Thursday 29 December 2022

Free 2023 Watercolour Graphic

Tap, right-click or click this image to download.

Hello there, and hope life is treating you well.

To coin a cliché, it's really hard to believe that it's almost 2023.

(For full disclosure, this is being typed and scheduled in advance in mid-December as am having a break from the online world until January).

But it's become something of a tradition for me to "paint out how next year feels" each December.

And this year, this is how 2023 feels from here.

And, as ever, you're welcome to use this graphic if you wish, in any way that fits my (ever-so-generous...promise) angel policy. Links back are always lovely, but never required.

May you have a wonderful new year. And, as ever from here, there'll be...

Thursday 15 December 2022

A Christmas Cartoon Ecard

Hello there

And now it really *is" that time of year again, and this year's Christmas ecard is below. As with them every year, feel free to use and share it if you wish (though am not sure if its topic will resonate in other places as much as the UK-do you have strikes at the moment too, where you are?).

In this cartoon, even Santas's reindeer are on strike and are demanding more pay, and extra carrots.
Click, right-click or tap here to download this ecard.

In any event, enjoy the festive season, wherever and however it is for you.

I'll be taking a break from blogging now until the New Year, but have some posts already scheduled for you for after Christmas too.

Most of all, thank you for reading all these posts, and for being here.


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Thursday 8 December 2022

Christmas Foliage Graphics...and a Quiz

Hello there

Hope you're well and thriving, and ready for some fun, as well as a not one, not two, but three freebies to download, as befits the approaching festive season.

You're welcome to use any of the set of three graphics in this post, in any way at all that matches my angel policy. Just right-click, tap or click (depending upon your device) on the graphic(s) you'd like to use, and the graphic should download.

And if you're not in need of freebies right well as if you are, this post is also a quiz.

Christmas Foliage Watercolour 2
Picture 2: Right-click, tap or click here to download

Each of the pics in this post was created in a different way. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide which method (A, B or C) matches which Picture 1, Picture 2 and Picture 3.

Free Christmas Foliage Watercolour Picture 3
Picture 3: Right-click, tap or click here to download.

Painting and Drawing Methods Used

Which of these methods do you think matches which picture? (You may have to scroll up  from here to see the pictures again).

Method A One of the pictures in this post was created using 100% digital watercolour painting and digital ink sketching,  in the wonderful Rebelle 5 app, (not an affiliate link, I just enjoy using it).

Method B One of the pictures was created by wetting hot-pressed, (ie smooth) 300g Bockingford Watercolour paper, splashing colours into wet areas, and then, when the areas were dry, inking in details with a black waterproof pen.

Method C One of the pictures in this post was created by sketching onto 300g cold-pressed Bockingford Watercolour Paper first, and then painting in details wet-on-dry (though white highlights were still added later).

Your answers

When you think you have your answers, check the PS at the bottom of this post, to see if you're right.

Please note, this quiz is just for fun, there are no prizes, and the answers are at the very bottom of this post, in the P.S. section.

Whilst I'm in the business of making sure that there's enough text here to obscure the answers, this is probably a great point to remind you that my Redbubble shop is still a great place to look for gifts (most still in time for Christmas, or of course, any other time of year), and that  the printable designs in my Craftsuprint shop can be downloaded 365 days a year.

With that said, I hope you had fun with this post today, and/or found something you wanted in one way or another. It's only left for me to wish you a happy week, and promise that there will be more from me soon as well as...

A P.S with the quiz answers...

And the answers are:

Picture 1 was painted using method B. The surface is smooth (ie hot pressed) and the end result has a pretty sploshy wet-in-wet look.

Picture 2 was painted using method A, and is therefore, 100% digitally painted, (even though the digital paper behind it has a really convincing rougher/"cold-pressed paper" look).

Which means that Picture 3 used method C, with its rougher paper and penwork that am feeling now might have been a little over-the-top :-) .

Whatever your answers, hope you had fun, and see you next week.

