Friday 4 February 2022

Cute Chocolates Illustration Download and More...

Free cute chocloates illustration features chocolates illustrated in a cute digital pen and wash style.
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Hello there, and hope you're doing well and thriving.

And an extra- special welcome if you're one of the many new people who've found out about BoundingSquirrel recently-I really appreciate your having taken the time to subscribe, and to read this.

In what's becoming a bit of a tradition, this fine Friday brings another free illustration for you to use in your projects, in the shape of the cute choccies featured above. Most ways you might want to use it as an individual,  crafter or small-business person are fine (take a peek at the my angel policy for details). 

Yes, they're obviously great for anything with an upcoming Valentine's or romantic theme. But what self-respecting chocolate-love wouldn't enjoy this illustration year round?

A Matching "Chocolates" Background...

Illustrated Chocolates Pattern.
This background is available to buy
as a download at Craftsuprint.Com.
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If the illustration has got your creative juices flowing, then you might also like the matching printable background that's for sale in my Craftsuprint shop. (Update on Feb 7th: You can now order this on fabric too, at Zazzle).


There's also a matching physical sticker with all sorts of uses (cards, presents, adding to a letter or card to cheer someone up, personalising your laptop, using it in your chocolate emporium (!)...the list goes on...)

Sticker showing six cute illustrated chocolates.
This sticker is available to buy on Redbubble
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Finally, as am writing this in the run-up to Valentine's Day, if that happens to be the event that's brought you here, then my previous posts about this free teddy and hearts background, and Valentine Ecard, might also be useful.

Hope all this helps you in some day-brightening way in any event.

Have a lovely weekend, and more soon.