Friday 16 September 2022

A Splooting Squirrel "Take It Easy" Gif...

Animated gi sequence shows a cartoon squirrel splooting (ie lying relaxed and stretched full out in a tree, as the hand-written text take it easy gradually appears.
 Download this squirrel gif here if you wish

Hello there.

What a week. Don't know about you, but I'm left baffled and wondering about so many things this week.

Without boring you with any of them, it also meant that when this squirrelly figure and his or her most important message demanded to be drawn, I was more than willing.

For one thing, when would I not draw a squirrel? (This is "BoundingSquirrel.Com after all. And there's not easier way to cheer up-IMHO (!)-than by drawing a squirrel).

For another, am just feeling a tad exhausted (we also received sad news about a friend's death on a personal and *not* global level this week) and really needed the reminder to take things easy. 

There's a lot "in the air" right now for all of us, whether you're feeling it personally or not. So maybe am not the only one.

But I still haven't answered your most important question, have I? Which is probably...

What the heck is "splooting", anyway?

Splooting (don't you just love the word, without more?) it turns out, is the name for that posture that squirrels (and other furry mammals) do when they lead to lose maximum heat on a hot day, and so lie flat and stretched out with their bellies against the coldest surface they can find.

By doing this, they lose heat from the maximum surface area they can in the shortest time, apparently. (And in the most comfortable, and most exertion-free way too, am guessing).

It seems that the original name for this was "heat-dumping,". But there's no contest between the two, is there? "Splooting," just describes the posture so well, and almost viscerally.


So that's the week in a nutshell, folks (sorry, couldn't resist the pun). Please *do* take this as you permission slip (if you need one) to take things easy as well.

And feel free to download and share the gif with anyone else you think might like or appreciate it.

Take care, and more soon.

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