Thursday 1 December 2022

A (Hopefully) Topicalish Football/Soccer Cartoon

three players are surprised when their team bus in the desert turns out to be a camel train...

Hello there. Hope you're doing well this week.

It's been a while since I posted a cartoon here. So, this week, as a football-mad family member enjoyed this on his card a few days ago, thought would share it on the blog to raise a smile.

Note: if football (soccer) isn't your thing, you have my sympathy. It isn't so much mine, I just have *lots* of family members who like it.

Disclaimer number one: yes, in case anyone asks, I *know* that in reality there were buses of the more conventional kind.

Disclaimer number two: if by the time you're reading this, any team which you happen to support is no longer in the competition, v. sorry, and hope this can at least help you have a laugh. 

In any event, this is just a bit of fun that I hope you enjoy it at a busy time of year.

For which reason, I'll stop waffling, but wish you a happy week.

More soon.

Thursday 24 November 2022

Free Gratitude Animated Gif

Animated Gif spelling out the hand-leeters of the word gratitude, each on a different colour of the rainbow in the background, in watercolour.
Gratitude animated gif-click, tap or double-click here to download

Well hello there. I know that many people who visit BoundingSquirrel are from the USA, so if that's you, and you celebrate it, hope you are enjoying that.

If you are, then you probably have lots else going on, so I'll be brief. This "Gratitude" animated gif is a freebie, there's nothing to buy. Please just download, use it as much as you want, for Thanksgiving and *any other time* you want to thank someone or be grateful. (For those who like this kind of thing, my terms of use are generous, and located here).

For the rest of us (and I know that also includes some people in the States, it's just that this isn't a political blog) then it still can't harm to spread and feel some gratitude in the world, can it? 

For what are you grateful, happy and thankful? And if that includes a person or group and you'd like to use this gratitude gif to say so, please do. 

(Or this image from a previous year, if you prefer...I'm British, but love the chance to express gratitude so overtly every year...and am aiming to be less bashful about it the rest of the time too).

Thank you so very much for being here, and for being you.

Have a lovely weekend, and more soon.

Thursday 17 November 2022

Driving Gnome for Christmas...

Hello there-hope you're having a great week.

It's definitely time for some silliness, whimsy, and quite possibly the worst pun I've ever inflicted upon anyone....In the form of the new "Driving Gnome for Christmas," design...

This Card in CHristmas red and white features a watercolour gnome who's driving, and the caption, "Driving Gnome for Christmas".
Buy and customise this card on Zazzle...

If you like the gnome but not the caption, you can customise it as much as you'd like by clicking here.

And if you'd like some red and white whimsy that's quite a lot more subtle, the gnome theme turns into red and white paisley-type patterns in my Redbubble shop.

To see what I mean, take a look at the pattern on:

Ever-popular cushions and pillows...

Christmas Gnome Cushion/Pillow

An apron that could really kick off some festivities...

Photo of a gnome-patterned apron
Christmas Gnome Apron

A nifty alternative to the Santa sack...

Photo of a gnome patterned drawstring bag

A great gift for any gnome-lover with an Iphone...
(What an interesting Venn diagram that would be...)

Photo of a gnome patterned iphone case.
Christmas gnome Iphone soft case

Or a stylish alternative to the Christmas jumper...

Photo of a smiling girl in a gnome patterned red and white top.
Christmas Gnome Sleeveless Top

Hope that these spark some ideas for you, or in any event, make you smile.

Onto something very different in the next post, I promise.

More soon.

Friday 11 November 2022

Why I'm Leaving Facebook and Instagram

Cartoon showing a woman texting her determination to leave a social media site.
"Social Media Break-Up," Cartoon by Clare Walker
Hello there

And you can probably tell from this cartoon what kind of a week it's been here.

It all started last Saturday, when I realised that had spent a huge amount of precious weekend time...Relaxing? Oh no, no such luck. In touch with friends...Nope, sadly.

