Friday 21 October 2022

An "Autumn Bounty" Thank You Design...

          A picture showin how the "Autumn bounty card would look made up as a thank you card. The card features a watercolour leaf arragement on the front, and rich autumnal reds, golds and oranges.

Hello there and hope you've had a good week.

I'm posting this later than I'd like, for reasons to do with minor home improvements that *finally* finished today and will leave us better-prepared for winter...Yay!

So there was time after all for this week's card sheets, which are perfect for this season, and all designed on the theme of rich autumn or fall colours, autumnal bounty, falling leaves, and the idea of thanks and thankfulness. (They should all be available in my Craftsuprint shop by the time you read this).

Because, whatever is going on in the world at large, it would be pretty difficult to feel anything but thankful for some of the beautiful, golden-washed scenes the Computer Man and I have been lucky enough to enjoy and capture this year...and whose colours were a *big* inspiration behind today's sheets.

Like this shot of a pergola in Southwark Park...

A photo of red and green autumnal leaves over a pergola in Southwark Park, London.

Or the changing colours in the lesser-known little gem that is Downhills Park...

Photo of trees i9n Downhills Park, each in a different shade of autumn colour.

We've been so spectacularly lucky with the conditions this autumn, that even our neighbour's rosebush has come over the wall and got in on the act. (Who knew that roses could make an *autumnal* spectacle too?...Maybe everyone but me ;-) )...

A photo of a rosebush with golden leaves

I guess the point is, whatever's going on in this particularly crazy world in which we seem to be living right now, beauty and nature are constants, and whatever else is also true, I'm so, so, grateful for that colour, beauty and joy.