Friday 28 May 2021

These Are Free Rainbow Gif Arrows (And I Need Your Help, Please)

A  right-pointing arrow gig image, flashing in turn through a rainbow of colours...

Hello there! I hope this post finds you thriving. Us too, though we're in the middle of a blog revamp here.

This pretty little rainbow arrow gif is  free for you to download and use (credit and link back are always appreciated, but never required). As ever, just right-click, click  or tap on it to make that happen.

But this time...

The arrows have an important purpose too.

With a huge thank you to my  computer whiz hubbie for providing me with lovely code that will just point you to my social media accounts and nothing else, I have a favour to ask of you, please.

The arrows are here as a reminder that you can find out about new posts on my social media accounts too. They're pointing to the right if you're on a PC or laptop, but could equally be pointing to the bottom of the page for mobile us (yes, we're making it easier in the revamp, please bear with us).

Not on social media?

(And if you're not on social media, or just prefer to get emails about updates, please subscribe to Bounding Squirrel on the Bloglovin network).

This is extra important just in case you're still getting emails about blog updates from the old Feedburner service. I don't think anyone is, as I started changing this, literally years ago and think everyone has changed options already.

But just in case, am letting you know, because Google are switching off key parts of that service. So if you'd like to keep following posts, please do join Bloglovin (it's free) and/or follow us on social media.

Many thanks!

And now, for something completely different...

After such an uncommonly techy email, it's probably best to leave you with something that's altogether quieter, calmer, but also available for you to use as a free image if you'd like. 

And this free rose PNG clipart file is  also a hint about things to come.  Update June 10th: The Sketchy Roses Collection has now been released. Click or tap here for more info...

Free pink rosebud png clip art image in pen and wash

(The rose isn't yet involved in any design at Craftsuprint, but everything of mine there is on  20% discount until the end of Bank Holiday Monday (May 31st 2021).  If you love to craft with nice images, do have a look if you can).

On that note, will leave you guessing, but thanks so much for reading down so far in a post like this, and have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 20 May 2021

Free Inspiring Quote Image and Ecard: You Can Do This...

Let's face it, life continues to be various kinds of weird for a lot of people at the moment. Which (maybe) is why this illustration popped into my head. This woman *is* managing to balance her strange and heavy load at the moment. Maybe the message, "You Can Do This..." that goes with it *is* all she needs.

This illustration shows a woman carrying a srange and heavy load and says "You Can Do It"
If you know someone who would appreciate this, it's fine to tap, click or right-click (according to your device) on the image on the left and send it to them. Please leave the web address and signature on it, though.


Also, if you'd rather send them something more physical (or have some encouragement yourself), I have greeting cards, magnets, badges and more that carry the same message, available on Redbubble.

(You can see what some of them look like in the images below).

Buy on a tote bag here

You Can Do This sticker
Buy as a sticker here

You Can Do Tis Greeting Card Image
Buy on a greeting card here

And whatever you do or don't do, remember that you too can do whatever is in front of you. And that, better yet, you have the power to let other people know that they can, too.

Hope this helps anyone who needs it. More soon!

Monday 17 May 2021

New Painting: Peaceful Willow Tree

Digital painting of a weeping willow by a river, with a duck.

Hello there. Hope you're doing well out there in your corner of the world. 

And if you're surprised to see the style of this painting, I'll let you into a secret...So am I.

If you've followed along for any length of time, you'll know that I do little digi and traditional watercolours, right?

And definitely not landscapes of any kind.

And yet, and yet, all of this changed, in trying out my new Luminance digital painting program from Pixarra. (That's not an affiliate link, BTW. Am just really impressed with the app so far).

It's so new to me that have not even had time to review it properly.

But if it helps in creating "places," that feel as peaceful as the underneath of that willow tree...You might be seeing quite a bit more painted with it.

Many thanks and more soon.

PS. You might know this already, but you can stay in touch with BoundingSquirrel on Facebook and Twitter

Friday 14 May 2021

New Elephant Cartoon-And a "Creative Block" Solution...

Hello there. Hope everything is going well for you. And that you've had a smooth and peaceful week.

If, like me though, you've had things turn out now quite as you'd hoped, and a little trip into Creative Block Land, then am going to share a tool I found that may help, and the story of how it helped me.

Which, believe it or not, is linked to this new elephant cartoon:

A funny cartoon in which a lady who has adopted an elephant actually has to take delivery of it...

There I was, frustrated by project roadblocks, and feeling distinctly un-creative. (Which, thank goodness, is rare for me...but all the scarier therefore, when it strikes).

"What I need," I thought, "is a way of breaking old patterns, and creating new ones..."

And somehow, from that, the almost-magical discovery of the random word generator at, wait for it,

At random, the generator presented me with five words. One of which was, "adoption". Which got me to think about those, "adopt an animal and get a cuddly toy and progress report," schemes run by animal charities...

Which led me to wonder what it would be like if a person ended up with more than they'd expected...And hence the cartoon.

Hope this has give you a laugh, and/or, an idea to try next time you need your mind to break free.

Have a lovely weekend. More soon.

Friday 7 May 2021

New "Bowls Superleague" Cartoon

Hello there. It's been a while since I posted a cartoon, but this week has been full of them. Now that at least one has been received (with joy, it seems...phew!) I can post it here.

A cartoon in which bowls club members appear tohave adopted an idea similar to the football superleague...
As this was a "custom-designed" card, it may take more explaining than your average cartoon. Basically, the recipient is a fan of both bowls and football (soccer if you're reading this in the US). 

Other salient points that might or might not need a similar explanation: 1) The bowls season has just started in the UK, and 2) There have been recent (unsuccessful) attempts to set up a football super league, involving eye-watering amounts of money, and no-one ever having to leave the league, no matter how badly they play.

So I started thinking about what would happen in a parallel universe, if those two things combined...

Anyway, if you know anyone who likes bowls or football, please feel free to share this with them if you'd like.

But the next project is different

The next project I'm working on should take much less explaining, and I'll be revealing it next week. I know that all the lovely people who read this blog (thank you!) come for different reasons. But I know that you also often like new designs, cartoons,  and/or items that you can use in your own projects.

As the next project combines both of these things, I'm hopeful (and hoping) that you'll love it.

I'll see you next week with that. 
Update May 12th: The next project has hit various snags. But I'll still be posting the art that is ready for you to enjoy. More soon!

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