No, I'd spent it wading through "communications" within BoundingSquirrel's Facebook and Instagram accounts, that whilst purporting to be from real people, were little more than spam,

Why on earth (for example, there were many more) would someone contact an *art* channel wanting to know if I would promote their sportswear for example? (Trust me, for anyone who *really* knows me, that's even more of a joke than you might think :-) ).

And those emails were about the best of it. Suspicious, scammy messages from strangers wanting to "wholesale," but strangely not mentioning which products were of interest? Yup, they were there.

And more that were yuckier and even more phishing in their intent than that.

Yet whatever I do, FB and Instagram keep prompting me to "reply" to this nonsense.


And the number of comments from real people, wanting to make a *real* point?

There was one, just one. (And if you're reading this, I suspect you know who you are...Thank you, and as you well know, if everyone sending messages were like you, this post wouldn't be happening).

And anyway, how could I blame anyone for being silent, when even getting BoundingSquirrel posts seen these days seems like a matter of pure chance?

Worse still, being seen in friends' posts (and thereby being able to be helpful/cheerful/ do some wider good, or whatever), seems just as unlikely these days as well.

Thinking the unthinkable...

My enormous frustration then led me to think the unthinkable. Could I "break-up" with these sites?

As an experiment, I tried going without both sites for the next five days.

And they were the most productive five days I've had for years. (Yes, there will be pics, am just addressing this topic first).

The upshot

The upshot is that I won't be posting on Facebook or Instagram for the foreseeable future. (I would say never, but trying to get rid of those accounts made breaking into Fort Knox look like a walk in the park).

But I'll still be posting here on BoundingSquirrel (and probably more often, now that a huge amount of stress around it has lifted).

If you want to keep following...

Sooo, if you want to keep following (and yes, of course, in fairness, this is a great opportunity for you to assess that as well) then please click on this link and sign-up

With luck, this blog will be back to the kind of, "peep into my sketchbook," calm that it always used to have.

Thanks so much for reading this

Take care, and more soon.

Friday 4 November 2022

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...A Great Debate?

Hello there. 

And as you an probably tell from the distinctly festive picture below, it's that time of year again.

No, not the time of year for Christmas itself, but the *contentious * time of year. That time of year in which the super-organised (I salute you, really I do) have all their lists under control, and are champing at the bit to begin, or even to finish, their Christmas shopping...And the rest of us...aren't.

So, you may be thinking, as someone who clearly identifies with the second group, why oh why would I be peppering this post with images of new Christmas card early November? Have I turned into an ultra-cynical marketer? (Before we go anywhere else on this, let me say to that last one, I so very much hope not).

I certainly always used to be the sort of person who never thought about Christmas at all until December 1st. That was, in part, a bid to keep things feeling seasonal special (if you know anything about me from the BoundingSquirrel Blog, it is, after all, that I love a bit of seasonally-appropriate art, and actually, historically anyway, have found it really difficult to create items which feel seasonally different to the prevailing vibe around me).

Am also very aware that lots of people celebrate wholly other festivals, or prefer to lead a celebratory life day-by-day, rather than one centred around any festivals at all.

Why think about Christmas now?

This though, is a distinct disadvantage to being a designer who puts Christmas off, in a world in which:

 a) The aforementioned wonderously-organised people also live,

 b)  The design industry routinely asks people to design for Christmas in July, if not earlier (there is documentary footage from a "How do they make that" type of TV programme that was on last year here in the UK,  showing the people in the Woodmansterne factory doing just that...I salute them, too), 

c) Department stores open their Christmas shops in September,

d) People may need to order by post (as with print-on-demand cards from Zazzle) and supply chains and postal services across the globe are are, shall we say, not as robust as they used to be, and

e) Anyone making cards to sell (which you can absolutely do if you print out the card sheets sold in my Craftsuprint shop, by the way) needs time to make and sell them before Christmas,

f) Shopping earlier can often be cheaper, 

g) I've experienced people saying, "I would love to have bought your cards, but they came out too late for this year," one too many times., and...

h) Above all, Christmas is supposed to be about peace, love and joy, and having any excuse to spread those around can never be a bad thing, can it?

