Thursday 31 March 2016

Daily Illustration #92: April Fool Web Clip Art

Just a quick reminder about April 1st (which it may or may not already be depending on when and where you are reading it). Also gives me a chance to sketch a person whilst still having fun with the outfit.

Feel free to use this as an April 1st graphic in any web clip art  context (it isn't high res, so not suitable for printing). Links appreciated but not required for this one, and have fun!

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Daily Illustration #91: Rose Quote/Sketch

Have been doing a lot of rose drawings-this might even go on for a day or two. May or may not keep the words on this image to the right. What do you think?

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Daily Illustration #90: Berry & Leaf Pattern

This started as an experiment in simpler and less focal pattern-making. (Sometimes I still need to learn that it's OK to whisper, sometimes ;-).

But once the leaf motifs started forming ogee-ish shapes, it morphed into an experiment in making a (geometic-ish) design with organic motifs.

Add in the red and the green, and suddenly, I'm up to my old tricks (ie making a seasonal design (in this case, something quite Christmassy, like napkins do you think?) at an entirely inapporopriate time of year.

But in any event, think I'll keep the pattern. What sort of items do you reckon it would suit? Please leave a comment and tell me. 

Monday 28 March 2016

Daily Illustration #89: Tabby Kitten Sketch (& New Digital Painting)

Seem to have gone through a range of animals to draw in this project-and forgotten the animal rulers of the internet: cats! So thought would rectify that with this tabby kitten today (still in ArtRage 4).

Friday 25 March 2016

Daily Illustration #86: Brazilian Dancer (New Digital Painting)

Today there was blue sky, stuttering Spring...and a bank holiday. So we went into town, where amongst other things, there was a trio of Brazilian dancers. I think they were promoting a restaurant, but they drew a crowd.

Though people and faces are not normally something I tackle, the whole spectacle was so beautiful, so welcome and so fun, I had to try to capture something from it.

So, with the caveat that the real girls had so much more sparkle (in all senses) than is here, enjoy this Brazilian girl until I learn to do her (even) better justice.

Thursday 24 March 2016

Daily Illustration #85: Quick Sketch of Our Scabious Flowers

So we've just got some scabious (or "pincushion") flowers for the second year in a row-mostly because they are utterly "bee-friendly" and fit neatly into the window-boxes.

What I'd forgotten is how strange they look at the beginning. The weird "saucer" shape has such a straight bottom and a virtual right angle to such a thin stem.

Will probably draw them again later in the year, just to show you how they've changed.

But now all we need is some sun and warmth to keep them growing, and get those bees interested.

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Daily Illustration #84: A Love Letter to Brussels

Something very different today. Just wanted to express my support for the people of Brussels (a lovely city whi was fantastic to visit and full of friendly people). Please share if this resonates with you too (you may need to click on the image to read the text. Back to happier art tomorrow.

Monday 21 March 2016

Daily Illustration #82: Purple Pansy (New Digital Painting)

OK, so this took *much* longer than  I thought it would. But today's illustration/digital watercolour painting/sketch of a purple pansy turned out OK in the end, and is (sort of) a good sibling for yesterday's iris. Enjoy!

Friday 18 March 2016

Daily Illustration #79: Red Hibiscus (New Digital Painting)

Our hibiscus is 35 years old this March. He originally belonged to my Mum and stands 10 feet high in our sitting-room (and yes, he *oes* get pruned). So this is his 15 minutes of fame...:-).

Thursday 17 March 2016

Daily Illustration #78: Cherry Tree & Blossom (New Digital Painting)

In reality, the cherry trees here aren't quite as advanced as this one. But they will be soon, as the blossom buds are just appearing. So I expedited them a bit in this new digital painting (in ArtRage 4). Enjoy!

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Daily Illustration #76: Traditional Watercolour Poppy Pattern

Ok, so this poppy pattern tile
is absolutely, definitely my last foray into "traditional" watercolour for a while.

This only happened today because the latest Spoonflower contest (as opposed to just a challenge) theme was finally announced as traditional watercolour. (Please vote for me if you're a member there. Many thanks!)

So, much as I've enjoyed all this unexpected practice it will be back to digital for a good while after this.

Monday 14 March 2016

Daily Illustration #75: Postive Inspirations Typography (With Process)

Stage One: Black and white typography
Today's illustration is a bit different, and more of a design experiment. It's my response to Spoonflower's "Design a Day challenge, specifically the day on typography patterns.

The first graphic shows the basic wording and layout.

The second graphic shows the pink orange and gold background I added.

Stage Two: Pink and gold digital chalk background added

The third graphic is a lo-res demo of the final pattern.

Stage Three: lo-res demo of the final pattern

All this was done in Serif DrawPlus X8 (with a touch of final assembly in Patternshop. Have only recently bought Serif DrawplusX8, and am loving it. Suspect will be using and talking about it even more in upcoming posts.

PS. Specially loved how this turned out on items in the shop.

Sunday 13 March 2016

Daily Illustration #74: "Among the Crocus" ACEO Experiment

These crocus are in "traditional" watercolour and pen, at ACEO size (3.5" by 2.5"). Have found again that the original looks so much brighter than this screen-based image.

Otherwise, a fun project for a Sunday morning.

