Thursday 12 October 2023

Love and Cupcakes

Image is a Photo of a sticker. the sticker features the and-lettered word love in black ink, on a rainbow watercolour, or multi-coloured background.
"Love"-Tap or click here for details about this sticker

Hello there, and hope that you're well and doing OK wherever you are as you read this.

Some weeks contain very much more than one theme, and seem to call for more than one design, and this is one of them.

First off, if you're feeling like the world could be doing with a little more love, one way and another, you might like my new "Love" design. You can see it above as a sticker, complete with a many-hued watercolour background that  helps it represent love in a broader and more universal context than just Valentine's Day and roses.

It's also available on lots of other items, and looks good, for example, on a T shirt too (see below).

Photo Shows a young man and a young woman each weqaring a white T shirt , with a hand-lettered love design on a multi-coloured watercolour background being the motif on each shirt.
Tap or click here for more info.

And now, as they say, for something completely different...

So here is the moment when I feel like one of those hapless presenters on a daytime TV show, that has to segue between two wildly-different topics (such as engineering and dog shows, for example).

In this case, it's just from the concept of love to cupcakes though, so not really such a stretch (especially if you like cupcakes). And even if you wouldn't normally eat them, you might find that the design I'm unveiling satisfies any cravings without you actually having to eat one. (I found it was that way when creating and painting it, which is a huge bonus, even on top of the fun).

Anyway, here, without any more ado, is the design...a cupcake shaped card...

Smaller sized sample illustration of a cup=cake shaped card making sheet
This is a sample-click or  here to buy 

This is for you if you enjoy making cards, and especially if you enjoy making cards that look good, but are really easy to make. You can buy the sheet with which to make it, including all the instructions (such as they are, it's that easy) via this link.

There is also a matching sheet of fun modern quips that fit inside the card, and I'll link to that as soon as it goes on sale, along with any other matching or similar items that could be useful.

For now though, I'll leave you to your day.  Hope today's designs and bits and pieces have added some extra colour and fun to your day.

And thanks so much for reading down this far-I really appreciate your being here.

More soon.