Thursday 3 March 2016

Daily Illustration #63: Feathers and a Digital Painting Quiz

Ok, so I was going some experiments with shading and blending today, and came up with four different blending methods. Just for fun, here's a question: which letter above corresponds with which description below?

1. Digital watercolour, blended with all brightest hues, over 2 layers.

2. Traditional watercolour pencils (blended with a waterbrush).

3. Digital watercolours, all brightest hues, blended on same layer.

4.Digital watercolours, with base "coat" of one colour in a pale hue, worked over in three colours at a brighter hue on same layer.

NB. My feeling is, no one method is better than the other. Answers tomorrow-please leave guesses in the comments.  Update: Please still leave guesses in the comments, but as 24 hours have passed the answers are now at the bottom of the post you'll find here at Enjoy!