Thursday 30 November 2023

Merry Christmas Holly-And Some Embarrassment...

Merry Christmas spelled out in hand drawn and painted holly letters, complete with a robin and snow.
Merry Christmas Holly and Robin
Click or tap here for details

Hello there, and yes, for those who are ready for all things festive, this is my latest design. It's fun, whimsical and festive, without being (I hope) too "cheesy".

If you haven't heard from me for some time, though, my most enormous apologies. As you can see from posts like this one, and this one, I have been posting...but...the posts haven't been getting to you...Which is something I only knew for certain this afternoon, and have done my best to fix.

So, if you're reading this, yay (!), and thank you.

It also means that I'm humungously late in doing anything like inviting you to see all the yummy things you *might* like to purchase either as quirky gifts like this one, or with a more full-on Christmas flavour...

As luck would have it, as I type, there are still deals at Redbubble, and good fast shipping on offer too. But I genuinely don't know how long this will last. (And that's not a whiff of "false urgency,"...I really don't know how long they can keep that going at this (now late, as discussed) time of year).

Anyway...In other news, I've been experimenting with using animated gifs, like the one above, to show you lots of ideas in one go.

Animated gif, showing lots of differnt items usinf=g the merry Christmas in hokky as a festive patter in the main, from a top top a tote bag.
Click or tap here to see more

With this design for example, you're covered for popular gifts like mugs or socks, but also if you'd like to make your home look festive (but still with a smart pattern) or turn up at an event looking suitably "Christmassy" (but again, with a smart and yes-I-can-wear-this-and-still-love-it", type pattern).

And with that said, am off to find a more permanent solution to the email issue. With luck, I might actually be able to tell whether other people can read this or not... :-).

Am anticipating that I'll be posting again before Christmas, (with ecards, printables and other more last-minute goodies)  and then introducing a shiny, new and better system early next year.

Thank you and please bear with me...

But if it doesn't quite go like that, please know that I love your being here, am thankful for it, and want to send you the best posts I can, in the best way possible.

And whether you celebrate or not, hope that the next few weeks are wonderful for you. 

More soon(ish).


Thursday 23 November 2023

New Digital Painting: Christmas Cactus

This image show a digital watercolour painting of a Christmas cactus plant on an elegant white stand, the abundant bright pik blossoms cascading down bright green stems.
"Christmas Cactus"
Digital watercolour painting
by Clare Walker.

Hello there, and thank you sooo much for letting me in to your inbox at what is (as I type) a busy time of year for most.

In the midst of it all, I thought you might enjoy the vibrancy of this week's new, "Christmas Cactus" painting. It's a digital watercolour created in both Krita and Rebelle, (and took me around four hours to complete, if that kind of thing interests you).

Why a Christmas Cactus?

This picture is also a homage to the most beautiful Christmas cactus (or "Schlumbergera", I believe it can be called, if you prefer fancier plant names) that we used to have at home when I was a child.

Though mid-winter in Britain was every bit as overcast then as now, every year, this riot of cerise/ pink/ purple flowers would erupt from an otherwise fairly unassuming plant in the corner. It's a shade that's still one of my favourite hues (I mean, come on, what'd not to love about bright pink? Especially in winter :-)).

Thinking about it the other day, I couldn't remember what became of the plant itself...but I *could* re-create it, and here we are.

Click here to browse and buy this design
on Redbubble

And, yes, if you'd like to see this art around your home (or someone else's, as it's that time of year...) it is available, as you can see above, at Redbubble.

But above and by one that, please just enjoy these colours, in what (in the Northern Hemisphere at least) is the grey of winter right now.

Thank you for being here, and have a wonderful weekend, whether you personally celebrate at this time or not.

More soon.

Thursday 16 November 2023

A Butterfly Gif...

Image is a small animation, in which purple watercolour and a whimsical, frondy plany are soon joined by a purpole butterfly, and the words, have a great day, on a repeating loop.
Click, tap or double-click
(depending on your device)
to download this butterfly gif

Hello there

Hope all is incredibly well with you. (And if you're in a hurry, please feel free simply to download and share the image above, with my compliments. The last frame is watermarked, so there's no specific need to link here, but if you'd like to, I'll always love and appreciate that).

News beyond the butterfly gif...

