Friday 8 January 2021

Free Leaf Clip Art Printable: Green Leaves Pattern

It's time for another freebie, in this case an A4 printable pattern of green spring/ summer leaves. It would make a great background or piece of wrapping or craft paper. Or you're welcome to use just some of it as clip art. You can use it any way you like in line with my angel policy.

Green Leaves available in an A4 Printable Pattern

To grab this, just right-click, click or tap (depending on your device) and save, and you're good to go. (IF you take a picture of anything you make, I'd love to see it (maybe on the BoundingSquirrel Facebook Page?) and would also do what I can to promote anything you make which incorporates it too.

If you're more of a fabric person, the design is also available on many different kinds of fabric, from Zazzle. The image below shows the design on a fat quarter...

But however you use this design, have fun with bringing a touch of spring and summer into your life, whatever the season when you're reading this. 

And I'll leave you with a little teaser that there's another project almost finished too that I think you'll like. But it's not quite finished, so will leave that to post at the start of next week. (or the next post, if you're reading this later).

Take care and see you then!