Thursday 7 September 2023

A September Grapes Freebie Illustration

A watercolour drawing of purple grapes, a green leaves and a blue sky, with the word September set against a white cloud.
Click, tap or double-click here to download
and use this September graphic if you wish.

And just like that, the holidays are over. Hope you had a good one. We did, and I'll share if you'd like. But somehow, you think you leave everything organised, and yet there's still so much mysterious *stuff* to sort out on returning :-).

Which is a roundabout way of saying that all the plans I had to have all my ducks in a row by now are *laughably* behind, but am still too "holiday-relaxed" to be too stressed about it.

A free September illustration/graphic for you

In the meantime, if you have any use for a new, free "September" graphic like the watercolour grapes above, then please feel free to download and use said grapes. (They are harvested in Europe at this time of year-can't vouch for elsewhere, but hope this helps in some way...And yes, I know we're into September already...).

And as ever, credit is very much appreciated, but not required, and terms of use are here.

And with that said, I'll go back to trying to get at least some of those ducks in a row for next week instead.

Thanks so much for being here, and have a lovely weekend when it comes.

More soon.