And if you're able to settle in for just a few moments, many thanks, and welcome. Because, as I type, it's that time of year again, isn't it? You know the one. The specific one in which we can't move in our inboxes for discounts, offers, sales, and the like. 

So much so, that, lovely though these offers are, and grateful for them as I am, am managing to feel overwhelmed by all those offers... And it's still a full week before the infamous yearly "Black Friday," and  I'm *in the UK* (where we don't even celebrate Thanksgiving, or anything similar).

So, if you're feeling similarly, please feel free just enjoy these butterflies, and/or share them with anyone else who might like them.

Of course...

(If you have an amazing tolerance for shopping today, and would genuinely like to see more whimsical butterflies like this...1) I admire your stamina, and 2) They are available to buy download as a background here, on wrapping paper here, and as fun gifts here).

But otherwise and anyway, please just enjoy this butterfly gif , and thanks so much for taking the time to drop by.

Wednesday 8 November 2023

Free Peace Dove Graphic

Image is square and shows a white watercolour dove about to land on the isy hand-painted in white word Peace, against a blue watercolour sky, The bird is framed by white watercolour splashes.
Peace Dove Graphic-share freely if you wish

Hello there

Early for this week, but very late for last, am coming in to share this graphic with you that's free to share if you'd like to use it-just click, right-click or tap (depending on your device) to use and share it.

For what it's worth, it's a digital watercolour in Rebelle 5, if you're the sort of person who likes to know these things.

Enough said, and more soon.

Thursday 26 October 2023

On Autumn Leaves, Creative Block, and Staying In the Moment...

Image shows a line and wash watercolour painting of 9 autumnal leaves at the end of a branch, set against blue sky.
Autumn Leaves in the Wind,
by Clare Walker, BoundingSquirrel.Com

Hello again

This week, I learnt an important lesson. Not a comfortable one, and certainly not a convenient one. But a really important one in relation to feeling a deeper sense of  inner peace. 

Am sharing it here because I deeply suspect that I'm not the only person to whom this might apply. Especially in the design or creative industries, but maybe many others, such as retail.

It went like this...

You may remember that last week's post ended up simply showing you winter "work in progress". ( In it, I was basically just confessing to not being able to draw very much).

For days, I attempted to get "all my Christmas designs" ready. In October, when in London in 2023, the trees were still green and barely thinking about autumn, let alone Christmas.

I told myself,,,

"It's the state of the world," I told myself. (And yes, let's face it, that is just...words fail me, let's not even go there right now, in a blog that aims to help you look at happy things every week).

The state of the world in general, we can all only control together. But as to the state of our inner world, luckily, that's a different issue. (Before I discovered art, I was a life coach for 14 years...seems it's still in there, somewhere :-)).

So I started hunting for the thoughts *really* causing this problem. 

And whilst I was doing that, the first really autumnal leaves appeared in London. Which led, without stress, and pretty much instantly, to the quick sketch above of a bush possibly too vibrant to hail from the UK. 

And to at least two of the poor animals from last week's post suddenly found their perfect, autumnal, rather than winter, homes.

Squirrel in his autumnal wreath for the inside of cards (or as a card, if you'd rather).

Picture is a watercolour image of an autumnal leaves wreath, with a cute gray squirrel with a bushy tail in the bottom of it.
Squirrel and autumn leaves
wreath illustration

And sleepy fox, making the perfect fox-shaped card for any time of year. (With luck, links to these as  cute printables will be up by the time you read this).

Image shows a smaller version of the elements needed to make a cute fox-shaped card.
Printable Fox-Shaped Card Sheet

So then it hit me:

Out-of-season designing *is* my real problem.

One of my greatest joys is seeing the seasons change, observing and above all,  *feeling* how things are right now, and expressing that in art and/or words.

And yet, somehow, I'd let myself get trapped in the, "always-got-to-have-things-ready-in-advance," hamster wheel.

It's a wheel that seems to work for many, and if that's so, I salute those people.

 But what if, like me, you prefer to respond more spontaneously and in-the-moment. In the "slow living", manner I discovered here, and then promptly lost again?

What to do instead?

I don't have a definitive answer to that. But it feels like, the only way to get off the whole "out-of-season," wheel/ just to get off it.

Which may well mean, for example, that this blog turns more into an illustrated journal, than a preview of upcoming designs.

