Saturday, 29 September 2012

Romeo & Juliet, Anyone?

 Romeo and Juliet Digital Art

(A much more formal theme than I'd intended!)

Sell Art OnlineTerrified, I've decided to post a piece of digital art "proper" here. The kind of thing I've never shown to anyone. And even more terrifyingly, the file size turned out so huge, I've had to put it on Redbubble (ie technically up for sale), so that it can display well and still get stored. Aaargh.

BTW, I didn't set out to do a high-flown theme. This piece is pure photomanipulation of four photos I took on four totally separate occasions...They just merged into this somehow.

Whatever you think is fine. (The Computer Man just said, "Well I hate all art...don't ask me...:-)". So really-anything goes...

Update: This picture is now available as a free e-card:

Free-e-card: Juliet Stands on a bridge in the pink/purple light, waiting for her Romeo in a boat below