Thursday 23 November 2023

New Digital Painting: Christmas Cactus

This image show a digital watercolour painting of a Christmas cactus plant on an elegant white stand, the abundant bright pik blossoms cascading down bright green stems.
"Christmas Cactus"
Digital watercolour painting
by Clare Walker.

Hello there, and thank you sooo much for letting me in to your inbox at what is (as I type) a busy time of year for most.

In the midst of it all, I thought you might enjoy the vibrancy of this week's new, "Christmas Cactus" painting. It's a digital watercolour created in both Krita and Rebelle, (and took me around four hours to complete, if that kind of thing interests you).

Why a Christmas Cactus?

This picture is also a homage to the most beautiful Christmas cactus (or "Schlumbergera", I believe it can be called, if you prefer fancier plant names) that we used to have at home when I was a child.

Though mid-winter in Britain was every bit as overcast then as now, every year, this riot of cerise/ pink/ purple flowers would erupt from an otherwise fairly unassuming plant in the corner. It's a shade that's still one of my favourite hues (I mean, come on, what'd not to love about bright pink? Especially in winter :-)).

Thinking about it the other day, I couldn't remember what became of the plant itself...but I *could* re-create it, and here we are.

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And, yes, if you'd like to see this art around your home (or someone else's, as it's that time of year...) it is available, as you can see above, at Redbubble.

But above and by one that, please just enjoy these colours, in what (in the Northern Hemisphere at least) is the grey of winter right now.

Thank you for being here, and have a wonderful weekend, whether you personally celebrate at this time or not.

More soon.