Thursday 28 September 2023

An Autumn Leaf Art Journaling Idea

This is a piece of art journaling, featuring a watercolour sky and autumnal falling leaves. Each of the leaves has a word on it to be released, like, "the past", and the word that go with the nimage in hand-lettering are: "Let go of everything you need to release"
Let Go of Everything..., by Clare Walker
Available with blank leaves, on Redbubble

Hello there

Hope all is great with you. But if you're feeling like there's a lot (or a little) of which you'd just like to be rid, am sharing  you this art journaling idea that came to me this week. Feel free to try it if you'd like.

One "Letting Go" Art Journaling Method

The way I did it (which doesn't, of course, have to be the way you do it) was this:

1. Get quiet and peaceful (eg by deep breathing), with the art supplies/device you want in front of you.

2. Draw a scene or symbol that represents "letting go," to you. 

For me, it was falling autumn leaves, but it doesn't have to be that for you...It could be the tide, a feather, or a dustbin or trash can. Whatever works for you is all that matters. (Neither does it matter how "well" or other wise you think you can draw. You don't have to share this with anyone...I don't share a huge chunk of the things like this I create).

3. Include some space or way to incorporate the words or symbols representing things of which you wish to be rid. (In the picture above, you'll see that each leaf has a labels, such as "Anger" and "Fear". But your labels will of course be your own).

4. Identify the things you'd like to be rid of (for me, they felt heavier than everything else).

5. Add those things as labels on your drawing.

6. Optional, but if it feels good, complete this by crumpling, altering or destroying the journaling in whatever way feels good to you. (In my case, on the newest version of the journaling (as it was digital) I erased the labels, and was just left with the pretty colours of "blank," falling leaves again.

The next step

In end, I really liked the actual design once those "heavy" labels on the leaves were removed, so I popped the peaceful and blank version of this design onto Redbubble

I guess if you really would prefer and *really* don't want to draw anything, you could always get a stack of postcards with the blank design on, and add and destroy your own labels.

Descriptoin is as for last image, save that this is on a postcard.
The peaceful, blank version of the
design, on a postcard...

But though I love people to buy things of mine to which they feel drawn (thank you again if you have and do), in this case, it's very likely that you'll get the most benefit from drawing this out yourself.

Go on, give it a go...I dare you.

More soon.

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