Tuesday 20 September 2022

Equinox Spinning Globe Animated Gif

This image shows the handlettered word Equinox, the "O" of which is a spinning cartoon-style globe, with blue seas and the land in green
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Hello there, and hope all's well with you today.

Yes, I know it's extremely early in the week for me to be in touch. 

But it's September 20th already, so thought you might like this image to use in your projects or posts.

Researching the matter a bit more, it turns out that the Equinox this month seems to be taking place later than usual...Reports vary, and some even put the actual moment of Equilux (equal day and night around the globe) as late as Sept. 23rd, or even 25th. Can  you tell I'm not an astronomer :-) ?


What if you don't want to use it signed/watermarked?

If  you'd like to use it without the "BoundingSquirrel" signature, please consider  get it here. I've specifically designed it so that it's relevant for any Equinox, and as I type this, you can click here to grab it for an experimental pay-what-you-want price (including free).

That's all for now, but thanks so much for dropping by, and more soon.