We shall see. But I wanted to share this with you, to give you, as a reader, a heads-up about likely changes...And, if your someone who prefers to respond in the moment too, to let you know that you're not alone.

Let's make this change towards more sane, and in-the-moment living together, if you like.

But in any event, have the very best week you can, and thank you *so* much for reading down this far.

More soon.

Thursday 19 October 2023

Winter Wildlife Designs: Work in Progress

Image shows a montage of different winter wildlife and background ideas, including a painted fox, robin, squirrel, and half-rendered stag, on a snowy background and overlay, and the text Winter Wildlife Work in Progress, 2023
Winter Wildlife Work in Progress,
by Clare Walker, BoundingSquirrel.Com

Hello there, and hope you're doing OK out there.

This week's post is a short one...And one of the, "this is how it really is", variety.

In truly organised design-land, I'd now be presenting you with all of this year's winter designs (which, I'd probably have finished, oh, around last Christmas sometime, at the latest :-) ).

Please understand, I have the greatest respect for people who can work like that...I'm just not one of them.

Instead, my head, and the PC, is still full of mostly finished wildlife paintings, almost-there motifs, lots of backgrounds, and a stag who currently can't quite decide whether he wants to be here for this year or not.

So, I thought I'd 'fess up to the reality of that in this post (as well as giving you a sneak peek of at some of the cute creatures who've made an appearance so far).

I'm going straight back into into now, but am still wishing you a good week.

In haste-but thank you so much  for checking in here.

More soon.

PS. If you are looking for winter wildlife designs right this minute, how about these birds, or cute winter  mice on a printable for crafters?

PPS and update: You can see what became of at least two of these creatures, here

Thursday 12 October 2023

Love and Cupcakes

Image is a Photo of a sticker. the sticker features the and-lettered word love in black ink, on a rainbow watercolour, or multi-coloured background.
"Love"-Tap or click here for details about this sticker

Hello there, and hope that you're well and doing OK wherever you are as you read this.

Some weeks contain very much more than one theme, and seem to call for more than one design, and this is one of them.

First off, if you're feeling like the world could be doing with a little more love, one way and another, you might like my new "Love" design. You can see it above as a sticker, complete with a many-hued watercolour background that  helps it represent love in a broader and more universal context than just Valentine's Day and roses.

It's also available on lots of other items, and looks good, for example, on a T shirt too (see below).

Photo Shows a young man and a young woman each weqaring a white T shirt , with a hand-lettered love design on a multi-coloured watercolour background being the motif on each shirt.
Tap or click here for more info.

And now, as they say, for something completely different...

So here is the moment when I feel like one of those hapless presenters on a daytime TV show, that has to segue between two wildly-different topics (such as engineering and dog shows, for example).

In this case, it's just from the concept of love to cupcakes though, so not really such a stretch (especially if you like cupcakes). And even if you wouldn't normally eat them, you might find that the design I'm unveiling satisfies any cravings without you actually having to eat one. (I found it was that way when creating and painting it, which is a huge bonus, even on top of the fun).

Anyway, here, without any more ado, is the design...a cupcake shaped card...

Smaller sized sample illustration of a cup=cake shaped card making sheet
This is a sample-click or  here to buy 

This is for you if you enjoy making cards, and especially if you enjoy making cards that look good, but are really easy to make. You can buy the sheet with which to make it, including all the instructions (such as they are, it's that easy) via this link.

There is also a matching sheet of fun modern quips that fit inside the card, and I'll link to that as soon as it goes on sale, along with any other matching or similar items that could be useful.

For now though, I'll leave you to your day.  Hope today's designs and bits and pieces have added some extra colour and fun to your day.

And thanks so much for reading down this far-I really appreciate your being here.

More soon.

Thursday 5 October 2023

Bats, Hats, Cats, and A Big(ish) Announcement

Photos of Cute Halloween Patterned Images on Various Clothing, Gift and Craft items

Hello there, and hope you're thriving.

And just like that, we are knee-deep in the bats, cats and hats season, (a.k.a) Halloween. 

It's something with which I haven't always felt completely at home. One the one hand, I love fun, but on the other, scaring people or being scared is very much not my thing.

This year though, I decided to really go for it in my own style, and just make everything in my Halloween design as cute and whimsical as possible.

You can judge for yourself whether or not I've been successful...

