Thursday 1 June 2023

Sweet Peas and Slow Living...

Image shows watercolour pink sweetpeas, next to a vertical hand-lettered June word, with a blue watercolour background.
June Watercolour Sweet Peas, by Clare Walker.

Hello there, and hope this latest post finds you well. 

June finds us/ me still adjusting to recent personal events, but with a powerfully simple idea helping it all along: slow living.

Slow Living

Slow living was an idea that I'd seen talked about many times, and loved the vibe of in various videos. The concept of slowing right down, and just concentrating mindfully on the immediate present has always been beguiling to me.

But previously, I had always then had the thought, "Yeah, but if you just stay in the moment, how do you get everything done ?"

Now that I find myself needing to process extra emotions, and feeling happiest and functioning best living moment to moment, the answer to that question has now become crystal clear...

"You don't have to get everything done, and it doesn't matter."

Or to put it another way, "Slowing down and concentrating on the thing right in front of you now, gets all that really needs to be done, done".

Sweet Peas

If all that sounds a bit weird and abstract, there's a practical side to it, too.

This is a close up work in progress shot of pink watercolour sweet peas.
Sweet peas in MozArt Kuretake watercolours, progress shot 1.

Take these sweet peas, for example. The watercolouring of them in the moment felt good. Uploading them for you to see here, likewise. And writing about them right now, feels like exactly the right thing to do in this moment.

Previously, all of that potential joy would have been lost in my fevered brain, with a thought of, "Oh crumbs, these are so late. I am so late...I have failed to finish these properly and turn them into a card-sheet, or something people might *really* like to see...and I'm still late to post..."

Like the last image, this is a close up work in progress shot of pink watercolour sweet peas..
Sweet peas in MozArt Kuretake watercolours, progress shot 2.

Now, whilst I'm very likely to do something yummy with them in a future moment that feels right,  for now am just enjoying sharing them.


And speaking of sharing, if the June graphic at the top of this post is of use to you, do feel free to share it. (My policy on such things is here).

At the moment though, am still having issues with all the images on the site having been made smaller, (not by me!) and so online sharing would probably be their best use.

And yes, sorting out a new home for my images that means I can share them with you at full size is something that I know I need to do...when the moment is right, and I've found a new home for these projects that really feels like the best fit.

Update on June 15th 2023:

"Sweet Peas in a Jug" is now available as a print in my shop.

Thanks for reading down this far, and enjoy your day, however that looks for you.

More soon.