Friday 19 October 2012

A Digitally Creative Experiment

I'm setting up an experiment  to answer two simple questions. Is it possible to earn a living as a digital creative 100% online, and if so, how? If you love writing, creating digital art, sounds, video, or other gizmos, but are wondering how the heck any of this enormous fun can give out to the world *and* support a decent lifestyle for its creator, then please follow this blog.

Why online? There are many reasons, which I'm bound to share over the course of time. First up is our plan to move. This is no mean feat in London. And it's funny how greater online income suddenly makes a lot of  sense when your home base needs to change.

My promise to you with this experiment, though,  is that I will hold nothing back, good or bad, inner or outer. Everything that happens will be here, recorded as faithfully and honestly as possible.

Spotted this pink clematis flower in the neighbourhood this week and feel a bit like it...Frayed at the edges after the last few months, but still ready to put some verve into the world.

Why now?

If you've been following BoundingSquirrel for any length of time you'll know that digital art came as a shock to me.

But in truth,  I'd been putting out other creative ideas (albeit timidly) for years. I'd even kept my old name long after I was married, because of the book and meditations I'd created. Running a coaching and meditation business for 14 years was fabulous, and I got great feedback. During that time though, creativity (plus time with my patient husband, The Computer Man who also keeps my digital life running) got squeezed.

So the economic clouds have a silver lining. It's the perfect time for each of us to use *all* of our talents to the max, and to share anything that works with everyone who may need it.

So, most of all, I'm writing this because something in my gut tells me that digital creativity is the way forward for many of us. The internet is the ultimate environmentally friendly equal-access meeting place and marketplace. So let's get this party started! Please leave me a comment-tell me what you think about digital creativity and whether (or not) you think this crazy idea will work.