Friday 18 February 2022

Free Panda Birthday Animated Gif Ecard and Bamboo Background Sheet

Free Panda Birthday Ecard?Animated Gif featuring a cute water colour Panda

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Please share it as you wish as long as the watermark remains. Many thanks!

Hello there, from windswept London this morning, and I hope life is treating you well.

As you'll see, today's freebie for you is a cute animated gif panda. Please feel free to share this wherever you wish, and to help everyone you know have the happiest of birthdays in his company.


If you're more of a fan of making birthday cards, this panda is also available for you to download and print over in my shop at

Plus, as a thank you to everyone reading this for sticking with me and subscribing (I really appreciate it) I can also offer you the bamboo background that's also for sale in the shop as a freebie, if you tap, click or right-click the image below and save it to your device.

Free Bamboo background sheet

Some essential cuteness...

Finally, I thought you might like to see the video that inspired me to start on this panda design. The video is by  
Xie Weijia  on YouTube, and you can watch it here:

If you're in need of essential cuteness (and who isn't, really :-) ), then this may be just the pick-me-up for you.

Enjoy, and more soon.