Friday 4 November 2022

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...A Great Debate?

Hello there. 

And as you an probably tell from the distinctly festive picture below, it's that time of year again.

No, not the time of year for Christmas itself, but the *contentious * time of year. That time of year in which the super-organised (I salute you, really I do) have all their lists under control, and are champing at the bit to begin, or even to finish, their Christmas shopping...And the rest of us...aren't.

So, you may be thinking, as someone who clearly identifies with the second group, why oh why would I be peppering this post with images of new Christmas card early November? Have I turned into an ultra-cynical marketer? (Before we go anywhere else on this, let me say to that last one, I so very much hope not).

I certainly always used to be the sort of person who never thought about Christmas at all until December 1st. That was, in part, a bid to keep things feeling seasonal special (if you know anything about me from the BoundingSquirrel Blog, it is, after all, that I love a bit of seasonally-appropriate art, and actually, historically anyway, have found it really difficult to create items which feel seasonally different to the prevailing vibe around me).

Am also very aware that lots of people celebrate wholly other festivals, or prefer to lead a celebratory life day-by-day, rather than one centred around any festivals at all.

Why think about Christmas now?

This though, is a distinct disadvantage to being a designer who puts Christmas off, in a world in which:

 a) The aforementioned wonderously-organised people also live,

 b)  The design industry routinely asks people to design for Christmas in July, if not earlier (there is documentary footage from a "How do they make that" type of TV programme that was on last year here in the UK,  showing the people in the Woodmansterne factory doing just that...I salute them, too), 

c) Department stores open their Christmas shops in September,

d) People may need to order by post (as with print-on-demand cards from Zazzle) and supply chains and postal services across the globe are are, shall we say, not as robust as they used to be, and

e) Anyone making cards to sell (which you can absolutely do if you print out the card sheets sold in my Craftsuprint shop, by the way) needs time to make and sell them before Christmas,

f) Shopping earlier can often be cheaper, 

g) I've experienced people saying, "I would love to have bought your cards, but they came out too late for this year," one too many times., and...

h) Above all, Christmas is supposed to be about peace, love and joy, and having any excuse to spread those around can never be a bad thing, can it?

A peaceful solution

So, in the interests of bringing some of that peace to this great debate (OK, I know it's a minor one really, but let's start somewhere, hey?) I propose a solution as follows.

I make this one post now, so that all you lovely, wonderously-organised people know that you can find all these cards to customise here, and to make from sheets you print out, here

And then...

Picture of the 14 illustrated watercolour Christmas card sheets, backgrounds, embellishment and verse sheets that make up this mix 'n match kit.
*Starry Christmas* Mix and Match Christmas Bumper Kit

And then, though I might reference the upcoming season or post some pics about new designs that happen to be on the drawing board (after all, it's good to share excitement and joy, right?) I'll do my best to ensure that the blog posts talk about lots of other lovely things instead.

Update November 10th 2022: It turns out that quite a lot of people who like it here are wanting Christmas designs right now. Which is something of a relief, as that's most of that which I'm working on at the memoment.

So, I'll be posting simply that which I've done and is there to be shared, from now on, if that's OK with you.

More soon.

PS. Thanks also for reading down this far!