A peaceful solution

So, in the interests of bringing some of that peace to this great debate (OK, I know it's a minor one really, but let's start somewhere, hey?) I propose a solution as follows.

I make this one post now, so that all you lovely, wonderously-organised people know that you can find all these cards to customise here, and to make from sheets you print out, here

And then...

Picture of the 14 illustrated watercolour Christmas card sheets, backgrounds, embellishment and verse sheets that make up this mix 'n match kit.
*Starry Christmas* Mix and Match Christmas Bumper Kit

And then, though I might reference the upcoming season or post some pics about new designs that happen to be on the drawing board (after all, it's good to share excitement and joy, right?) I'll do my best to ensure that the blog posts talk about lots of other lovely things instead.

Update November 10th 2022: It turns out that quite a lot of people who like it here are wanting Christmas designs right now. Which is something of a relief, as that's most of that which I'm working on at the memoment.

So, I'll be posting simply that which I've done and is there to be shared, from now on, if that's OK with you.

More soon.

PS. Thanks also for reading down this far!

Thursday 27 October 2022

Free Happy Halloween Gif (and a Sale...)

Hello there.

Now, before I go any further with this post, if you are scared of spiders, please know that, I am as well.

Which made it both bizarre even to have *had* the idea for the Halloween gif below, and essential that the spider therein be the cutest and most smiley, goggley-eyed creature I could muster.

A spider appears and disappears ina web against an orange background, with a Happy Halloween message in a scary font appearing and disappearing as well.
Click, right, click or tap here to download and use this gif if you wish

I hope therefore, that everyone can enjoy this gif, however they feel about spiders (please do download and use this image if you'd like, ready for 31st.). Alternatively, there is also a Halloween, "Friendly Ghost," gif from a previous year here. (Terms of use for all my freebies are here).

Nothing spooky about this sale, though...

In other news, I just wanted to let you know that *all* the printables in my Craftsuprint shop (over 450 of them, now) are on sale from today 28th October to the 31st October 2022. This is the last full sale of these that I plan to run before Christmas, so it's a great time to stock up on any printable sheets you've had your eye on.

Here's the link to the shop again:

Equally, if you're reading this after Oct 31at 2022, the sale will be over. The link will still point to shop goodies though :-).

And with all of that said, it's time just to wish you a lovely weekend (or day, if you're reading this later).

Friday 21 October 2022

An "Autumn Bounty" Thank You Design...

          A picture showin how the "Autumn bounty card would look made up as a thank you card. The card features a watercolour leaf arragement on the front, and rich autumnal reds, golds and oranges.

Hello there and hope you've had a good week.

I'm posting this later than I'd like, for reasons to do with minor home improvements that *finally* finished today and will leave us better-prepared for winter...Yay!

So there was time after all for this week's card sheets, which are perfect for this season, and all designed on the theme of rich autumn or fall colours, autumnal bounty, falling leaves, and the idea of thanks and thankfulness. (They should all be available in my Craftsuprint shop by the time you read this).

Because, whatever is going on in the world at large, it would be pretty difficult to feel anything but thankful for some of the beautiful, golden-washed scenes the Computer Man and I have been lucky enough to enjoy and capture this year...and whose colours were a *big* inspiration behind today's sheets.

Like this shot of a pergola in Southwark Park...

A photo of red and green autumnal leaves over a pergola in Southwark Park, London.

Or the changing colours in the lesser-known little gem that is Downhills Park...

Photo of trees i9n Downhills Park, each in a different shade of autumn colour.

We've been so spectacularly lucky with the conditions this autumn, that even our neighbour's rosebush has come over the wall and got in on the act. (Who knew that roses could make an *autumnal* spectacle too?...Maybe everyone but me ;-) )...

A photo of a rosebush with golden leaves

I guess the point is, whatever's going on in this particularly crazy world in which we seem to be living right now, beauty and nature are constants, and whatever else is also true, I'm so, so, grateful for that colour, beauty and joy.

