Thursday 3 June 2021

New Cartoon and Pretty Pics...

Hello there

Hope you're thriving. It's been a week of being out-and-about (at last!). So please forgive me that the new project launch, about which more very soon) isn't this week.

But I do have a new cartoon for you. Which I sent to the Computer Man for his birthday. Upon receiving it and laughing heartily, he insisted that I put it up for sale (with a few details changed).

Funny Birthday Card for Husbands: Wife Alerts

And so, it's become the newest item in my CartoonsbyClare collection at Zazzle. (where you can change the wording as much as you like...It doesn't have to involve the word "wife", for instance).

In other news...

As good weather and being able to go out are now finally coinciding, so many beautiful things are there to be appreciated in London's parks and gardens. So we slowed down this week, and took some time to enjoy them.

One day soon... these rhododendrons (please correct me if you think they're something else) are highly likely to make their way into a design somewhere.

For now, they are just stunningly beautiful and in need of no other introduction over in the gardens at Kenwood House. (Pics are also courtesy of  The Computer Man, who also takes much more wonderful photos than he realises...).

Pale Pink Rhododendren photo by Jim Fernbank

Dark Pink Rhododendren photo by Jim Fernbank

I'll leave these with you to enjoy. 

Hope you have a lovely week, wherever and however life finds you right now.

More soon.