Thursday 20 May 2021

Free Inspiring Quote Image and Ecard: You Can Do This...

Let's face it, life continues to be various kinds of weird for a lot of people at the moment. Which (maybe) is why this illustration popped into my head. This woman *is* managing to balance her strange and heavy load at the moment. Maybe the message, "You Can Do This..." that goes with it *is* all she needs.

This illustration shows a woman carrying a srange and heavy load and says "You Can Do It"
If you know someone who would appreciate this, it's fine to tap, click or right-click (according to your device) on the image on the left and send it to them. Please leave the web address and signature on it, though.


Also, if you'd rather send them something more physical (or have some encouragement yourself), I have greeting cards, magnets, badges and more that carry the same message, available on Redbubble.

(You can see what some of them look like in the images below).

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You Can Do This sticker
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You Can Do Tis Greeting Card Image
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And whatever you do or don't do, remember that you too can do whatever is in front of you. And that, better yet, you have the power to let other people know that they can, too.

Hope this helps anyone who needs it. More soon!