Friday 4 March 2016

Daily Illustration(s!) #64: Feather Pattern, More Experiments, and Quiz Answers

Yes,this post contains the answers to yesterday's quiz questions, among other things. So if you haven't tried it and want to,  please go there first.

In the meantime, I played around with the feathers from that little experiment. So far, they look like the picture above. May add more back ground later.

And in other news,  the traditional watercolour pencils came out again. I've no illusions that there's still miles to go. But understanding how the traditional mediums work in practice is translating over to digital work and accuracy in ways that I hadn't expected. If you "do" digi painting, do you find the same?

Anyway, the latest attempt in watercolour pencils is still abstract and floral, but looks as below. Bear in mind, this is still one of my few (ie fingers-of-one-hand few) attempts at traditional art for *many* decades. And I *still* prefer digital ;-)

Answers to yesterday's quiz

So now, (and far enough down the page for people who still wanted to participate), here are the answers to yesterday's quiz

They are: A-4. B-3, C1, D2.

Congrats if you got them. It's just for fun, so no prizes. But please do share the quiz post if you feel so inclined.

More tomorrow.