Friday 14 October 2022

A Cute Halloween Cat for the Spooky Season...

Hello there, and I hope all's great with you.

Every year, around the Halloween season, I face the same dilemma. Pictures, card sheets and products for it are supposed to be spooky. And yet, "spooky," isn't my natural stamping ground, whereas "cute and whimsical," ideas come more naturally.

A smiling illustrated black cat against an orange background.
Halloween Black Cat image by Clare Walker
Click here to see it on stickers at Redbubble.

So am hoping that this Halloween cat can cover both bases, and be useful to you this Halloween season, whether you need him for crafting and card sheet purposes, or on some ready-made stickers and other goodies.
A hand crafted black cat halloween card in several layers
Halloween Black Cat Design by Clare Walker,
Papercrafting and photo by Marion Kimberley-Scott

Once again, the wonderful Marion Kimberley-Scott has demonstrated far better than I ever could, the wonders you can make if you choose this cat as a printable card sheet (see the pictures above and below). Thanks so much, Marion (and for the permission to use your pics)..

And with that, will just wish you a happy weekend (or day, depending on when you're reading this.

More soon.

Friday 7 October 2022

Rebelle 5 Initial Review, and Cosmos in a Field...

Hello there and I hope you're  doing well, wherever and however you find yourself today.

Update on Oct 14th: This post originally referred to a Rebelle 5 sale, through which I bought Rebelle 5, but which  has now closed.

The review, the resulting picture, and that which the picture became, still hold good, though. :-)

Digital pen and wash painting of cosmo flowers wafting happily in a summer field.
Cosmo Flowers in a Field, by Clare Walker, BoundingSquirrel.Com.
Digital Watercolour in Rebelle 5.

This is in no way a full review,  (just an initial one) as this is my first outing with Rebelle 5. But the painting above took only about two-and-a-half-hours (and that's including watching an introduction video or two and getting re-acquainted with the user interface). My first thoughts from all that are:

-It is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

-Unlike other apps and software, it seems to focus primarily on bringing the feeling of using "traditional supplies," to the digital user.

-I loved the mixing possibilities, and the huuuuuge sizes and resolutions at which it seems Rebelle 5 can now export files (all whilst keeping a painterly look and not having to vectorise them-that's a big plus).

-The real paint granulation, textures, splatters and paper textures are incredibly authentic. (I admit it, I squealed with joy when I saw some of them in action...). You don't even need to take my word for this, as the effects are right there in the painting above.

On the other hand...

Should probably also add that I'm probably now ready for Rebelle in a way that I wasn't when testing it for the first time. I'm using a faster computer, and a small Wacom tablet, for one thing. 

But more importantly, I now have a lot more experience and practice in traditional watercolour than I did then. And I think that that experience really helped me to "hit the ground running," this time.

There's more...

Rebelle 5 also includes lots and lots of brushes and tools that aren't watercolour, such as digital acrylics, which do look great fun to try (and would probably put me off with their messiness in a traditional art context...I may be the only art person anyone knows who *hates* the feeling of extreme gunk on their hands...:-) ).

It looks like it's going to be a fun winter of digital painting ahead around these parts. :-) :-) :-).


One person who has already visited the shop for these is the wonderful Marion Kimberly-Scott, whose lovely pic of the cards she made as a result are is featured below, with her permission, and my grateful thanks.

Photo o a hand nade card featuring pink cosmo flowers in several  layers.
Card made by Marion Kimberly Scott
from a design by Clare Walker.
 (Photo used by kind permission of Marion also)

Take care, and more soon.

Friday 30 September 2022

A New Thistle Painting and Card Front...

Hello there, and hope all is safe and well wherever you are when you're reading this.

It turns out that thistles (yup, those spiky plants) are deeply satisfying to draw, and come in the prettiest shades of purple and sage green, too.

Digital line and wash sketch of a purple thistle.

The original digital watercolour was hand drawn and painted with a graphics pen.

And swiftly found its way into being a great card front for St Andrew's day, thistle-themed weddings, and all things Scottish.

