Friday 15 December 2023

A New Month by Month Illustrated Floral Calendar

Image shows the fromnt cover of a floral calendar, featuring a blue delphinium sketch
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Hello there

Briefly as ever at this time of year, thought you might like a look at something that can take you through, not just the year, but any year you might choose.

My new watercolour floral calendar, features the best loved and most popular of my floral images, And, as it can be made to start in any month of any year, *any* time you're reading this is a great time to grab a copy for yourself, or as a thoughtful gift for a friend.

Composite image showing all 12 images in the floral calendar, taken from the back of the calendar.
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What I particularly like about this calendar is that you can also personalise it to reflect the important dates in your own country or culture. National holidays can vary so much that this is a *really* welcome feature.

Image shows the summer poppies painting at the top, with a month's layout underneath.
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And just to say...

If you're reading this around the time it goes out, the first thing to send you is my love and good wishes for any festivities you may be diving into, and for a brighter 2024 for the entire world.

On a practical note, this  will be my last post until well into January 2024. After taking a complete break, (including some art retreats) I'll be renewing and re-building things around here...Something which, if you've been around here in the past few months, you'll probably already know is long overdue :-). 

In the meantime though, thank you so much for having been with me in all of this, and I look forward to saying hello again in a few weeks.

Have fun, and see you soon!