Thursday 19 October 2023

Winter Wildlife Designs: Work in Progress

Image shows a montage of different winter wildlife and background ideas, including a painted fox, robin, squirrel, and half-rendered stag, on a snowy background and overlay, and the text Winter Wildlife Work in Progress, 2023
Winter Wildlife Work in Progress,
by Clare Walker, BoundingSquirrel.Com

Hello there, and hope you're doing OK out there.

This week's post is a short one...And one of the, "this is how it really is", variety.

In truly organised design-land, I'd now be presenting you with all of this year's winter designs (which, I'd probably have finished, oh, around last Christmas sometime, at the latest :-) ).

Please understand, I have the greatest respect for people who can work like that...I'm just not one of them.

Instead, my head, and the PC, is still full of mostly finished wildlife paintings, almost-there motifs, lots of backgrounds, and a stag who currently can't quite decide whether he wants to be here for this year or not.

So, I thought I'd 'fess up to the reality of that in this post (as well as giving you a sneak peek of at some of the cute creatures who've made an appearance so far).

I'm going straight back into into now, but am still wishing you a good week.

In haste-but thank you so much  for checking in here.

More soon.

PS. If you are looking for winter wildlife designs right this minute, how about these birds, or cute winter  mice on a printable for crafters?

PPS and update: You can see what became of at least two of these creatures, here