A card design featuring a purple thistle illustration and purple tartan trimming
Purple Thistle printable card front-click here for info

And whatever you're up to this week, have a good one.

Monday 26 September 2022

Free October Pumpkin Illustration, And Some News...

October in pen and wash with the second O being a large orange pumpkin and the border one of rectangular autumnal leaves and berries, all set against a pale creamy yellow wash background, dotted with small gold gel pen polka dots.
Click, tap or right-click here to download this illustration

Hello there

Yes, it's early in the week again, but thought you would appreciate having chance to see (and download, if you'd like), the free illustration for October.

About this image: The end of a series

The original image was a sketch in Inktense paint pans and pen, (finished with gold gel pen dots) which I then scanned into the computer, and boosted a little in Photoshop, so that it got back to its pre-scanning brightness.

More importantly though, image is a landmark in that it's also the end of a series. Over the last year or so, I have created at least one free illustration for each of the months (sometimes more than one) and also for other events,  most recently, the Equinox.

With this October drawing, this "seasonal," set of illustrations feels complete, at least for now. The free seasonal illustrations will all stay here as long as the blog does. I have no plans to move them, and you're absolutely welcome to use them (as set out in my angel policy) for as long as I can foresee when writing this.

What's next?

Moving forward, am feeling a real pull to take this blog back to its roots. I used to post simply whenever there was something I really wanted to share with you (which often meant that I posted more than I do now, rather than less). I really want to go back to posting in this way, rather than on a schedule, that can end up feeling a bit forced for all of us.

I also used to post art (like the pic below) related to my participating in online challenges, and I may do that again too.

Hand lettered black Yay has hearts along each black line, on a vibrant, rainbow-airbrushed background.
"Yay!" One of my "Art Every Day Month"
images from November 2019

Honestly, it isn't all worked out yet...I just know I need to go back to the simplicity and joy of sharing work I enjoyed, along with the story of how it came be, and where it has ended up (be that a commercial design, or someone else simply enjoying it in their hands, or showing of what they've made based upon my design).

In this digital art piece, it is evening/nighttime, and a woman in white bridge, looking at a man with a lantern in a  rowing boat below her.
One of my first pieces of digital art,
from exactly 10 years ago-along with its story, here.

Honestly, there may also be more "how to", posts, because if I can learn to do this, really *anyone* who feels they really want to, can do it too, and I'd love more people to be able to experience the kind of joy that the last 10 years or so of art have brought me, for themselves.

There are also likely to be more (fun!) experiments as I love to share and try new things, and it keeps the energy high. Am thinking of things like this quiz, for instance...

Four bright feathers-each drawn in a different way. They link to a quiz...
Click here for the quiz...

What will the blog be like now?

Blogs at their best always feel to me like a cosy place in which stories like this can be shared, much more easily  than they can on other social media. (Which, I have to be honest, am using less and less. Please sign up here so that you always get to hear about my blog posts, if you currently follow me mostly on other social media).

So it feels as if  what's coming is that this can be a space of joy for all of us, rather than posting-or-reading-just-because-it's-Friday.

Will there still be freebies?

One thing you can be pretty confident about is that there will still be freebies. I've offered them whenever I can for the entire ten-years-plus of this blog, and I can't see that changing.

Most of all though...

Thank you *so much* for being here, for reading down this far, and for sticking around. It means a lot.

Watch out for new beginnings...soon...

Tuesday 20 September 2022

Equinox Spinning Globe Animated Gif

This image shows the handlettered word Equinox, the "O" of which is a spinning cartoon-style globe, with blue seas and the land in green
Click here to get this image without the watermark

Hello there, and hope all's well with you today.

Yes, I know it's extremely early in the week for me to be in touch. 

But it's September 20th already, so thought you might like this image to use in your projects or posts.

Researching the matter a bit more, it turns out that the Equinox this month seems to be taking place later than usual...Reports vary, and some even put the actual moment of Equilux (equal day and night around the globe) as late as Sept. 23rd, or even 25th. Can  you tell I'm not an astronomer :-) ?


