Friday 28 January 2022

A February Snowdrops Illustration Download...

 Hello there, and hope that you are thriving. It's almost the end of the month, so time to unveil the new February illustration...

February Snowdrops Illustration for Download
Tap, click or right-click to download and save this 
"February Snowdrops," illustration.

Update on Jan 31st: After some howls of protest at my gentle attempt to sell this, I've decided that this, like previous monthly illustrations, should also be a freebie. (And yes, where a purchase has been made already, I've refunded it, though with many thanks).

Instead,  this illustration now makes beautiful greeting card, sticker, postcard,  and journal, over at Redbubble.

February Snowdrops art greeting card by Clare Walker 
at Redbubble.

February snowdrops Postcard by Clare Walker, available at Redbubble

February Snowdrops Transparent Sticker by Clare Walker at Redbubble.

February Snowdrops Journal, by Clare Walker at Redbubble.

Have a lovely weekend, and more soon.


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