Thursday 14 September 2023

A Very Persistent Raccoon...

Watercolour line and wash drawing of a cute raccoon, staring cheekily at the viewer.
"Cute Raccoon", by Clare Walker

Hello there, and hope you're ready for this most persistent little creature to enter your heart as he has mine.

Let me begin at the beginning, lest you think that I've suddenly moved to the USA. 

I haven't. but a cheeky furry creature resident in those parts *did* take up space in my head recently, and basically refused to leave until I'd drawn him *and* put him up for sale in every place known to me, in some form or another.

Sidenote: this creature is certainly *not* shy :-).

Raccoon magnets, shirts or blankets anyone?

His first foray was onto dozens and dozens of  items at Redbubble...

Like this magnet...

Photo shows a cute raccoon magnet, on  fridge door.
Cute Raccoon Magnet

Strikingly cute T-shirts...

Photo shows a man and a woman, each wearing a black tee shirt with a cute raccoon motif on it.
Cute Raccoon T Shirt

Photo shows a cosy raccoon patterned fleece blanket.
Cute Raccoon Throw Blanket

 I did some further research on raccoons, Having not even seen that many raccoons ever, I checked against loads of images at the Pixabay royalty-free image site, that his proportions were even correct. (Amazingly, they were, as far as I can tell).

Further sidenote: I came across this incredibly cute video by  James Blackwood-Raccoon Whisperer on YouTube  of around 25 rotund raccoons all feeding at once. 

Obviously, I *had* to watch it several times for research ;-)...And am passing this link on to you, in case you're also in need of repeated essential cuteness. 

(You're welcome :-) ).

Raccoon Appreciation Day...

And somehow, all of this then lead me to discovering that "Raccoon Appreciation Day," is October 1st. And a card with a variation of the original sketch, followed.

Card shows a cute raccoon sketch on a gold background. on a
My "Raccoon Appreciation Day" card,
editable (and downloadable too, if you wish), 
at Zazzle.Com

But he still wouldn't leave my mind and make polite space for something else to take its turn to be drawn.

A raccoon pattern made its way onto fabric...

Which leads me to...

Which leads me to this post, and this creature's exceptional talent for keeping himself in my inner spotlight.

Don't get me wrong, he's sooo cute, I'm deeply honoured that he chose to visit my mind, and love all that's happened.

But I am hoping that this post will be all he needs to feel that his need for publicity has been satiated...And that I'll be able to draw or design something else very soon.

We'll see in the next post, won't we? :-).

In the meantime, thanks so much for reading down this far, and have a lovely weekend.

More soon.