Thursday 25 April 2024

Thrive: Bright New Tulip Painting

Image shows ink and watercolour sketch of bright red, orange and yellow tulips, bright watercolour splashes and the hand-lettered word "thrive" beneath it.

Thrive, by Clare Walker.
Available on Redbubble.Com

Hello there, and as ever, I hope life is treating you well.

This week, it felt like time to offer you something *really* bright and cheerful. We first saw these tulips in Holland Park, west London, last weekend.

And in a spring that's still to get going full-time (I'm wearing a winter jumper and two layers as I type this) their brightness was *such* a huge beacon, as they danced by their yew hedging...

Tulips in Holland Park. Photo Jim Fernbank.

There's something about them that's so cheering and full of "get up and go," isn't there?

So, I guess it shouldn't have been a surprise when those there tulips almost began to draw themselves, (and in a wilder, freer way than I'm used to) as soon as we got home.

Once the art was done...

Once the art was done, something still felt undone. And there seemed no better word to add as a finishing touch, given all that, "get up and go," than, "Thrive".

I hope you like this design too, and can get any and all the energy you need from it, whether life itself is revving you up or not.

Should it float your boat, it turns out, not surprisingly, that this design also shines rather scrumptiously elsewhere too.

Such as on magnets and stickers...

Photo shows the thrive tulip design on a magnet on a fridge door.
Thrive magnet, available on Redbubble

Photo of the back and front of the bright orange tulip Thrive design.
Thrive Postcard, available on Redbubble

Photo shows a Thrive framed print on a wall.
Thrive Framed Print by Clare Walker.
Available on Redbubble.

Above all, thank you for being here, and for reading down this far.

Have a good week.