Friday 5 August 2022

A Happy Beach Hut Design...

Hello there, and hope you've been having a good week.

Happy line and wash beach huts, in red, white and sea blue, complete with sand and a happy crab and seagull.

Whether or not you're actually beside the seaside as you're reading this, today's post is all about these pretty summer beach huts, and the lovely things that are now carrying this design.

The inspiration for this design was actually British seaside beach huts. But am sure the beach vibe can travel just as far as it needs to and to beaches and lakeshores everywhere.

It turns out that although I came up with idea as a set of three downloadable craft sheets...

The design (and the pattern that came from it) loves to be on lots of fun beachy items too...

Whether you want to use it at the beach, on a tote or drawstring bag, or blanket...

Beach Hut Patterned Tote Bag
Beach-Hut Patterned Tote Bag

Beach Hut Patterned Draw String Bag (photo of)
Beach Hut Patterned Drawstring Bag

Beach Hut Patterned Throw Blanket (folded)
Happy Beach Hut Throw Blanket

Or just put a bit of beachy vibe into your life every day, whether in a really watery way (like this shower curtain)...

Happy Beach Hut Shower Curtain Photo next to a bath.
Happy Beach Hut Shower Curtain

Or a completely different one... This look suits everything it seems, from a desk mat to a mug...

Photo of a beach-hut patterned desk mat.
Happy Beach Huts Desk Mat

Photo of a mug with a happy beach huts pattern print design on it.
Happy Beach Huts Mug

Whatever your preference, thanks for reading down this far, and may some seaside happiness be with you, one way or another.