Friday 9 September 2022

Quick Sketch of a Corgi

Hello there

It's Friday, but very hard to know what, if anything, to post on a day like this. 

Here in London, the atmosphere is so...quiet.

Whatever a person's opinion about royalty as a concept, anyone who spent 70 years  opening hospitals and listening to pontificating politicians at dull dinners,  deserves at least a nod, and thanks for their service.

That got me to thinking about, by contrast, how important and enjoyable her corgis might have been for her. 

So, in very much a change to the post I was planning this week, here's a digital line and wash painting of a corgi. It was a quick affair, this morning, obviously,  in Krita.

Quick corgi sketch-download here

 But I hope it makes you smile. And feel free to use it if you need it in a project, either now, or later.