What if you don't want to use it signed/watermarked?

If  you'd like to use it without the "BoundingSquirrel" signature, please consider  get it here. I've specifically designed it so that it's relevant for any Equinox, and as I type this, you can click here to grab it for an experimental pay-what-you-want price (including free).

That's all for now, but thanks so much for dropping by, and more soon.

Friday 16 September 2022

A Splooting Squirrel "Take It Easy" Gif...

Animated gi sequence shows a cartoon squirrel splooting (ie lying relaxed and stretched full out in a tree, as the hand-written text take it easy gradually appears.
 Download this squirrel gif here if you wish

Hello there.

What a week. Don't know about you, but I'm left baffled and wondering about so many things this week.

Without boring you with any of them, it also meant that when this squirrelly figure and his or her most important message demanded to be drawn, I was more than willing.

For one thing, when would I not draw a squirrel? (This is "BoundingSquirrel.Com after all. And there's not easier way to cheer up-IMHO (!)-than by drawing a squirrel).

For another, am just feeling a tad exhausted (we also received sad news about a friend's death on a personal and *not* global level this week) and really needed the reminder to take things easy. 

There's a lot "in the air" right now for all of us, whether you're feeling it personally or not. So maybe am not the only one.

But I still haven't answered your most important question, have I? Which is probably...

What the heck is "splooting", anyway?

Splooting (don't you just love the word, without more?) it turns out, is the name for that posture that squirrels (and other furry mammals) do when they lead to lose maximum heat on a hot day, and so lie flat and stretched out with their bellies against the coldest surface they can find.

By doing this, they lose heat from the maximum surface area they can in the shortest time, apparently. (And in the most comfortable, and most exertion-free way too, am guessing).

It seems that the original name for this was "heat-dumping,". But there's no contest between the two, is there? "Splooting," just describes the posture so well, and almost viscerally.


So that's the week in a nutshell, folks (sorry, couldn't resist the pun). Please *do* take this as you permission slip (if you need one) to take things easy as well.

And feel free to download and share the gif with anyone else you think might like or appreciate it.

Take care, and more soon.

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Friday 9 September 2022

Quick Sketch of a Corgi

Hello there

It's Friday, but very hard to know what, if anything, to post on a day like this. 

Here in London, the atmosphere is so...quiet.

Whatever a person's opinion about royalty as a concept, anyone who spent 70 years  opening hospitals and listening to pontificating politicians at dull dinners,  deserves at least a nod, and thanks for their service.

That got me to thinking about, by contrast, how important and enjoyable her corgis might have been for her. 

So, in very much a change to the post I was planning this week, here's a digital line and wash painting of a corgi. It was a quick affair, this morning, obviously,  in Krita.

Quick corgi sketch-download here

 But I hope it makes you smile. And feel free to use it if you need it in a project, either now, or later.

Wednesday 31 August 2022

Free September Illustration/ Clip Art Graphic To Download

Hello there.

I know this is a little early for the week, but wanted you to have it promptly, so that you can actually use it in September projects, newsletters and whatever else. 

LIne and wash digital watercolour showing the word September against a background of autumnal splashes. Most of the worsd September is drawn in wooden pieces and adorned with berries. The S, though is the tail of a squirrel, who is enjoying the bounty.
Free "September" Illustration by Clare Walker
Right click, click or tap here to download.

As with all my freebies, it's my own illustration (in Krita 5 digital watercolour in this case) and you're free to download and use this in any way you like as long as you don't sell it as is or claim it as your own (copyright stays with me). Right-click on the image and save (or tap and save, depending on your device) to download it.

Have fun with this-more soon.


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Friday 26 August 2022

A Falling Leaf Freebie for You...

Hello there, and as ever, I hope you've had a great week, and are thriving.

Without more ado, let me present to you, as promised, your "falling leaf printable background," freebie...

Illustrated falling watercolour/watercolor leaves against a golden background
Click, right-click or tap here to download.

