Thursday 2 May 2024

Free "Hello" Floral Gif Ecard Freebie

Hello there (quite literally, as it turns out).

Today is a pit-stop, just to let you know that this ecard gif is new, and free for you to download as is, and use or send to anyone you wish.

It's for those times when what you most want to do is just send someone a cheery "Hello"-just like an ordinary still image or photo.

Image shows a yellow watercolour Rudbeckia flower against a pale blue sky,, and the inked script Hello, appearing letter by letter beside it.
Free Hello Yellow Floral Gif
Tap, right-click or click to download 

Just tap, right click, or click (depending on your device) and download it to use as you wish. Just please don't sell it, or claim it as your own in any way.

As ever, links back are *always* appreciated, but never required.

Hope this is useful and fun for both you and the recipients.

And as ever, thank you for being here.