Friday 28 May 2021

These Are Free Rainbow Gif Arrows (And I Need Your Help, Please)

A  right-pointing arrow gig image, flashing in turn through a rainbow of colours...

Hello there! I hope this post finds you thriving. Us too, though we're in the middle of a blog revamp here.

This pretty little rainbow arrow gif is  free for you to download and use (credit and link back are always appreciated, but never required). As ever, just right-click, click  or tap on it to make that happen.

But this time...

The arrows have an important purpose too.

With a huge thank you to my  computer whiz hubbie for providing me with lovely code that will just point you to my social media accounts and nothing else, I have a favour to ask of you, please.

The arrows are here as a reminder that you can find out about new posts on my social media accounts too. They're pointing to the right if you're on a PC or laptop, but could equally be pointing to the bottom of the page for mobile us (yes, we're making it easier in the revamp, please bear with us).

Not on social media?

(And if you're not on social media, or just prefer to get emails about updates, please subscribe to Bounding Squirrel on the Bloglovin network).

This is extra important just in case you're still getting emails about blog updates from the old Feedburner service. I don't think anyone is, as I started changing this, literally years ago and think everyone has changed options already.

But just in case, am letting you know, because Google are switching off key parts of that service. So if you'd like to keep following posts, please do join Bloglovin (it's free) and/or follow us on social media.

Many thanks!

And now, for something completely different...

After such an uncommonly techy email, it's probably best to leave you with something that's altogether quieter, calmer, but also available for you to use as a free image if you'd like. 

And this free rose PNG clipart file is  also a hint about things to come.  Update June 10th: The Sketchy Roses Collection has now been released. Click or tap here for more info...

Free pink rosebud png clip art image in pen and wash

(The rose isn't yet involved in any design at Craftsuprint, but everything of mine there is on  20% discount until the end of Bank Holiday Monday (May 31st 2021).  If you love to craft with nice images, do have a look if you can).

On that note, will leave you guessing, but thanks so much for reading down so far in a post like this, and have a lovely weekend.