As ever, copyright here remains with me, but you're welcome to use this in any way that fits with my angel policy.

If you're into watching demos, there's also a recording showing how this pattern came to be. I've just uploaded it to YouTube-(this link should now take you straight to it. ) At the very least, the comedy of errors that went into its making might give you a laugh...There are reasons why I make so few videos...:-) ).

And other than that, the entirety of everything have been up to this week is simmer school learning on patterns, designs, and a whole host of related things. (Am not sure it was entirely sensible to jam in four classes in 10 days, but somehow it worked).

The upshot of all this for you will be brighter and clearer patterns and designs, am hoping. Watch this space.

In the meantime, enjoy your freebie, and if you know anyone who'd like it, please share the link to this page too (many thanks!).

And above all, have a lovely weekend (and an extended one, if it's Bank Holiday on Monday for you too).

So many thanks for reading down this far, and there'll be...

More soon.

P.S. I forgot when first posting here (duh!) but there's a 20% discount on all my card making and craft backgrounds this weekend (ends Monday 29th August 2022 at midnight BST) over at my Craftsuprint shop. If the sale has gone when you read this, Craftsuprint's prices are still ultra-competitive all-year-round.

Thursday 18 August 2022

Celebrating Pink Lilies and More...

Square greeting card design featuring bright pink  watercolour pink lilies and alyered card, paper and pattern effects behind the main graphic.
Pink Lilies, by Clare Walker. Available on Craftsuprint.Com

Hello there, and hope all is well and thriving in your world, despite these crazy times.

In these parts, the week saw plenty to celebrate. I'd like to say that the biggest celebration was getting the card kit completed for the yummy pink lilies you see in the picture above. And, to be fair, I am a little bit in love with the kit, the watercolouring of pink flowers being one of my favourite things in life. 

Am also happy that have  managed to jam in verses, a background, loads of layers and a gift tag, as well as the main card, into the kit and still keep it a manageable size for you to download.

The kit has its origins in a private ecard, which am relieved to know the recipient loved. So it felt only right to offer it on a bigger basis to you as well.

But, there was *rain*

Yeah, I'd *like* to say that all of that was the biggest thing we celebrated this week, but that wouldn't strictly be true. Because, (drum roll) we had *rain* here, people. After seven weeks without any meaningful rain (which normally just doesn't happen in the UK) we've had three days of proper rain here.

I would include a picture here of my face as I stuck my head  out into the rain to enjoy it, honestly I would. It just felt like pure joy...a primal moment, when the force of the heat giving way to the rain. I wish the same for you with all speed, if that's what you're needing in your part of the world too.

I *would* include such a picture, but luckily, none were taken ;-). However, I can include a picture of our resident snail, who hadn' t budged from his post on our window frame for two months...until stretching out luxuriantly yesterday...

Photo of a snail stretched out on a window pane.
Snail photo by Jim Fernbank

And for anyone not into snails, can I report that they may have been given a bad press? Despite having not eaten or budged for eight weeks, the snail in this picture had a first meal of *dead* leaves, not green ones...And continues to prefer dead leaves to green ones, as far as we can tell. 


But I grant you, it *is* a long way from snails to luscious pink lilies. So I'll leave you with a picture of the full, "Pink Lilies" downloadable  kit (which you can read more about and buy by clicking or tapping on this link).

Picture of the contents of the Pink lilies downloadable mini kit (5 sheets in total)
Pink Lilies Downloadable card making Kit. Click here to find out more.

And of course, am wishing  you a very lovely weekend indeed.

More soon.

P.S. and update on August 26th 2022: Marion Kimberley-Scott has been busy again, this time with a lovely make of this "lilies" kit.

Photo by Marion Kimberley-Scott of her make of the Pink Lilies Mini Kit by Clare Walker, on Craftsuprint
Photo and make by Marion Kimberley-Scott

Photo by Marion Kimberley-Scott of the interior her make of the Pink Lilies Mini Kit by Clare Walker, on Craftsuprint
Photo and make by Marion Kimberley-Scott