Photo of a Smiling girl in a happy halloween T shirt, with Halloween motifs
Happy Halloween Scoop T-Shirt

But I was much encouraged when even my husband (a.k.a. The Computer Man) who had not been privy to my "make it cute and whimsical," idea for the design said, 
"You've really put the "happy" into Happy Halloween here-even the ghost is smiling."

So I figured that was a good sign of "mission accomplished", especially as the cat, bat and pumpkin are all smiling too, as you can see really well on this magnet:

Photo of a whimsical Happy Halloween magnet on a fridge door.
Happy Halloween Fridge Magnet

So, if you're up for a really happy Halloween with the emphasis on the happy, too, then do check out everything you can use and wear to promote the *happy* Halloween vibe


My fun new printable witch's hat-shaped card at Craftsuprint, that's really easy to make, but has plenty of "wow" factor.

That Big(ish) Announcement

It's OK, it's a happy one too, (or at least, one that should make life considerably easier when navigating this site). You can now visit one page to a beautiful smorgasbord of my designs in one place (the "browse and buy" page), with easy links to more info depending upon the type of lovely thing you seek.

This one page gives you *lots* more images than before, and replaces both the stodgy text on the old "stockists" page, *and* the old (and often temperamental) "shop" links. 

So, after a busy (oh crumbs how busy-art is so much easier :-) ) week making this page work, it only remains for me to ask you to tap or click below to:

Try Out The New "Browse And Buy" Page Here

(and please click its links through from there to anything you fancy).

Many, many  thanks, and hope you like it.

More soon.

Thursday 28 September 2023

An Autumn Leaf Art Journaling Idea

This is a piece of art journaling, featuring a watercolour sky and autumnal falling leaves. Each of the leaves has a word on it to be released, like, "the past", and the word that go with the nimage in hand-lettering are: "Let go of everything you need to release"
Let Go of Everything..., by Clare Walker
Available with blank leaves, on Redbubble

Hello there

Hope all is great with you. But if you're feeling like there's a lot (or a little) of which you'd just like to be rid, am sharing  you this art journaling idea that came to me this week. Feel free to try it if you'd like.

One "Letting Go" Art Journaling Method

The way I did it (which doesn't, of course, have to be the way you do it) was this:

1. Get quiet and peaceful (eg by deep breathing), with the art supplies/device you want in front of you.

2. Draw a scene or symbol that represents "letting go," to you. 

For me, it was falling autumn leaves, but it doesn't have to be that for you...It could be the tide, a feather, or a dustbin or trash can. Whatever works for you is all that matters. (Neither does it matter how "well" or other wise you think you can draw. You don't have to share this with anyone...I don't share a huge chunk of the things like this I create).

3. Include some space or way to incorporate the words or symbols representing things of which you wish to be rid. (In the picture above, you'll see that each leaf has a labels, such as "Anger" and "Fear". But your labels will of course be your own).

4. Identify the things you'd like to be rid of (for me, they felt heavier than everything else).

5. Add those things as labels on your drawing.

6. Optional, but if it feels good, complete this by crumpling, altering or destroying the journaling in whatever way feels good to you. (In my case, on the newest version of the journaling (as it was digital) I erased the labels, and was just left with the pretty colours of "blank," falling leaves again.

The next step

In end, I really liked the actual design once those "heavy" labels on the leaves were removed, so I popped the peaceful and blank version of this design onto Redbubble

I guess if you really would prefer and *really* don't want to draw anything, you could always get a stack of postcards with the blank design on, and add and destroy your own labels.

Descriptoin is as for last image, save that this is on a postcard.
The peaceful, blank version of the
design, on a postcard...

But though I love people to buy things of mine to which they feel drawn (thank you again if you have and do), in this case, it's very likely that you'll get the most benefit from drawing this out yourself.

Go on, give it a go...I dare you.

More soon.

PS. If you are one of the people seeking designs featuring cats, bats and hats for Halloween, fear not, my newest Halloween designs *are* already on sale in my Redbubble shop, and at Craftsuprint, so please use those links if you'd rather buy now than wait for any upcoming posts. Many thanks!

Thursday 21 September 2023

A Happy Autumn Image

Hello there

Hope you're thriving, and looking forward to the coming season. Here it feels as if autumn has arrived, "just like that". One day it was hot, and the next, blowing a gale, with just the first hints of autumn tint in the very tops of a few trees.

