* artwork day after day, or so it seems. Good for them, if that's how it really happens (and by the way, if that person is you, wow, and can you please get in touch and let me know how you do it? Thanks!).

One thing I keep meaning to get into is the habit of planning these posts in advance. "Keep meaning to," as in, "haven't done yet". So, what you see is what you get. Which is a problem, if it's Friday, and the feeling assails me that I haven't done enough that's bloggable, this week.

(Don't get me wrong, plenty has been done, but more of the sketching ideas, walking in the sunshine, and re-connecting with people variety).

And then I remembered...    

And then I remembered this Echinacea art journaling:

Watercolour echinacea sketch, with the words, Don't worry, if you feel blown around by the wind, for that is how seeds are sown...

Echinacea art journaling. You're welcome to
share this on social media, but please keep the
watermark intact. Many thanks!

Which put me in a spin, because it was art journaling just to clear my own head... I hadn't really meant to share this at all. For one thing, a traditional watercolour (and as a mostly digital gal still, I do get nervous about sharing those. The lettering is digital, but still hand-lettered, another rarity for me).

But now that I see it, and am about to hit, "post," it' dawning on me that this is the perfect, "imperfect" post to share. 

"Perfect Imperfect," is Probably Where We're All Mostly At, Right Now...

For am guessing that I might not be the only one feeling a little wind-blown by the last couple of years. If you can relate, then I hope the idea of seeds having been sown gives you as much of a boost as it did for me.

In any event though, if we all keep posting just the shiny, sanitised, "perfect" versions of ourselves and our work, then we're creating an exhausting and ultimately, unsatisfying,  rat-race of comparison for ourselves and others.

On the other hand, if we do our best to be as real as possible, and  to acknowledge that life happens in ways not always easily sliced into blog posts, then am guessing there'll be less stress, and a lot more fun  for everyone.

In any event, thanks for  being here and reading this (I really appreciate it), and have a lovely weekend.

Update and PS. It turns out that this image is striking a chord for some people, so I've also popped it on a sticker here:

Sticker showing a watercolour echinacea and the hand-drawn words Don't worry if you feel blown by the wind, for that's how seeds are sown.
Buy this sticker at Redbubble

Not the outcome I expected, but thank you.

More soon.

Friday 4 February 2022

Cute Chocolates Illustration Download and More...

Free cute chocloates illustration features chocolates illustrated in a cute digital pen and wash style.
Tap, right-click or click here to download and use this image

Hello there, and hope you're doing well and thriving.

And an extra- special welcome if you're one of the many new people who've found out about BoundingSquirrel recently-I really appreciate your having taken the time to subscribe, and to read this.

In what's becoming a bit of a tradition, this fine Friday brings another free illustration for you to use in your projects, in the shape of the cute choccies featured above. Most ways you might want to use it as an individual,  crafter or small-business person are fine (take a peek at the my angel policy for details). 

Yes, they're obviously great for anything with an upcoming Valentine's or romantic theme. But what self-respecting chocolate-love wouldn't enjoy this illustration year round?

A Matching "Chocolates" Background...

Illustrated Chocolates Pattern.
This background is available to buy
as a download at Craftsuprint.Com.
Click or tap here for details.

If the illustration has got your creative juices flowing, then you might also like the matching printable background that's for sale in my Craftsuprint shop. (Update on Feb 7th: You can now order this on fabric too, at Zazzle).


There's also a matching physical sticker with all sorts of uses (cards, presents, adding to a letter or card to cheer someone up, personalising your laptop, using it in your chocolate emporium (!)...the list goes on...)

Sticker showing six cute illustrated chocolates.
This sticker is available to buy on Redbubble
Click or tap here for details...


Finally, as am writing this in the run-up to Valentine's Day, if that happens to be the event that's brought you here, then my previous posts about this free teddy and hearts background, and Valentine Ecard, might also be useful.

Hope all this helps you in some day-brightening way in any event.

Have a lovely weekend, and more soon.