Monday 14 March 2016

Daily Illustration #75: Postive Inspirations Typography (With Process)

Stage One: Black and white typography
Today's illustration is a bit different, and more of a design experiment. It's my response to Spoonflower's "Design a Day challenge, specifically the day on typography patterns.

The first graphic shows the basic wording and layout.

The second graphic shows the pink orange and gold background I added.

Stage Two: Pink and gold digital chalk background added

The third graphic is a lo-res demo of the final pattern.

Stage Three: lo-res demo of the final pattern

All this was done in Serif DrawPlus X8 (with a touch of final assembly in Patternshop. Have only recently bought Serif DrawplusX8, and am loving it. Suspect will be using and talking about it even more in upcoming posts.

PS. Specially loved how this turned out on items in the shop.