Thursday, 18 August 2022

Celebrating Pink Lilies and More...

Square greeting card design featuring bright pink  watercolour pink lilies and alyered card, paper and pattern effects behind the main graphic.
Pink Lilies, by Clare Walker. Available on Craftsuprint.Com

Hello there, and hope all is well and thriving in your world, despite these crazy times.

In these parts, the week saw plenty to celebrate. I'd like to say that the biggest celebration was getting the card kit completed for the yummy pink lilies you see in the picture above. And, to be fair, I am a little bit in love with the kit, the watercolouring of pink flowers being one of my favourite things in life. 

Am also happy that have  managed to jam in verses, a background, loads of layers and a gift tag, as well as the main card, into the kit and still keep it a manageable size for you to download.

The kit has its origins in a private ecard, which am relieved to know the recipient loved. So it felt only right to offer it on a bigger basis to you as well.

But, there was *rain*

Yeah, I'd *like* to say that all of that was the biggest thing we celebrated this week, but that wouldn't strictly be true. Because, (drum roll) we had *rain* here, people. After seven weeks without any meaningful rain (which normally just doesn't happen in the UK) we've had three days of proper rain here.

I would include a picture here of my face as I stuck my head  out into the rain to enjoy it, honestly I would. It just felt like pure joy...a primal moment, when the force of the heat giving way to the rain. I wish the same for you with all speed, if that's what you're needing in your part of the world too.

I *would* include such a picture, but luckily, none were taken ;-). However, I can include a picture of our resident snail, who hadn' t budged from his post on our window frame for two months...until stretching out luxuriantly yesterday...

Photo of a snail stretched out on a window pane.
Snail photo by Jim Fernbank

And for anyone not into snails, can I report that they may have been given a bad press? Despite having not eaten or budged for eight weeks, the snail in this picture had a first meal of *dead* leaves, not green ones...And continues to prefer dead leaves to green ones, as far as we can tell. 


But I grant you, it *is* a long way from snails to luscious pink lilies. So I'll leave you with a picture of the full, "Pink Lilies" downloadable  kit (which you can read more about and buy by clicking or tapping on this link).

Picture of the contents of the Pink lilies downloadable mini kit (5 sheets in total)
Pink Lilies Downloadable card making Kit. Click here to find out more.

And of course, am wishing  you a very lovely weekend indeed.

Friday, 12 August 2022

Well, The Sunflowers Are Enjoying It...

Hello there

Hope you're doing well and thriving in your part of the world, whether you have the heat that we do (yes, still...I know, it's crazy, isn't it?) or something else.

The sunflowers, of course, *are* absolutely loving this weather. And as ever, when they poke they're heads up into the sky ('cos they really live in next door's garden) I can never resist doing my best to capture them in some way. They just exude such happiness and joy...

Pen and wash sketch of sunflowers against a summer sky.
Sketch of Next Door's Sunflowers...

This year's effort is a quick-very quick-pen and wash sketch on new Bockingford hot-pressed (ie absolutely smooth) watercolour paper. And with the equally new-to-me Derwent water brushes. (They could soon become my new favourites, as being able to control how much water is on the brush with a button, is soooo good. Watch this space).

In other news...

In other news, despite the heat, the wonderful Marion Kimberley-Scott has still-somehow-been busy making cards with some of my new summer floral backgrounds over at Craftsuprint. 

Please do head on over there to see them in action. But here are just a couple of her pics of her makes to whet your appetite. (So many thanks to Marion for allowing me to use those pics, too).

Nasturtiums came first...

Photo of a Nasturtium greeting card
Nasturtium design by Clare Walker,
made and photographed by Marion Kimberley-Scott.

And am also loving what she made using both the new butterfly bush background and its main matching card sheet from some time ago...

Nasturtium design by Clare Walker, made and photographed by Marion Kimberley-Scott.
Butterfly Bush design by Clare Walker,
made and photographed by Marion Kimberley-Scott.

Sooo many thanks to Marion for making these look so amazing, and please do also check out everything she makes too.


That's about all for now-am feeling a need to settle down with a glass of something very long and very cold.

But thanks so much for reading down this far, and I hope you have a lovely week with whatever you most need at hand to feel comfortable, too.

More soon.

Friday, 5 August 2022

A Happy Beach Hut Design...

Hello there, and hope you've been having a good week.

Happy line and wash beach huts, in red, white and sea blue, complete with sand and a happy crab and seagull.

Whether or not you're actually beside the seaside as you're reading this, today's post is all about these pretty summer beach huts, and the lovely things that are now carrying this design.

The inspiration for this design was actually British seaside beach huts. But am sure the beach vibe can travel just as far as it needs to and to beaches and lakeshores everywhere.

It turns out that although I came up with idea as a set of three downloadable craft sheets...

The design (and the pattern that came from it) loves to be on lots of fun beachy items too...

Whether you want to use it at the beach, on a tote or drawstring bag, or blanket...

Beach Hut Patterned Tote Bag
Beach-Hut Patterned Tote Bag

Beach Hut Patterned Draw String Bag (photo of)
Beach Hut Patterned Drawstring Bag

Beach Hut Patterned Throw Blanket (folded)
Happy Beach Hut Throw Blanket

Or just put a bit of beachy vibe into your life every day, whether in a really watery way (like this shower curtain)...

Happy Beach Hut Shower Curtain Photo next to a bath.
Happy Beach Hut Shower Curtain

Or a completely different one... This look suits everything it seems, from a desk mat to a mug...

Photo of a beach-hut patterned desk mat.
Happy Beach Huts Desk Mat

Photo of a mug with a happy beach huts pattern print design on it.
Happy Beach Huts Mug

Whatever your preference, thanks for reading down this far, and may some seaside happiness be with you, one way or another.