Thursday 20 April 2023

A Spring Dandelion Sketch

Digital pen and wash sketch of a bright yellow dandelion flower and its green leaves, with watercolour splashes
Dandelion Sketch, by Clare Walker

Hello there. Am just popping in quickly this week, to let you know about a new sketch of this week's dandelions. They just seem so extra-bright this year, and so beloved by bees, that I wanted to share and celebrate them.

Though am hoping they will also be part of a design in my Craftsuprint shop soon, as well :-).

Update: sale has now ended, but the dandelions are now on available here.

Speaking of which...

It's sale time!

Yes, there will be a  20% discount on everything in my Craftsuprint shop, for four days only. The sale will run  from Friday April 21st-Monday April 24th 2023. So if there's anything you've had your eye on, click or tap here to visit and stock up.

That's all for now. But hope all is going really well with you. (and that you find some craft sheets you like in that sale. ;-) )

Have a great weekend when it comes, and more soon.

Thursday 13 April 2023

A Cute Teapot, and a Welcome Return...

Hello there, and I hope life's treating you well.

Picture shows a digital watercolour line and wash painting sketch of corral-pink roses, growing out of a cream teapot, against a pale green background.
"Teapot and Roses" by Clare Walker

This week, as you can see from these cute flowers coming out of a teapot, am sharing the latest in my  "Flowers and Containers," series. 

In the meantime, by the time this gets to you as a newsletter, there's a strong chance that this particular design will already be for sale as a teapot-shaped card sheet in my Craftsuprint shop, and this will be a live link to that if so. (Update: the link is now live).

A warm welcome back

In any event, it's definitely time to give a warm welcome back to the blog to Marion Kimberley-Scott, who has already been busy making and crafting cards from the sheets featuring previous paintings and designs in this series.

Here's her take on the Lavender Cascade:

Image is a photo of a handcrafted card, featuring many layers, decoupage, and a watercolour cascade of lavender.
Photo by Marion Kimberley-Scott, and used with her permission
Click or tap here to see it on Craftsuprint.Com

And "Wellies and Flowers"...

The image is a photo of a multi-layered and crafted pink and white square floral card, featuring a watercolour drawing of pink flowers growing out of green wellies in the centre.
Photo by Marion Kimberley-Scott, and used with her permission
Click or tap here to see it on Craftsuprint.Com

Not forgetting the  "Purple Planter":

Image is a photo of a multi-layered hand-crafted card, featuring a watercolour drawing of a formal stone garden planter, festooned with small purple flowers.
Photo by Marion Kimberley-Scott, and used with her permission
Click or tap here to see it on Craftsuprint.Com

Thank you so very much Marion. I really appreciate both you *and* your awesome crafting skills.

That's all for now from me, but thanks ever so much for reading down this far, and have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday 4 April 2023

Free Bouncing Bunny Animated Gif for Spring

Animated gif, showing a watercolor line and wash rabbit jumping up and down on a patch of grass.
Tap (or right or left click,
depending on your device)
and save this image to
 download it.

Hello there

As ever, I hope life is treating you well.

Today, as promised (and now that it finally actually feels like spring here) am back with a gift for you.

 In celebration of all things spring-like, happy and fun (including any flavour of festival into which you might be at this time of year), this bouncing bunny animated gif is yours to download if you wish. (The image is already deliberately small and optimised for phone screens/the web).

Just right-click and save (or tap and save, or left-click and save, depending upon your device).

As ever, credit is *always* appreciated, but never required.

And if you'd like more rabbity goodness...

And if one rabbit simply isn't enough for you, you might also like:

The new easy-to-make rabbit-shaped card in my Craftsuprint shop...

Image shows a multi-directional pattern o cute watercolour rabbits on a pale green background.
Rabbit-Patterned Background,
 available at Craftsuprint

Or if you just want to grab something funny and go, my Easter-Rabbits funny cartoon card is ever-popular on Zazzle (and downloadable for the first time, this year, so it's not too late to grab it).

Card shows two cartoon rabbits having conversation. Onme advises the other never to get an Easter Rabbitjob, as "the humans are crazy, and think we lay eggs".
Funny Cartoon Rabbits Printable Card

*More* freebies...

If that's still not enough (and/or you'd like more freebies), you can also check out some springtime gifts from previous years, such as:

That's all for now, and I'm going to wish you a happy few days, whatever you're up to. I'm taking a short break from the blog for a week or so. But, as ever, there will be...

More soon.