This is a free "Happy Autumn," image

However, autumn it is, and this image (above) is a shareable freebie, to celebrate the return to crisp air, stunning colours, and everything else that feels good about this season.

If it would be useful to you, please just follow the instructions under the image to download it (as ever, generous terms of use are here).

That's all for now, as am deep in preparing *lots* of images for the season ahead.

But thanks so much for being here and enjoy using the picture.

Have a great day, and more soon.

PS. If you're in the southern hemisphere and beginning to appreciate all the colours of new life springing forth, I hear you, but would be nervous about drawing your amazing nature without a specific request and guidance from you about wattle, eucalyptus etc. But you can find all my spring-related posts and illustrations here.

And there's an equinox graphic, suitable no matter where you live, here. (I believe the upcoming equinox is on Sept. 23rd this year).

Hope this helps, and thank you for reading down this far.

Thursday 14 September 2023

A Very Persistent Raccoon...

Watercolour line and wash drawing of a cute raccoon, staring cheekily at the viewer.
"Cute Raccoon", by Clare Walker

Hello there, and hope you're ready for this most persistent little creature to enter your heart as he has mine.

Let me begin at the beginning, lest you think that I've suddenly moved to the USA. 

I haven't. but a cheeky furry creature resident in those parts *did* take up space in my head recently, and basically refused to leave until I'd drawn him *and* put him up for sale in every place known to me, in some form or another.

Sidenote: this creature is certainly *not* shy :-).

Raccoon magnets, shirts or blankets anyone?

His first foray was onto dozens and dozens of  items at Redbubble...

Like this magnet...

Photo shows a cute raccoon magnet, on  fridge door.
Cute Raccoon Magnet

Strikingly cute T-shirts...

Photo shows a man and a woman, each wearing a black tee shirt with a cute raccoon motif on it.
Cute Raccoon T Shirt

Photo shows a cosy raccoon patterned fleece blanket.
Cute Raccoon Throw Blanket

 I did some further research on raccoons, Having not even seen that many raccoons ever, I checked against loads of images at the Pixabay royalty-free image site, that his proportions were even correct. (Amazingly, they were, as far as I can tell).

Further sidenote: I came across this incredibly cute video by  James Blackwood-Raccoon Whisperer on YouTube  of around 25 rotund raccoons all feeding at once. 

Obviously, I *had* to watch it several times for research ;-)...And am passing this link on to you, in case you're also in need of repeated essential cuteness. 

(You're welcome :-) ).

Raccoon Appreciation Day...

And somehow, all of this then lead me to discovering that "Raccoon Appreciation Day," is October 1st. And a card with a variation of the original sketch, followed.

Card shows a cute raccoon sketch on a gold background. on a
My "Raccoon Appreciation Day" card,
editable (and downloadable too, if you wish), 
at Zazzle.Com

But he still wouldn't leave my mind and make polite space for something else to take its turn to be drawn.

A raccoon pattern made its way onto fabric...

Which leads me to...

Which leads me to this post, and this creature's exceptional talent for keeping himself in my inner spotlight.

Don't get me wrong, he's sooo cute, I'm deeply honoured that he chose to visit my mind, and love all that's happened.

But I am hoping that this post will be all he needs to feel that his need for publicity has been satiated...And that I'll be able to draw or design something else very soon.

We'll see in the next post, won't we? :-).

In the meantime, thanks so much for reading down this far, and have a lovely weekend.

More soon.

Thursday 7 September 2023

A September Grapes Freebie Illustration

A watercolour drawing of purple grapes, a green leaves and a blue sky, with the word September set against a white cloud.
Click, tap or double-click here to download
and use this September graphic if you wish.

And just like that, the holidays are over. Hope you had a good one. We did, and I'll share if you'd like. But somehow, you think you leave everything organised, and yet there's still so much mysterious *stuff* to sort out on returning :-).

Which is a roundabout way of saying that all the plans I had to have all my ducks in a row by now are *laughably* behind, but am still too "holiday-relaxed" to be too stressed about it.

A free September illustration/graphic for you

In the meantime, if you have any use for a new, free "September" graphic like the watercolour grapes above, then please feel free to download and use said grapes. (They are harvested in Europe at this time of year-can't vouch for elsewhere, but hope this helps in some way...And yes, I know we're into September already...).

