Thursday 4 January 2024

A Happy Underwater Fish Design and Freebie

A rectangular pattern showing painted smiling fish, swimming underwater
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Hello there, and hope the year is treating you well so far.

Here, I am still re-orientating the site, but it's taking longer than I thought it might.

Sooo, thought it was also time to say hello, and to offer you a little something to combat any January blues. Feel free to download this image, (as ever, my usage/angel policy is here, and wide-ranging).

The artwork for the fish was completed in the wonderful new Rebelle 7 app (no, am not affiliated, but am just the happy recipient of it as a lovely Christmas gift).

(If you'd rather see these happy fish on ready-made items, they are also here).

Photo of a shower-cutain, sporting a happy fish pattern design.
These happy fish are available on shower curtains
and more at Redbubble.Com

Otherwise, there may be some radio silence here for a few more weeks as I finalise everything, but there will be...

More as soon as possible.

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