Thursday 30 November 2023

Merry Christmas Holly-And Some Embarrassment...

Merry Christmas spelled out in hand drawn and painted holly letters, complete with a robin and snow.
Merry Christmas Holly and Robin
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Hello there, and yes, for those who are ready for all things festive, this is my latest design. It's fun, whimsical and festive, without being (I hope) too "cheesy".

If you haven't heard from me for some time, though, my most enormous apologies. As you can see from posts like this one, and this one, I have been posting...but...the posts haven't been getting to you...Which is something I only knew for certain this afternoon, and have done my best to fix.

So, if you're reading this, yay (!), and thank you.

It also means that I'm humungously late in doing anything like inviting you to see all the yummy things you *might* like to purchase either as quirky gifts like this one, or with a more full-on Christmas flavour...

As luck would have it, as I type, there are still deals at Redbubble, and good fast shipping on offer too. But I genuinely don't know how long this will last. (And that's not a whiff of "false urgency,"...I really don't know how long they can keep that going at this (now late, as discussed) time of year).

Anyway...In other news, I've been experimenting with using animated gifs, like the one above, to show you lots of ideas in one go.

Animated gif, showing lots of differnt items usinf=g the merry Christmas in hokky as a festive patter in the main, from a top top a tote bag.
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With this design for example, you're covered for popular gifts like mugs or socks, but also if you'd like to make your home look festive (but still with a smart pattern) or turn up at an event looking suitably "Christmassy" (but again, with a smart and yes-I-can-wear-this-and-still-love-it", type pattern).

And with that said, am off to find a more permanent solution to the email issue. With luck, I might actually be able to tell whether other people can read this or not... :-).

Am anticipating that I'll be posting again before Christmas, (with ecards, printables and other more last-minute goodies)  and then introducing a shiny, new and better system early next year.

Thank you and please bear with me...

But if it doesn't quite go like that, please know that I love your being here, am thankful for it, and want to send you the best posts I can, in the best way possible.

And whether you celebrate or not, hope that the next few weeks are wonderful for you. 

More soon(ish).