Friday 26 August 2022

A Falling Leaf Freebie for You...

Hello there, and as ever, I hope you've had a great week, and are thriving.

Without more ado, let me present to you, as promised, your "falling leaf printable background," freebie...

Illustrated falling watercolour/watercolor leaves against a golden background
Click, right-click or tap here to download.

As ever, copyright here remains with me, but you're welcome to use this in any way that fits with my angel policy.

If you're into watching demos, there's also a recording showing how this pattern came to be. I've just uploaded it to YouTube-(this link should now take you straight to it. ) At the very least, the comedy of errors that went into its making might give you a laugh...There are reasons why I make so few videos...:-) ).

And other than that, the entirety of everything have been up to this week is simmer school learning on patterns, designs, and a whole host of related things. (Am not sure it was entirely sensible to jam in four classes in 10 days, but somehow it worked).

The upshot of all this for you will be brighter and clearer patterns and designs, am hoping. Watch this space.

In the meantime, enjoy your freebie, and if you know anyone who'd like it, please share the link to this page too (many thanks!).

And above all, have a lovely weekend (and an extended one, if it's Bank Holiday on Monday for you too).

So many thanks for reading down this far, and there'll be...

More soon.

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