Sunday 24 May 2020

Peaceful Window Box Painting

How are you doing? Have you been trying new things, or finding familiarity with the known? 

I've found myself swinging between both of those poles, but did manage some experimentation, but did manage something new: adding in a (tiny) bit of architecture to this little window box scene. After all, have been staring at a *lot* of windows (and not much else, for several weeks :-).

If you're one of the people interested in the "how-it-was-done" details of this, it's actually a stroke by stroke digital pen and wash watercolour in the Rebelle 2 software app, with some final adjustments in Krita.

Be safe, be well, be happy as you can. There is definite light at the end of this lockdown tunnel thingy. 

More soon. 

Tuesday 19 May 2020

New Painting & Wall Art: Freesias

And just like that, one week has a strange habit of blending into another in a lockdown (or depending on where/when you are reading this, perhaps near-lockdown) scenario. How are you doing with that?

However, some normality has returned around these parts, as there's a new digital painting in my Redbubble shop. These pretty, colourful, and above all *cheerful* freesias to brighten up your space.

Freesia Wall Art

If you fancy this design, but would like it in a less traditional form, it's also available in the shop on gift and home d├ęcor items. However you like it, enjoy it, and more soon. 

Friday 1 May 2020

Free Frog Clip Art & New Froggie Craft Sheets

Free frog clip art-image of green frog
Hello there.

Can't think where this week has gone. But have been spending a lot of it drawing happy, green frogs.

So if you want this little chap, this new free frog clip art is yours, Just save the image (no sign-up required, though if you fancy saying this came from, please do).

To get this frog as part of these gorgeous and fully-designed card-making and craft sheets though, including a multi-directional pattern, shaped card, inserts, tags, inserts, sentiments  and verses...

All you need to do is tap or click here.

Have fun with these, and hope that you a lovely weekend, in spite of everything going on right now.