Monday 15 April 2024

Among the Bluebells

Hello there, and hope all's well with you.

I confess immediately that this post will be mostly photographs, as we've been out enjoying the spring (yes, it arrived, at last). And so I wanted to share some pics with you (mostly taken by The Computer Man, to whom many thanks, and so much love,  as always), as I was too delightedly busy going, "Ooh," and "Wow!" and , "Isn't it lovely to be able to feel the sun again?," to be much use with a camera at the time :-) .

Photo shows a glade of bluebell flowers and spring greenery.
Bluebells in Highgate Wood, by Jim Fernbank

Though we live in London, we're really lucky to live just a  short drive from a really magnificent ancient woodland. And, for just a few short weeks each year, before the tree canopy comes fully back into leaf, part of it is carpeted with the not-quite mauve-not-quite blue and gently-fragrant magic that is a glade of spring bluebells.

No photo can fully capture their colour (which is no slight at all against Jim's excellent skills behind a camera). However, (and especially if you live outside the UK, as I know many of you reading this do), maybe this photo can give you some idea of their colours, as they shift with the light and dance in the wind...

The whole of this photo is flled with lots of bluebell flowers
Photo by Jim Fernbank

Yes, they are colours which are exquisitely difficult to pin down and paint or draw (though I once had a go here, and doubtless will do so again).

And close-up, they are things of beauty, too...

Photo shows individual bluebell flowers in greater detail.
Photo by Jim Fernbank

So, no new designs in this post, but some very much-needed spring sunshine, relaxation and inspiration.

And if you enjoy cardmaking, do check by my shop on Craftsuprint, as am hoping that and my new "Rambling Rose," design [update April 16th 2024] will be up by the time you read this,  now ready in good time for summer birthdays and occasions.

That's all for now, but thank you so much for being here.

More soon.