Thursday 21 September 2023

A Happy Autumn Image

Hello there

Hope you're thriving, and looking forward to the coming season. Here it feels as if autumn has arrived, "just like that". One day it was hot, and the next, blowing a gale, with just the first hints of autumn tint in the very tops of a few trees.

This is a free "Happy Autumn," image

However, autumn it is, and this image (above) is a shareable freebie, to celebrate the return to crisp air, stunning colours, and everything else that feels good about this season.

If it would be useful to you, please just follow the instructions under the image to download it (as ever, generous terms of use are here).

That's all for now, as am deep in preparing *lots* of images for the season ahead.

But thanks so much for being here and enjoy using the picture.

Have a great day, and more soon.

PS. If you're in the southern hemisphere and beginning to appreciate all the colours of new life springing forth, I hear you, but would be nervous about drawing your amazing nature without a specific request and guidance from you about wattle, eucalyptus etc. But you can find all my spring-related posts and illustrations here.

And there's an equinox graphic, suitable no matter where you live, here. (I believe the upcoming equinox is on Sept. 23rd this year).

Hope this helps, and thank you for reading down this far.