Saturday 12 March 2016

Daily Illustration #73: Gorse

Gorse bushes were the only splashes of colour by the lake on our stroll today...but what colour. Such a bright, deep and welcome yellow...

Not sure what I'll do with this yet. Maybe it would be a great motif for a spring-themed pattern.

More tomorrow.

Friday 11 March 2016

Daily Illustration #72: Cute Terrier & Big News

This cute terrier sketch is the illustration for today, in Pixarra Twisted Brush Pro.

But there's bigger news. This little chap, (and the best of all the illustrations so far this year) are now available on loads of gifts, cards and other items, here.

Of course, if you're specifically in love with this little terrier, then he has his own page of items here.

Thursday 10 March 2016

Daily Illustration #71: Bluebell Pattern

Really wish that our trip to the woods today had revealed bluebells like these, instead of a sea of mud.

Until they do, will have to keep experimenting to make them into a pattern instead.

More tomorrow!

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Daily Illustration #70: A Peony Bud Pattern (That Almost Didn't Happen)

This pretty bud pattern (apparently they're peonies and not as abstract as I thought) almost never happened).

You might remember a sketch I did in traditional watercolour pencils a few days ago (at the bottom of this post). Being pretty much a digital woman, it felt like just practice and a bit of fun. But basically, I ignored it.

Yesterday, idly, I played around with turning the scanned picture into a motif in Patternshop, and this emerged. (It looks even better on items-as will be able to share shortly).

But the moral of the story (which is probably familiar to you if you already create anything) was this. It seems to be a mistake "rule out" any work right away. I would never  rule out a person in such a dismissive way, so it's time to apply the same rule to created things. Lesson learnt.

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Daily Illustration #69 (& New Digital Painting): "Mad" March Hare

March hares (or hares generally) are apparently, not showing any signs of madness at all. Their leaping and boxing is just part of a mating ritual. (And in a blow for feminism, apparently it's also the females who "box").

But the phrase persists. So this is still a "Mad March Hare", illustration. Besides, the leaping around illustrates pretty much how I feel as am trying to get the new items for sale together. They are coming, folks, I promise!

Update: This hare (and much else besides), is now available if you click here

Sunday 6 March 2016

Daily Illustration #66: Grapes, Wines & Vines Pattern-Experiment & Work-In-Progress

These grapes, vines and wine were meant to be just an experiment for me in making a more complex patterns...I need to re-draw some of the elements.

But teamed with yesterday's illustration, can see how you might think I'm attempting to lead you into a life of excess ;-). Promise, I'm not...

Saturday 5 March 2016

Daily Illustration #65: Layer Cake!

Mmm. Today's offering is a slice of cake filled with cream. So much less fattening to draw than to consume...:-)

At the moment there's no background as it might become a pattern motif.

Here's to cake!

Friday 4 March 2016

Daily Illustration(s!) #64: Feather Pattern, More Experiments, and Quiz Answers

Yes,this post contains the answers to yesterday's quiz questions, among other things. So if you haven't tried it and want to,  please go there first.

In the meantime, I played around with the feathers from that little experiment. So far, they look like the picture above. May add more back ground later.

And in other news,  the traditional watercolour pencils came out again. I've no illusions that there's still miles to go. But understanding how the traditional mediums work in practice is translating over to digital work and accuracy in ways that I hadn't expected. If you "do" digi painting, do you find the same?

Anyway, the latest attempt in watercolour pencils is still abstract and floral, but looks as below. Bear in mind, this is still one of my few (ie fingers-of-one-hand few) attempts at traditional art for *many* decades. And I *still* prefer digital ;-)

Answers to yesterday's quiz

So now, (and far enough down the page for people who still wanted to participate), here are the answers to yesterday's quiz

They are: A-4. B-3, C1, D2.

Congrats if you got them. It's just for fun, so no prizes. But please do share the quiz post if you feel so inclined.

More tomorrow.

Thursday 3 March 2016

Daily Illustration #63: Feathers and a Digital Painting Quiz

Ok, so I was going some experiments with shading and blending today, and came up with four different blending methods. Just for fun, here's a question: which letter above corresponds with which description below?

1. Digital watercolour, blended with all brightest hues, over 2 layers.

2. Traditional watercolour pencils (blended with a waterbrush).

3. Digital watercolours, all brightest hues, blended on same layer.

4.Digital watercolours, with base "coat" of one colour in a pale hue, worked over in three colours at a brighter hue on same layer.

NB. My feeling is, no one method is better than the other. Answers tomorrow-please leave guesses in the comments.  Update: Please still leave guesses in the comments, but as 24 hours have passed the answers are now at the bottom of the post you'll find here at Enjoy!

Wednesday 2 March 2016

Daily Illustration #62: Leaping Frog

The idea for this little leaping frog was in my mind for a few days. And then the Creative Every Day theme for March 2016 turned out to be "Leap!". I'm loving the synchronicity here...

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Daily Illustration #61: Lily-of-the-Valley Sketch & New Digital Painting

Lily-of-the-valley flowers definitely mean spring. Saw some like these on the south coast yesterday. So, fingers crossed, spring can't be too far away.

(ArtRage 4  digital pen-and-wash sketch)