Friday 21 January 2022

New Digital Painting, And A Wacom One...

A digital watercolour winter snowscene

Hello there, and hope you're doing really well, however that looks for you.

Am popping in today to share a new digital painting with you, created with my new (and gorgeous, oh-so gorgeous...Did I mention it was gorgeous? :-) ) Wacom One digital drawing tablet, in Krita 5.

Am still working out the whys and the wherefores of it, but am loving it so much, so far. The pen feels firm and solid, the detail that's possible is incredible, and in the time have had it so far (ie, since Christmas, thanks to the -equally wonderful- Computer Man...) it hasn't once crashed, or crashed any other program.

Should stress am not affiliated with this in any way (not least because it was a Christmas prezzie from said Computer Man) and so am, so far,  just speaking as a delighted and enthusiastic user.

How this picture came about

As you'll have noticed if you've been here before, this is pretty different from most of my previous paintings and designs. In part at least, that really is down to the much finer detail that's been made possible by the change of tablet.

In honesty though, it's also because when I created it, had been having quite an explosive day (with admin...It's always admin ;-) ). And so, after tussling with a totally-weird-new-requirement-with-which-I-won't-bore you, I had an extreme need to cool off.

Immediately, my mind daydreamed off into a peaceful snowy landscape, that evolved both in my mind and on the screen simultaneously (if that makes *any* sense at all). It's a new way of creating for me...I've always been a rather a, "let's keep the end in view", sort of person.

But this new approach was oh-so-calming...Just as I hope this picture is for you.

If I don't put a link in somewhere to where you can buy it (as a winter background for craft projects, in this case) someone, somewhere is sure to ask me why I haven't. So here it is.)

But my main aim for this was my own peace of mind, which I very much hope you can share in, if you need it, as well.

More soon, and have a lovely weekend.


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