And as ever, credit is very much appreciated, but not required, and terms of use are here.

And with that said, I'll go back to trying to get at least some of those ducks in a row for next week instead.

Thanks so much for being here, and have a lovely weekend when it comes.

More soon.

Thursday 10 August 2023

Introducing The Cornflower Collection...

Hello there, and hope all is going really well for you.

As promised in last week's post, today marks the proper unveiling of all the designs inspired by our, "cornflower encounter". For example...

Photo shows a watercolour cornflower patterned throw pillow.
This throw pillow in the 
"Completely Cornflowers" Pattern

Picture shows  an apron in the blue and white ditsy-patterned cornflowers.
This apron, in the "Scattered Cornflowers" design

Photo shows a phone wallet featureing a bright blue line and wash cornflower design.
This phone wallet from the
"Cornflower Lattice" design...

Photo of a shower curtain with large faded Blue Polka Dots as its design, which are static, but seem to move as you look at them...
And imagine showering with these cornflower blue
polka dots all round you...

There are many more items featuring these patterns, which you can find featured here, here, here and here.

Have a browse-there's still plenty of time to make them part of your summer.

And speaking of summer...

And speaking of summer, I'm taking a break from the blog for the rest of the summer, and will be back here in or around the second week of September.

As well as taking much needed time to have a holiday and gathering all the inspiration therein, I'll also be planning,  catching up with friends, and  attending a couple of summer school courses.

So, in the meantime, thanks so much for being here, and have a happy rest-of-the-summer.

See you soon.

PS. Update: Cornflowers have now made it onto tissue paper and fabric:

Thursday 3 August 2023

Guess Where We Found Cornflowers...

Image is a digital line and wash watercolour illustration of bright blue cornflowers, surrounded by digital watercolour splashes.
"Happy Blue Cornflowers," by Clare Walker

Hello there, and hope all is well for you.

And yes, as you'll most likely have guessed, this post is all ,about how the cornflower illustration above came to be.

The inspiration

They were inspired by these  beauties...

Photo shows a bumble bee in the middle of a blue cornflower, surrounded by other (slightly weather-beaten) cornflowers.
Photo of Cornflowers and Bee by Jim Fernbank

(And though The Computer Man's photo is wonderful as always (thanks Jim!) even this doesn't really do justice to how bright these flowers were (despite having been a little beaten around by the rain)).

So naturally, I set about giving them all that extra vibrancy in art-and-digital-land. After all, one of the reasons I paint and design is to highlight all that is brightest, happiest and best in the world at large, and nature especially.

The really surprising thing...

The really surprising thing though, is where we found both the large and happy clump of cornflowers, and the selection of (equally happy sounding) bumble bees...

 Next to a bucolic cornfield? No.

By a quiet country lane? Great guess, but, no again.

These flowers were right next to our local covered reservoir, intertwined with the very sturdy metal bars that keep people from tampering with said reservoir...As you can see from this photo (thanks again, Jim)...

Photo shows a big clump of cornflowers intertwining with a netal fence, behind which are the bricks of a covered reservoir.
Photo by Jim Fernbank

Yes, people do usually go up there for a view of the London skyline. But so mesmerised and surprised  was I by the cornflowers instead, that I've generated more art as a result than I can talk about in one blog post.

So the second instalment will be next week (though there is a  downloadable background here, and even a card design if you want to see what became of the illustration at the top of this post right this minute...)

Which just goes to show...

Which goes to show that if you keep an open mind, it really is possible to find inspiration literally anywhere.

And on that note, will leave you to your day, but will be back next week to show you more.

Thanks so much for being here, and for reading down this far.

More soon.

Thursday 27 July 2023

Roses, Lilies, and Christmas in July...

Hello there

Just popping in quickly, as know that lots of people are busy with all things summer right now.

Digital line and wash watercolour of a jug of red roses and white lilies.
"Roses and Lilies"

Firstly, thought you'd enjoy this sketch of roses and lilies. It came from some flowers that *felt* like they flew in through magical means.

 Yes, OK, though unexpected, these flowers arrived by a very human-and kind-route outside our door. But still, it felt pretty magical on a wet Saturday afternoon. (Especially as I had just been thinking..."It's a shame my birthday flowers are finishing...and I need something new to paint...," but hadn't shared that thought with *anyone*.).

