Wednesday 9 March 2016

Daily Illustration #70: A Peony Bud Pattern (That Almost Didn't Happen)

This pretty bud pattern (apparently they're peonies and not as abstract as I thought) almost never happened).

You might remember a sketch I did in traditional watercolour pencils a few days ago (at the bottom of this post). Being pretty much a digital woman, it felt like just practice and a bit of fun. But basically, I ignored it.

Yesterday, idly, I played around with turning the scanned picture into a motif in Patternshop, and this emerged. (It looks even better on items-as will be able to share shortly).

But the moral of the story (which is probably familiar to you if you already create anything) was this. It seems to be a mistake "rule out" any work right away. I would never  rule out a person in such a dismissive way, so it's time to apply the same rule to created things. Lesson learnt.