The original flowers

And just in case you're thinking, "No vase would match flowers like that," here is a photo of the flowers on the day they went into the jug (please excuse the dust-art comes first!):

Photo of roses in a jug
Photo of roses and lilies in a jug, by Jim Fernbank

(Confession: I'd been waiting *30 years* since buying that vase for some flowers to come along that would match it quite as well as that ;-) ).

Christmas in July

And yes, though the festive red, white and green did catch my eye, though for later in the year. 


But whether you're a crafter already making items for later in the year, or just enjoying all the beauty and flowers of summer (or cool of winter, elsewhere in the world)...Thank you so much, both for being here, and for reading down this far.

Have a lovely weekend, and more soon.

Wednesday 19 July 2023

Lupins in a Cottage Garden

Hello there

Hope you're well and thriving OK (sending thoughts of calm, cool breezes and rain to everyone who might want this in various parts of the world).

Keeping things calm, just thought I'd pop in to share these lupins, (available as prints and on various other lovely things in the shop). They're a digital watercolour, painted stroke by stroke (in a *lot* of layers-22, I think...) in the Krita 5 digital painting app/software.

May they bring you happiness, peace, calm, and a joyful sense of summer, whenever and wherever you're reading this.

More soon.

Thursday 13 July 2023

And Now for Something Happy, Fun, and Completely Different...

Update on July 19th 2023 

I'm re-writing this post, to offer you this design in a way that (from feedback) seems to be more popular and workable for people.

If you never read the original post, then, in a nutshell, it was a result of my having done more digital art journaling of late, such as this:

Bright and cheerful pink, blu and green digital art journaling background and a painted white daisy are omn the background of this poster, with the hand-written words, Today is a Great Day to Feel Happy as the message of the poster.
Click here to see this on journals,
magnets and more...

This is available on Redbubble at the moment, and perhaps on other sites soon.

Sorry for any confusion caused!

Monday 3 July 2023

Funny Cat Cartoon Greeting Card

Hello there, and hope you're thriving.

It's been a while since a fun cartoon appeared here, so thought would share this observation on cats that's now a cartoon greeting card for print or download at Zazzle.

Cartoon card is a diagram which puts cats at the top of the hierachy, next comes humans who feed cats, humans in the househod who don't feed cats are on the bottom, accompanied by a grumpy cat.

We don't have a cat ourselves, but I created this having noticed this hierarchy in operation in the households of many friends and relatives...In all of which, the job of feeding the cats seems to fall primarily on one person in the household.

Hope this gives you a fun start to your week.

More soon.

Monday 19 June 2023

Happy Solstice Roses

Image is an illustraiton showing 3 pink roses and leaves and the words Happy Solstice in white.
Happy Solstice Roses

Hello there.
Hope life is treating you well. The site revamp continues, but as it's almost finished, thought it was high time was back in touch with you.

Not least because, Solstice illustrations have a bit of a tradition around here, and still wanted you to have one, even though this is more of a sketch than I'd have liked (in ArtRage6, just to ring the changes). You're welcome to share it if you wish, though can't vouch for its size and therefore printability.

The bigger news...

The bigger news is that the site should now be easier to use, especially on mobiles, and...

My art now has its own store on Pixels.Com. Please do have a browse and see what you think about how easy it might be for you to use.

And with that, will continue the re-vamp, but wish you a happy rest-of-the-week. (There'll be more when the revamp is fully complete).

Friday 9 June 2023

A Re-vamp and a Ceanothus

Image ia a watercolour painting of a bright blue bush, with green leaves and butterflies.
Ceanothus, by Clare Walker (Update 10th June: Now available here).

Hello there

Just popping in quickly to let you know that am revamping parts of the blog at the moment. So if things look odd for a little while, (eg, no logo)  please bear with me. (The end results will, am hoping, be simpler, sleeker and easier for everyone to visit and use).

It also seemed like the perfect time to share this little (digital) watercolour in Krita. It's of the beautiful blue bush belonging to another neighbour. The bush is bright blue, and beloved by butterflies and bees. I *believe* it's a ceanothus, (or California Lilac). But please don't quote me on that...You know my track record on such things...

And with that in mind, will leave you to your weekend. Hope it's a happy one for you

More soon(ish).